Do you know your FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES as an Indian Citizen?

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Do you know your Fundamental Rights as a Citizen of India?
Ask this question to yourself and all your friends, the anwer from you and your friends will be a Strong Yes, or a Loud Yes, or a Yes with a thump on the table or any surface your hand can reach.

Now I ask you
Do you know your FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES?

I am sure your answer to this question (Honestly will be 'No', and if your answer will be 'Yes' then you are one of the 1% of Indians who are aware that there exists along side the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, something that is called and Titled in the Constitution of India as "FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES".

And a day in the yearly calender has been dedicated to be observed as the "Fundamental Duties Day", but the most unfortunate part is that all of us, I mean right from the Top ( President of India, Prime Minister and his entire Ministry, Political Parties in India and above all we the People of this wonderful country, have forgotten the importance of the 3rd of January of every year. Because this day is supposed to be observed as the Fundamental Duties Day.

What is the meaning of Fundamental Duties of every Indian Citizen?
Are these duties any different to those being performed by every Indian Citizen in his daily life?
I say No, because every Indian Citizen has a Home, a Family and is also employed, or is a student.

Now is the Fundamental Duties mentioned is Article 51A of the Constitution of India any different than the duties being performed by your or any other Indian Citizen towrads his Family, when at Home, and towards his employers when at work and as a student towards his studies and his School.

When we are at work, we are bound by duty towards our employers, When at Home we are bound by Duties towards the other members of our family, and when we are not with the Family or at Work, we are amongst the Society ( either walking, travelling, shopping etc), and we now are obligated to perform the similar type of Duty towards our surrouding when we are a part of a Society.

If we, every Indian Citizen is able to extend or perform his/her duties towards the Society as they would at home or at work, then I am sure we as an India, will be as united as we are in a Family or at place of Work or at School or at College.

Lets us understand the importance of own contributions towards creating a Society that would care for everyone else as their own.

A Caring Society.

Join our Foundation, " Fundamental Duties Foundation" started with the aim and objective to create awareness about the Fundamental Duties of every Indian Citizen. Visit our website, contribute by providing us with information and true stories about selfless acts done by other fellow citizens, and contribute by sharing your knowledge, views, expereiences and help us create a society that is caring.

Jai Hind
Anil Kumar Singh
Founder President
Fundamental Duties Foundation

It is most unfortunate that the most of us, Citizens

Ask yourself do you know what is the importance of the date 14th of February. Yes it is called the Valentines day.

You as a Citizen am sure must be knowing what are your Fundamental Rights. I aksed this question to a lot of people lets say 100 of them and the answer from all the hundred is yes, I know what are Ffundamental Rights