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Re-recorded and posted on 17 apr 2010.

ABHI NA JAO CHODKAR sung by dr.v.s.gopalakrishnan ph.d., ias retd.

This according to me is one of the greatest songs to have ever been written and composed. Oh, what a song! Poor Dev Anand realises that the Corporate Meeting, as it were, was being dismissed even before the Agenda items were considered! What cruelty!

What marvellous lyrics! Kuch bhi kaha nahin, suna nahin, and the meeting is getting adjourned! "Yahi kahoge tum sada"!! "Jo khatam ho kisi jagah, ye aisa silsila nahi"!! How wonderfully said!! Hats off to the geniuses Sahirji and Jaidevji.

raag: Yaman Kalyan

Here is my version/rendition:




Movie Name: Hum Dono (1961)
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Mohd Rafi
Music Director: Jaidev
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Year: 1961
Producer: Navketan
Director: Amarjeet
Actors: Dev Anand,Sadhana,Nanda, Lalita Pawar, Leela Chitnis,Rashid Khan
Theme: Family Drama

ra:  abhii na jaao chho.D kar ke dil abhii bharaa nahii.n \- (2)
abhii abhii to aaii ho \- abhii abhii to
abhii abhii to aaii ho, bahaar banake chhaaii ho
havaa zaraa mahak to le, nazar zaraa bahak to le
(ye shaam Dhal to le zaraa \- 2), ye dil sambhal to le zaraa
mai.n tho.Dii der jii to luu.N, nashe ke ghuu.NT pii to luu.N
nashe ke ghuu.NT pii to luu.N
abhii to kuchh kahaa.Nahii.n, abhii to kuchh sunaa nahii.n
abhii na jaao chho.Dakar ke dil abhii bharaa nahii.n

aa: sitaare jhilamilaa uThe, sitaare jhilamilaa uThe, charaaG jagamagaa uThe
bas ab na mujhako Tokanaa
bas ab na mujhako Tokanaa, na ba.Dhake raah rokanaa
agar mai.n ruk ga_ii abhii to jaa na paauu.Ngii kabhii
yahii kahoge tum sadaa ke dil abhii nahii.n bharaa
jo khatm ho kisii jagah ye aisaa silasilaa nahii.n
ra:  abhii nahii.n abhii nahii.n
aa: nahii.n nahii.n nahii.n nahii.n
ra:  abhii na jaao chho.Dakar ke dil abhii bharaa nahii.n

ra:  adhuurii aas, adhuurii aas chho.Dake, adhuurii pyaas chho.Dake
jo roz yuu.Nhii jaaogii to kis tarah nibhaaogii
ki zi.ndagii kii raah me.n, javaa.N dilo.n kii chaah me.n
ka_ii muqaam aae.nge jo ham ko aazamaae.nge
buraa na maano baat kaa ye pyaar hai gilaa nahii.n
aa: haa.N, yahii kahoge tum sadaa ke dil abhii nahii.n bharaa
ra:  haa.N, dil abhii bharaa nahii.n
aa: nahii.n nahii.n nahii.n nahii.n



V-S-Gopal / / 6 yrs ago

hi dmr,
many thanx ! lovely tunes , no doubt, sweetly haunting.
it was not so very easy for me singing this song, as i had to do all the three 'antaraas' (stanzas) inclusing ashiji's middle one, and what with the voice having to travel in each antaraa from mandra saptak to taar saptak!
vs gopal

dmrsekhar / / 6 yrs ago

 a tune that lingers in mind for hours. 
dmr sekhar.

V-S-Gopal / / 6 yrs ago

hi nathan,
many thanks. i am influenced by you to see the movie again and i look forward to it!
vs gopal


adding  to the excellence of the song is the endearing way it had been picturised. 'hum dono' starts with an absolutely quiet scene of the lovers' (dev anand and sadhana) meeting and slowly when rafi's voice breaks the ice, you get the goose-pimples and know you are in for a decently good movie. this is easily one of the loveliest duets i have ever heard! jaidev-ji ka bhi jawaab nahin! and your pick of songs, gopal saar ---pramadham pongo!


V-S-Gopal / / 6 yrs ago

many thanks sivaram for your interesting observations!
vs gopal 

V-S-Gopal / / 6 yrs ago

hi sara,
 thx very much sara for the tulips and phlox and other kinds of flowers for the song and for the first day (!!!) of the indian government's financial year, namely the april fools' day.

jetzt morgen und auch morgen bereits hier!

auf wiedersehn.

vs gopal


sivaram56 / / 6 yrs ago

mr gopal

jaidev is another great md of that era.this song is a gem. how nice it will be to hear this  song  at the end of the day. i liked your narration of the song situation .dev  was lucky to have other mds also putting their best  tunes besides burmans.

enjoyed the song


Its Sara / / 6 yrs ago
Its Sara

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V-S-Gopal / / 6 yrs ago

hi scribbly,
paatu sumaaraa? pidichidha? idhu vedikkai kalyanam- ponnu engay? aambalai daan double role!
vs gopal

scribblingpad / / 6 yrs ago

mappilai sideuum neeengaaa,,.... ponnu sideum neegala?? too bad!!!


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