Congress and the Hyderabad riots of 1990

Black  Beak
Black Beak / 7 yrs ago /

It is telling of the rut within the BJP "leadership" that they cannot even reply back to the lies of the Congress and the Communists on the Gujarat 2002 riots. In almost knee jerk fashion - the BJP raises the issue of 1984 when the Godhra riots are mentioned by the petrodollar funded secularist media. While the 1984 Sikh riots are a genoicide commited by Rajiv Gandhi and marauding Congress Gandhian leaders - Goondas - killing 3000 Sikhs in delhi and thousands in UP and other parts of North India, 1984 anti-sikh riot, is not the only example of the Congress leadership instigating and participating in riots.

In this blog I will mention a riot that for some reason has been buried. The October - December riots of 1990 that were led by goondas of the current Andhra Chief Minister - Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. These riots claimed some 400 Hindu lives with another 300-400 severely injured. In themselves, these riots would make YSR a mass murderer beyond redemption because this was cold blooded killing purely for political gains. This is an open secret in the corridors of power in that state and yet is swept under the carpet.

The Background
Andhra in 1990 was ruled by the late M Chenna Reddy. The Congress had swept to power overthrowing the charismatic NTR in 1989 and hours after the election results - in true fashion - the Gandhian Congress leaders started their internally factional war for the Chief Ministership. It was assumed that a young Christian MP - YS Rajasekhar Reddy who was also the State Congress Chief was the natural favorite for the job. 

YSR is from the violence prone Rayalseema region in Andhra. This region is home to notorious factional leaders. The culture of violence and score settling makes Bihar look like the Peace Corps. lllegal weapons including bombs, guns, daggers, swords are omnipresent in houses. Armies of youth swear allegiance to a factional leader - a warlord - that protects them and uses them to kill and murder people from other factons. One of these factions was headed by YSR's family. His dad had a notorious history of rape and murder and YSR and his goondas cultivated an era of fear and murder in their district of Cuddapah.

But in 1989 despite the strong lobbying within the Congress party - YSR - lost the Chief Ministership to the old war horse M. Chenna Reddy. Usually in such situaions the losing faction does not get the kings spoils of powers. A lesser share in power and not soo lucrative positions and ministries left the YSR faction fuming. They would need seek and find a way to remove Chenna Reddy from power. Hyderabad and the MIM would help them in that plan.

Hyderabad and the MIM Terror
Those who (really) believe in secularism should go to Hyderabad. It is a city that is virtually under siege by one party - the Majilis Ittehadul Muslimeen. If the name doesnt indicate this then let me spell it for you - A Party of the land of Muslims. The MIM was formed by the Razakars - the nobles of the Nizam of Hyderabad after military action by Sardar Patel led to the integration of Hyderabad State with the Indian Union. The MIM and its leadership are muslim extremists and it is a right wing terrorist organization that thrives with the support of the "common muslim".  Lately the MIM has been in the news for beating up Taslima Nasreen, kidnapping hindu girls and the beating up hindu doctors in Hyderabad.

The MIM has been led by the Owaisi family that traces itself to the court of the Nizam. The MIM has a virtual islamic army of thousands of dedicated captains. lieutenants and soliders that make the old city of Hyderabad a mini pakistan where Hindus live as second class citizens in virtual fear of their lives. Those that claim that muslims are inherently secular should go to Hyderabad. The common muslim is a bigot who supports the MIM and religiously elects the terrorist - Owaisi and family.  Hyderabad is an example of secularism for a hindu living in a majority muslim area. It is a dhimmi state where the kafir lives the life of a second class citizen deprived of any dignity or respect.

The MIM and its islamic army riots in Hyderabad at the drop of a hat. Thousands of hindus have been killed by the Majilis and its followers at the slightest perceived provocation over the decades from 1947. However this blog is about one riot the riot of October-December 1990 because they were launched directly by YSR.

The Riots and its aftermath
While reason for the riots vary - it is by and large acknowledged that this was started with the help of imported goondas from the rayalseema region starting October 1990. The YSR faction bussed in hundreds of its murderers and stoked communal tensions through October 1990. In the weeks of December the attempts to  spark a communal riot was in full flow by the congress goondas. The idea behind this was to provoke a law and order situation that would lead to the resignation of M.Chenna Reddy.

This was the spark that the MIM and its islamic army needed. For the next weeks hundreds of poor hindus were slaughtered in the old city of hyderabad. Most of them were destitute and poor laborers with no protection. As armies of muslim goondas raided hindu homes raping women in front of their men, killing children and the elderly.  The ill equipped AP police force simply ran away. For the next few weeks it was brutal mayhem as cries of Allah O Akbar made the city residents fear for their lives.  The murders would have spread to other parts of the city if not for some attempts by the local hindu organizations to organize hindus to repulse allah's murdering soldiers.

As the people of the city suffered, there was another war within the Congress party. The factional feud was out in the open and Chenna Reddy was accused by the YSR faction of not being able to control the law and order situation in Hyderabad. Finally Rajiv Gandhi succumbed and he asked the CM - Chenna Reddy to resign. 

However the old man - Chenna Reddy - had the last laugh. He resigned with a condition that  power be passed on to a neurtral candidate - another Chiristian MP called Janardhan Reddy. But the YSR faction had achieved its diabolical aim of making Chenna Reddy step down from power.

