A typical Indian conversation between two new friends.

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            PART 1 : the Indian style :             

Fionaa : Hi ! We met yesterday ! Where are you staying ?                   

Aneeta : I am staying at Dombivali.                                           

Fionaa : Where are you working ?                                  

Aneeta : I am working at Glaxo. I'm extremely-sorry, I forgot your name. What's your good name ?                                                  

Fionaa : My " good " name is Fiona.                                               

Aneeta : you know, Fiona, I am so lucky ! I have a secured job, a matured husband, and I am never tensed up. Let's meet up, someday.

                   THE CORRECT VERSION :                    

Fionaa : Hi ! We had met yesterday. Where do you live ?                 

Aneeta : I live in Dombivali.                       

Fionaa : Where do you work ?                      

Aneeta : I work at Glaxo. I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name. What's your name ?                          

Fionaa : I'm Fionaa.                                        

Aneeta : Fionaa, I'm a lucky woman. I have a secure job, a mature husband, and I am never tense. Let's meet each other, some day.                

  NOTE : the names have been expanded, purposely, to avoid any direct

 offense (I prefer North-American English, so here's no " offence. " ).