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"Coffin of Jesus found" is the latest hot topic world wide. Oscar-winning 'Titanic' director James Cameron's assertion that he has found the coffin of Jesus with the bones of Jesus and his family were hidden for centuries in a Jerusalem tomb caused an outcry in the Holy Land.

As the Da Vinci code controversy has lost its vibration, the new controversy has boomed up now with the handywork of the award-winning director James Cameron.

The controversy on Jesus' divinity is not new to the church. It is a very familiar controversy for the first century church itself. While the disciples of Jesus believed in the authority and the divinity of Him, the contemperory skeptics of Jesus believed in the existence of Jesus (as they saw Jesus living) but rejected his authority and divinity. After the resurrection their focus was only on questioning his divinity not the authority ( as questioning the authority became unneccessary). But later the skeptics turned their focus to the historicity of Jesus' living in this earth. they claimed that Jesus's existence in the first century is a coined story not a real story. Now they have started coming back to christ!!! Yes now they have started taking a 'U' turn by accepting the historicity of Jesus Christ. Now they no longer suspect the historicity of Jesus Christ rather they insist on the historicity. This was done just a while(!!!) ago by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and now by James Cameron's documentary film. So we may very soon be able to see them also accepting His divinity first and then His authority. As the skeptics have atarted their jouney towards beliving Jesus as believers let us be fervent in our prayers and vigilant in living Christ-centered Life which will help them to believe early before HIs coming.


Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with Me. - Jesus Christ

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Jebaraj SC

hi mr. varu
thank u so much for your comments. thanks for reminding me that hindu s my original religion. let me tell u one thing. the namehindu refers a religion only for the past 200 years. when the calcutta highcourt wanted to make laws according to religions they got their christian law from the bible, the islam law from the quran and when they wanted to make laws for other religions, they did not know from where to take. some who were very influential gave a name called hinduism and used the varnashram dharma as their law code. this hindu law is for the then saivsm, vaishanavism, sikkisim,buddhism etc.. so please tell me varu ampong these hindu religions which one ahould i convert to. i hope i make some sense to you. please comebackto me if u have any more comments

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varu ven

hi mr. jabaraj,
if you are a christian..i bet you are... just dont  pay any attention to those  stuff you have been reading.  the moment you feel like you are  not sure of what  to follow...their version or your holybook ,convert to hinduism, your  original faith.  if you still dont want  to, then live by  the book, alone.. your bible, and dont  listen to those guys. they are antichrist as you guys call them.. 
v v

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Jebaraj SC

hi guys please leave your comments on the blog so that i can improve my writing. thannks

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hehe... we're never short of controversies or "news". when will it stop !!!! ehehehe!! (never!!)         i tuned out of the news years ago... it never ends!!    (joking)