While this story is common on the streets of Hyderabad for some strange reason it has been swept under the carpet for a long time. It is important to bring this story. In 1984 in Delhi and in 2002 in Gujarat there was an emotional reason for the rioting. But  the hyderabad riots were a cold blooded calculation of a factional warlord YSR - to gain power.  These riots are also important because YSR is the  current Chief Minister of Andhra. The MIM is an electoral ally of the Congress party

The opposition TDP which has its own skeletons in the cupboard and which is fighting to woo the MIM away from the congress coalition will not raise these issues. the Muslim votebank in andhra for the first time is a nice juicy target for both parties and they will be too happy to overlook islamic fundamentalism as the issue.

But why cant the BJP raise this as an issue? Why cant the BJP raise this in Parliament and keep shouting at the top of their voices and insist on bringing this into the limelight.

Every time the secular christian media points to Modi, let the BJP point to Sonia's pet christian CM - YSR. 
Everytime the mentions Naroda Patiya the BJP can point to Charminar and the old city.  This will put Sonia, YSR and the Christian lobby on the back foot.

And finally those are foolish enough to believe the tales of peaceful muslims and secularism and wonder why we need Modi and Balasaheb, should remember that Ahmedabad and Mumbai were no different from the Hyderabad in this story. What Hyderabad and the MIM need is a Narendrabhai Modi or a Balasaheb Thackeray.

Shahenshah / / 1 year ago

This will end only if RSS is completely destroyed. Until then, there will always be Ahmedabad and Hyderabad !!

SRK / / 1 year ago

Why this has been kept buried for long time?

ckhrithik / / 4 yrs ago

Unfortunately I'm one among the sufferers of 1990 riots in Hyderbad, It was a pathetic situation as we have to run homeless for several days.
I was 7 yrs old during the riots, people were killed without mercy. I kept investigating the reason behind riots. I found by late that It was congress govt then, especially YSR and followers were behind the scene to play this bloody drama against hindus (specific) and Muslims as well.
MIM - an open organisation of terror led by OWAISI who care a least about development and most about spreading Muslim terror. It’s so unfortunate that Muslims in Hyderabad would never understand this and blindly follows the leader of terror in Hyderabad Assudin Owaisi.

The punishment for YSR is judged and executed by god.....The fate of Hyderabad has gloried with diamonds even after riots city stood together to make beautiful place in India.

Persons who created riots and disturbed the peace of people have got it back from god.One person alive to be punished is Owaisi....sooner or later he will find his way to YSR......

Any Hyderabadi reading this irrespective of being hindu or muslim be proud to be an Hyderabadi coz U and I made this city what it is today. Neither YSR nor Owaisi built it.

So when we made we have to keep it clean and tidy.....Think for a second ......!how good your mother or my mother will feel if I or U involve creating a blood shed.......

Neither Islam nor geeta or bible wishes this, so when we believe die-heart about our religions why don’t we follow them.

I would appreciate if any one wants to create any riots first attack all political leaders.....come what may, who ever it might be.......take them to task and complete them than lay a plat form (if necessary) to fight against Hindus or Muslims.

Trust me …..U will find none to fight…..Coz U and I are made of same origin…….
Jai Hyderabad Jai Talangana Jai Hind

abhinavmishra87 / / 4 yrs ago

rightly said we need to have organisations like bajrang dal . tit for tat is the simplest thing to do.the congress even today is just in the power due to the works done by its earlier leaders like mahatma or sunhash or patel .but it is an irony that the hindus who had supported congress the most have always been betrayed by congress ever since india got independence
these muslim fanatics need to be taught a lesson.they are not just terrorists they are those scumbags that show allegiance to india but actually support pakistan that is why we the hindus need to cast vote in the favour of bjp in order to check these scumbags.otherwise a day will come when the majority will suffer more at the hands of this minority

Ramesh_007 / / 7 yrs ago

true black beak.  bjp lack in propaganda machine... it is accepted by arun jaitley too that we failed to win friends in media in last 5 years!!

Black Beak / / 7 yrs ago
Black  Beak

mq - isnt it strange how the media has pushed this under the carpet. everytime they demand modi's resignation the bjp should demand ysr's head.

Melody Queen / / 7 yrs ago
Melody Queen

black beak
thanks for posting this. i hadn't known about this riot at all. well, we can't expect our  media to write about this, can we? after all, they have their 'secular' credentials to uphold. and the kangrees party parroting about modi is like the devil reading the scriptures...

Black Beak / / 7 yrs ago
Black  Beak

hi erad - i agree that the congress is a near terrorist outfit. in fact, it is a coincidence but i thought about mentioning the murder of maharashtrian brahmins in 1948. but i settled for focussing on the hyd riots. 

in fact most of the congress leaders are known goondas and murderers. it is laughable that they demand modi to be brought to the law.

roop_910 / / 7 yrs ago

so modi is triumphant!

Erad / / 7 yrs ago

black beaks,
the congress is a terrorist outfit with a track record of many successful strikes against the hindus and sikhs.
 the terrorist ourfit first struck in 1948, in the wake of the deliverance from the moral terrorist mullah gandhi. they targetted thousands of maharastrian brahmins in bombay and other parts of the state raping brahmin women and commiting unspeakable atrocities against the men.
in 1975, the terrorist outfit under the leadership of indira gandhi declared a nation wide emergency clamping thousands in prison. chief terrorist sanjay gandhi and his goon brigade had the run of the country during those dark days of the emergency.
in 1984 this mother of all terrorist organizations targetted the sikhs kiling thosands in an unprecented orgy of butchery and terror. it is no secret that the ltte is a creation of the congress.
no wonder this "party" gets along like a house on fire with outfits like the let, simi, mim etc. (pun intended). arre diwanon ise pehechano yeh hai maut, yeh hai maut.

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