A Dog and Six Girls

Venu Vedam
Venu Vedam / 14 yrs ago /

A dog it was and girls they were.

Shared the same bus stop for some time, they did, long enough to spurt curiosity in a dumb fella like me.

The dog was at peace. Then the girls entered the scene. The dog would have gone away from the bus stop had it not been an ego-crushing situation. Anyway, running away from a herd of girls is not at all a morale-boosting step, even for dogs. What do you say? So, it just stayed there and the girls just encircled it. I let go of an Infosys bus just to see what happened next.

"Gee, it's sleeping," said A.

"No way! It is just relaxing," asserted B.

C dropped a textbook on the ground and examined the reaction of the dog. It opened its eyes for a moment and then closed them again.

D had her turn then. "This dog is not an ordinary dog," she said.

E and F did not speak, but the girls were surprised at the statement.

"Why do you think so?" asked A eagerly.

D smiled, "Look! She dropped a textbook and normally dogs run away if textbooks are dropped right in front of them. This one didn't. So, it is not an ordinary dog."

E had a very enthusiastic pair of eyes. They became wide open at the words of D, "Do you mean to say this dog is extraordinary?"

D nodded.

F suddenly jumped into limelight by saying, "Now let's drop the textbook on its head and see whether it runs or not. If it doesn't run, it is a super extraordinary dog."

B and A nodded immediately.

C took out the previous textbook from her bag.

E ran away from there to a nearby tree.

But, D thought for a moment and said, "Wait, even if it is an ordinary dog, it will not go away from here if you drop a textbook on the dog's face."

C was puzzled, "Why not?"

D smiled, "Because it will die from the weight"

An "Ouch" followed then from all of the girls. They temporarily discarded the dangerous idea of dropping the textbook on the head of the dog.

"So what shall we do now?" asked E eagerly from under the tree.

"We will place a rock on its stomach and see what it does," C, it seems, was very interested in doing something to the dog.

All the other girls agreed to the proposition. They got a small rock from the road and then stood near the dog.

"Who is going to do it?" A asked.

B and C suddenly vanished from the scene.

D was busy examining the morning sun.

E was already ten meters away.

F came forward. "I know something about dogs. I will do it."

She went near the dog. Put a hand on its head. Stroked twice or thrice. The dog looked at her suspiciously but didn't retaliate because there seemed no harm in what she was doing. After a minute of getting familiar with the dog, F placed the rock very gently on the stomach of the dog. The dog was puzzled. It sniffed the rock. It was not eatable. It looked at F, who nervously smiled. It then looked at the rock once again. F went back. Everyone was tensely looking at the dog. And this "everyone" included one Infoscion, who by that time missed his second bus to office.

The dog then stood up. The rock fell down. The dog then settled again in the same place and closed its eyes.

The committee comprising of these six girls met once again on the subject of the behavioral science of some objects called Dogs.

"I infer a lot from this incident," said D.

"I too," said A.

"What?" asked E.

"The dog is used to human beings," proposed D.

"I second it," voiced A

"I also second it," told E.

"Dogs are not fearful," said C, who appeared suddenly from where dog only knows… oops...God only knows.

B didn't say anything, but looked at the sleeping or pretending dog

"What do you say, Pramila?" D asked F.

That was the only name I came to know in their group.

Pramila smiled, "Dogs aren't different. Dalmatians and Dobermans are just equivalent to a street dog if you just compare the mentalities."

Before there could be a conflict on this issue, the school bus came puffing and which the girls had to board.

After they left, the dog opened its eyes, made sure that they were gone, and then peacefully went to sleep.

And, I returned home. I had missed the last forenoon bus to office and the next bus was in the afternoon.

Just another day in this dog's life.

