swarajya / 1 year ago /

The most debated topic in the mahabharatha battle is the death of Karna , some claim it to be justified and some dont.The stroy below will throw some light on his birth and death.


The original story :-

Long ago ,even before the birth of Pandavas & Kauravas , there lived a demon called Sahasrakavach , as the name suggests he had thousand shields as a boon from Lord Brahma himself. the boon was such that  it takes a 100 yrs to break one shield . no human , no divine was able to fight with him for so long , so they went & complained to Lord Vishnu . He understood the severity of the problem and told that he would help them , so he took the form Nara and Narayana. if Nara fights for 100 yrs Narayana will be meditating for 100 yrs then Narayana will fight & Nara will meditate . like that they battled for 100s of years & took away all his kavachas , lastly only one was remaining & that too only 16 days were left for the completion of the last 100 yrs , so the Asuras got panicked . He went to Surya Bhagavan  for Sharanagathi .Coincidentally at that time only Kunthi invoked Lord Surya for blessing her with a son , so Lord Surya immediately converted him as a child and  gave it to Kunthi . That is how Karna was born.

Both Nara & Narayana were reincarnated as Arjuna & Krishna in their next janma and killed Karna on the seventh day of the Mahabharata war.Along with Karna his three sons also were killed by Pandavas on the same day.

Krishna had told Karna secretly , before the war ,that he was the eldest of the Pandavas.

Parasurama gave the ashtra but not the power to use it for the second time.

Lord Indra took away his Kavacha and Kundala.

King Salya , as his charioteer , left him at the crucial moment.

Krishna had pressed his chariot , the wheels of which got stuck in soft mud which could not be retrieved.

The above were some of the facts which resulted in the death of great Karna.

This story is extracted from the Web Site.Hope it may be of interest.




Mandar / / 4 months ago

it is a wrong god surya give boon to sahastrakavacha and 1000 years not 100

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Thanks for your elaborate comment which is of great value.
Yes,Karna was indeed killed by Nara Narayana in a dubious manner.
As he was on the wrong side of Dharma , he met his death in the hands of virtuous because of his noble deeds.
Veda Vyasa has portrayed different characters with their attributes only to project the value of noble virtues.
Karna has become immortal as a a Dana Veer Karna.
Please read also my comment to Vijays Desk.

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Vijays Desk,
Thanks for your revisit with some thoughts on the tastes of present generation.
I agree fully with your views.
Whenever , I tried to convince my children about the need to spend time with our epics ,chanting of slokas ,sahasranamams my wife used to say that at the appropriate time they will get the inspiration and learn.
There were no TVs , no mobile phones in our days and not many side attractions .
The present day generation has to compete with outside world.
Probably this is the reason for the youngsters to broaden their horizon in other fields.
However, I find them learning through TV serials like Ramayana, Mahabharat , Bhaghavatam etc apart from Hanuman , Chota Bheem, etc etc.
Let us know that the spiritual learning will come at the right age

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Swarajya sir,
A very insightful article on the great character Karna.
The natural corrollory being Karna although as a character was endowed with tremendous invincible powers yet he was defeated, through dubious methods though,as he was the rebirth of the Asura.
If the same philosophy were to be extended to present day generation then is the reasoning correct that some people despite having the best of talents do not make it to higher level, because they are being the rebirths of some one else,like the Asura in Karna s case ?
There is absolutely no second thoughts on the fact that an individuals company/surroundings matters as much as the talents for his/her success.
However the fact of the matter is in today's world read India,for success of any individual what matters is whom you know rather than what you know.
Kind regards

vijays desk / / 1 year ago
vijays desk

There is a reason for me appreciating your blog.
Mythology is a priceless heritage of ours. Sadly with each successive generation these ancient priceless treasures are seeing diminishing interests, especially for the younger generation.
Ask any youngster today and he will rattle off who the hero and heroines are in the latest Bollywood movies. Every latest Salman Khan dance and song will be on his fingertips. Ask them who karna was and other stories from our mythological past and the response will not have the same enthusiasm
Yes one has to move with the ages but what is required is a balance between the old priceless values and the new generation crazes.
That’s why efforts like yours to present us with old mythological stories, and they can be so fascinating too, need to be given the recognition and also appreciation.
Just thought I should share my views on this

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Vijay Desks,
Thanks for your appreciative comment.
I am no better than you.
After seeing the serial of Mahabharata in Tamil ( Sun TV), my interest for knowing the missing links of the stories got kindled.
Hope to oblige you with more , if I find something interesting and worth posting.

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Shailaja S Bhat,
Thanks for an elaborate comment.
Yes, Badarikashram is an important shrine of Nara Narayana- Maha Vishnu.
I may like you to enlighten me with the story, if you have.

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Thanks for your comment.
I may like to read your blog.
Please give the link or the year when it was posted.
I am in the process of refreshing my knowledge about the great epic.

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Dear Raghava Gongidiji,
Thanks for your valuable comment.
I am no better than you.
My desire is to study the unknown side of Mahabharata.

swarajya / / 1 year ago

Thanks for your comment.
There are many stories of the epic which are not known to me even now.
I have started going to the unknown side and try to enrich my knowledge at this age.
A poet , Vyasa has composed Mahabharata with 30,000 verses and very few know the complete as there are some difficult verses too which are not easy to understand even by the great saints and sages.

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