Arziyan (Maula Maula Mere Maula) -- Sufi Song/film Delhi 6

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~  My Favourite Song  ~


Song: Arziyan 
(Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula)
Film: Delhi 6
Singers: Javed Ali & Kailash Kher
Music Director: A R Rehman

audio only


Arziyan saari main chehre pe likh ke laaya hun
Tumse kya maangu tum khud hi samajh lo Maula
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…
Daraarein daraarein hain maathe par maula
Marammat muqaddar ki kar do maula
Mere maula…
Tere darr pe jhuka hun mita hun mara hun
Marammat muqaddar ki kar do maula
Jo bhi tere dar aaya jhukne jo sar aaya
Mastiyan piye sabko jhumta nazar aaya
Pyaas leke aaya tha dariya voh ghar laya
Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…
Ek khushboo aati thi, ek khushboo aati thi
Mein bhatakta jaata tha, reshami si maya thi
Aur main takta jaata tha…
Jab teri gali aaya, sach tabhi nazar aaya
Mujhmein hi voh khushboo thi jis se tune milwaya
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…
Tut ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai
Par na ibaadat wala shaur aata hai
Sajde mein rehne do ab kahin na jaaunga
Ab jo tumne thukraya to sanwar na paaunga
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…
Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishein ki thi
Kitne khwaab dekhe the kitni koshishein ki thi
Jab tu ru-b-ru aaya nazrein na mila paaya
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein maine kya nahin paaya
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…
Mora piya ghar aaya mora piya ghar aaya
Mora piya ghar aaya mora piya ghar aaya….
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula….
Maula Maula Maula…

Promos of film Delhi 6 are on air. The film is slated for release next week. 
So, no video of this sufi song is available. You may try any of the two files 
to listen to the song. It's interesting. I am waiting for the film release 
to know at what location this song has been picturized.

The other songs of Delhi 6 are also being appreciated a lot, 
including 'Masakali' and 'Bhor Bhayi Tori Baat Takat Piya' (thumri). 
Once the videos would be uploaded on YouTube 
I would like to post all the songs of Delhi 6. 
Enjoy the music!

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances

Natraj Ji

I didn't spend much time on searching the lyricist as I generally do. One site had mentioned 'Niyaz' as the lyricist of this song. But no other site had the information.  Until I am sure of the information available online, I don't share it. I haven't yet bought audio CD of Delhi 6 to find the same. I am amazed that the no official website of the film has been made.

I'm glad to know that you liked 'Arziyan'. I am hooked by this song. Listen to it a few times every day.  :))  Cheers and Regards.

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances

Dear Dr Kamath

I'm glad to know that you too liked this song.  Never realized that you had taste in 'sufi' stuff too. I intend to post a few more sufi songs very soon for all of us. Thanks and Regards.

Natrajsongpremi / / 5 yrs ago

Dear MU

Thanks for bringing to us this sufi song. So beautiful, so haunting. Simple lyrics, great composition. Wonder who penned the song.


Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 5 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear MU,

A highly devotional sufi song "Arziyan" and very well rendered by Javed Ali and Kailash Kher. Nice lyrics and also pretty well composed by A.R.Rehman for the latest movie "Delhi 6". Thanks for bringing to my notice this sufi song. Enjoyed listeneing to it. Please do post similar GEMS in future.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Kamath

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances

Sampath Ji

The experience is entirely different if you listent to sufi qawwalis at a sufi's shrine. 

Like many, I am also hooked by this song. I'm glad that you too enjoyed the music.

Cheers and Regards.

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances

Mrs Muffet

You said it. "Beautiful" indeed. 

Cheers and Regards.

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances


Hello. How have you been? 

Good to know that you too like 'Arziyan'.

Enjoy the music! Cheers :))

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances


Same here. Can listen to this song over and over again. Cheers :))

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances


Me too. I hope you enjoyed the music. Cheers :))

my utterances / / 5 yrs ago
my utterances


I think A R Rehman had failed to re-creat the magic of 'Piya Haji Ali' (Fiza) in the Sufi songs he composed later. I guess the music director too has his limitations in terms of lyrics. :))) Whatever, I'm hooked by this song. Glad that you too like it.

Cheers and Regard.

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