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AaNDaaL was born on a Tuesday in the month of AaDi under the star  PooRam in the 98th year of Kaliyuga known as NaLa in the waxing fortnight.This corresponds to a date which is 5010 years before This however is unacceptable to modern indologists today whose mind is unable to conceive of dates preceding Jesus Christ and scoffs at traditional accounts.
AaNDaaL is the only woman among the 12 vaishNavite saints and was found on the ground by Periyaazhvaar, also known as VishNuchiththa, in Sreevillipuththoor.She refused to consider any one except VishNu as her husband and states so in the Naachchiyaar Thirumozhi:
"MaaniDarkkenRu peechchuppaDil Vaazhagilleen kaNDaay manmathhaa.".
Her Thiruppaavai consists of thirty verses which are recited in all vaishNavite shrines and at homes during the month of Maargazhi.She has the reputation for having worn the garland which was meant for Rangamannaar in the Sreevillipuththoor temple.Her foster father therefore refrained from delivering it at the temple but was reprimanded for his negligence by the Lord Himself in his dream.Then he was also bidden by Lord Ranganaathha to bring her to Sreerangam where He would marry her.The Uththamanambis in Sreerangam cl;aim their descent from Periyaazhvaar and are in charge of the shrine of AaNDaaL which is inside the temple.The current Uththamanambi is a classmate of mine in school and is taking care of the annual celebrations for AaNDaaL in this temple during this month.
The Telugu kaavya known as Aamuktha maalyadaa which was said to have been authored by KrishNadevaraaya narrates this story about AaNDaaL along with that of KaiSika EkaadaSi.AaNDaal is therefore knopwn as SooDikkoDuththa SuDarkkoDi.Raamaanuja was famous by the name Thiruppaavai Jeeyar because of his exposition of the Thiruppaavai which is supposed to epitomise the concep[t of SaraNaagathi or surrender propounded by the ViSishTaadvaitha system of philosophy.
The car festival in Sreevillipuththoor taking place today is famous and the present chariot has been in use since 1850 A.D. according to an inscription in its body which gives the year of its commissioning according to Kollam era.

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Garuda / / 3 months ago

yes, this seems to be the pattern, then want to push everything after jesus christ birth date. i have edited wiki atleast 2 times and the changes were reverted back and again i changed quoting the references.....the birth date is also clearly mentioned in the scriptures.....they did the same to adi shankaracharya birth date pushing it to 8th century where he was born much earlie than jesus christ!

apex computer education

meeraa was like her but aandaal did not live beyond her 'mysterious' marriage with lord ranganaathha.

Bijaya Ghosh / / 7 yrs ago
Bijaya Ghosh

i think she was like mira only had greater freedom.