A child should be taught in mothertongue ? share your views.

lotuspetals / 6 yrs ago /

A child  should  be taught  in mothertongue in primary level ?I  had  many a times thought  over the  subject.. In my case  I remember  the  day when my mom got me admission in English medium school. i  was  too small  to  understand after effects of getting admission..My grand father was quite happy that  born inGujarati family and speaking Gujarati language i got very good  marks.but he denied to get into English medium school. We all respected his decision/ But I am happy now.. Our country has so many regional languages and all languages are rich with lots of contribution by their own writers.I could be able to read so much contribution by writers in my language. I am happy about it.
When a child is born , he is accustomed to sound spread in home. generally in most of cases we speak our own mother tongue. And i think its best for a child to grasp words spoken in mothertongue. Its best for the child. Even in metro cities people use their own mother tongue at home. For knowing ones own culture is a must for a child.I am not against of English. Now I am before you with my writing in English. I studied in Gujarati medium school but we were taught English  from class 1. 

About 40% of our population stay in villages and now we can see many schools coming up teaching English from primary level .But  first word spoken by a child is in his mother tongue.many a times I have seen people getting proud saying , My child dont know our mother tongue ." I am amazed than.
People from other countries like Japan ,China Isriel and many more visit india with their own people who translate their language.Than why we are not proud of our own mothertongue or using Hindi .I am in opinion that even other languages like Sanskrit ,Pali  and Ardha magdhi should be spread as indian cultural programme. When I took Pali  as a language in my college days I found myself more attached to Buddha's teaching.
In every state we have Tvs connected and it can be used to abolish illteracy. lets not our children be burdened with foreign language.let child enjoy the culture and rich literature of ones own mothertongue.
Learning in own mothertongue can diminsh rate of drop-outs in my opinon. NGOs can help in teaching street children and states can start night schools for children (many states have) who are for any reason cant get a start or leave studies for any reason.
Working in schools have made me think about this subject.A school established in tribal area by my grand father of Gujarat is a success and many of our students are spread in many countries of the world.They studied in Gujarati medium.
If any one here on website ,there are many who are connected with child psychology can throw more light on subject in interest of a child.

lotuspetals / / 6 yrs ago

harry...very true..during my school days i found some children are confused as generally people speak their own language at home. by learning own language children will not miss the contribution by writers of the language of their own mothertongue.every language is rich in and it will be great help to little children mentally also..the children should be taught a second language slowly..i prefer that children should learn other languages step by step...thanx for visit and showing interest in the subject..lp

harryandhelen / / 6 yrs ago

hi aruna,

here in the u.s., bi-lingual education is often disparaged. "why," some ask, "should native spanish speaker be taught in spanish, when they are living in the u.s.?" well, when latino kids are thrown into english classes, they often never learn proper spanish or proper english. if they can learn the language they already understand well, learning a second language might be easier. is this sometimes true in india?



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