Edwin / / 9 months ago

Dear Venu,

Wow, it took a dog to put the intellectuals at Infosys in their place! Loved the dry humour.
Edwin Fernandes

An anonymous reader / / 14 yrs ago
An anonymous reader

when someone's english is good it is just good english. it is neither indian english nor american enlish nor english english. i believe this statement is justified, if a well read and qualified person throws that word when he is compiling works of people from different regions or trying to draw any conclusion when comparing two works. i don't see any kind of situation here. my english is not best enough to find faults in others, so i don't have anything to comment on venu's story. i know i am supposed to comment on actual story as per your unwritten protocols, but i felt it's not healthy to criticize like this.

Sanjana / / 14 yrs ago

yeah...yeah anand! it's a free world , and we have freedom of speech...blah ..blah right? so the author wrote what he wanted and we wrote how we felt about it, the end! isn't that the point of readers comments? to express how we felt about the story? i didn't see anywhere the heading "friendly comments only". so don't critiue our opinions :) (chalo ab jaana tumhe baad mei dekhloongi!)

Sanjana / / 14 yrs ago

i just wanted to express that although i could not commend mr.vedam's short story, i would love to praise his attitude. i received a reply from him regarding my comments and he wrote "i don't mind getting negative feedback, infact negative feedbacks are more useful". and i believe that's the right attitude to approach criticism, unfortunately some the other readers weren't as understanding as the author himself! so i guess we all can learn from mr.vedam's attitude :) keep it up venu ji!

Sanjana / / 14 yrs ago

yes, it really is amazing how "worked" up people get over others negative comments. shouldn't you be more concerned with how you felt about the article rather than how we felt about it? first of all, i don't see why criticism has to be taken in a negative manner only. there's a positive to side to it also, one can only improve when they are criticised.
my father is a harsh critic of anything we do, he believes there's always room for improvement. it doesn't make us feel good to hear his remarks, but he once explained his reasoning. he said "harsh criticism is better than false praise, if i just said wow, wonderful, then you would never know your mistake and there would be no scope for improvement, because you will believe whatever you have done is the best even if you can do better". and that really makes sense to me now! i don't think i'd strive to do any better if he didnt give us his honest opinions. sorry for boring you with all this explanation and my personal story, but i just wanted to let you see that criticism can be positive also.
we were not personally attacking mr.vedam with harsh remarks, and this is not a vendeta against him. and i for one certainly am not asking him to lock away his pen(or wp) forever, infact i wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors :) the greatest of artists have been ridiculed , and who know's mr.vedam might surprise us all one day!

anand...tumhare liye
"kuch na kaho..kuch bhi na kaho" :)(literally!)

Ankash Z / / 14 yrs ago
Ankash Z

what a doggone story
this turned out to be
of girlish (or foolish)

next time around brother,
please try and make sure
that you don't go and miss
the bus!!!

over and out,

Whispers / / 9 yrs ago

dear venu!

this piece was thrilling, exciting and heart warming. i am such an animal-lover and this story is just one of the bests i have read here. my indian friend would grumble right now and say "wish she was so ethusiastic about people; not dogs or cows or whatever wild-life creatures, she has eyes for them only. she can go nonstop: "come to mama, come to mama, when it's a four legged creature"  ;).

awwww... this truly made me miss my dog terri... and brought up some memories from childhood - i was the leader of the "animal rescue" group - saving stray cats and dogs from boys who were into torturing them... hmmm, children's way of learing about life and pain can be  cruel.

anyways, let me not babble, i loved this article and i admire people who bother to miss their bus to work, just out of curiosity to the "bondings of animals and people".

best wishes!


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Nasy / / 14 yrs ago

very funny. thanks venu.
btw, is the late vedam venkataraya sastri any relation?

Manoj / / 14 yrs ago

anand, your examples drawn from top cricketers and writers in the field are misplaced.
please stop arguing in this irritating, childish, circular manner. yes, nobody asked me to read the article. nobody asked *you* to read my comments either. we could go on like this... i have nothing personal against venu, i assure you.
my comments were regarding the article, i think it is an inferior piece of work, i have pointed out why i think so in my comment, and no matter how loud you argue i wouldn't change my mind.

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