Dr Gopalakrishnan's(Hon.Director-Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage-IISH) speech at my hometown temple ground

Suraj V
Suraj V / 7 yrs ago /

I knew for sure only one great "Gopalakrishnan " ,before yesterday -my great uncle Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the intellectual film maker. Yesterday I came to know another Gopalakrishnan , Hon.Director of IISH ,through his speech at the temple ground in my hometown; It was a midnight revelation indeed . The innovation and research I stressed in my previous article found a new dimension in Dr Gopalakrishnan's words-a beautiful amalgamation of world experience and deep rooted Indian heritage exploration! I will try to encapsulate the theme of his speech below, but urge all of you to know more about IISH at www.iish.org and its director Mr Gopalakrishnan in person! You can even have a short trip to IIISH (between trichur and guruvayoor @mazhuvancherry) , and enjoy the richness of indian heritage and touch feel the LEGACY . As I mentioned in my article "my 4 Ls in life ", LEGACY is the first L ,the root; the "prapancha rehasya" , the truth - leading to the branches of Love and Learning until you reach your Lord. Yesterday Mr Gopalakrishnan, brought to light the imminent revolutions and univeral acceptance of Indian heritiage-Its doctrines, ideologies, tradition, rituals and scientific basis! I am sure this knowledge of ones LEGACY -who we are, why we are so, where did our roots derive its strength from, -will lead to a better planning and understanding of our tomorrows ; after 1000 years we are going to be searched upon for our contribution to this LEGACY building - Are we in a position to answer the questions ???

Gita -the greatest management reference guide!

Dr Goplakrishnan emphasized the universal accpetance of our hitherto "Indian " Gita -esp in the US Bus. schools like Harvard. Our Krishna is looked upon as the greatest Motivation manager in the western world!. I couldnt help imagining that The tactics he adopts for instilling the natural fighting spirit and duty in warrior Arjuna -can very well be a game theory simulation excercise in B schools!. I decided yesterday , my MBA dissertation would be built around this concept and I am sure gonna consult Mr Krishna(both Bhagvan Krishna and Hon.director GopalaKrishnan Sir) for the same!.

I was astonished to know that Hindu Dharma classes are running full /overloaded in the universities of US!. How many of us Indians have cared to own a copy of Gita ? How many of us dared to sit with our mom and listen to her while she chants the verses from Gita?. I confess I havent done any of these. Somehow I felt Gita was an "oldage" thing; hence whenever I came across any fancy looking Gita interpretations, I ensured they reach my mom safely (i mean without me tampering around:)).

I now know Gita is a "new age " thing-infact its beyond time and space, like the stars out there . On cloudy days If we shout there are no stars in the sky , huh..our ignorance is a bliss is all i can say . Similarly Gita and its deep "rehasya" are very much like the stars out there -our cloudy eyes may not reach them . Thats where people like Hon. Gopalakrishnan step forward as the Rainmaker!-to wash away the cloud in a startling rain of realization of ones Legacy potential-It rained yesterday in my heart so much so that I couldnt sleep - I was enjoying the sudden shining stars all the way !


And If I quote Mr Krishnan and say "In NASA they do ganapathi homam and ayudhapooja before crucial launches" what could be your reaction ? And If I continue to quote and say " NASA has closed rooms for relaxation after tiring hours -to de-stress through vedas and upanishads mantra chantings"- jaws dropped ? Again statistics say that 20% of NASA scientists know inside out Vedic Mathematics!. huh---I had seen copy of Vedic mathematics in my father's collections,but never dared to browse by -may be if i had I woudnt have struggled all night to solve my maths puzzles! I think ,once the western world had a physical attack on our Indian lands for the gold and the spices-now its the second Intellectual exploration on our vedas, sanskrit, yoga mantras and scientifc heritage . Thats fine-knowledge deepens when shared , but the point is , why we are not cultivating in these rich soils of interest to foreigners? Why our LEGACY and scientifc heritage fail to reach our children , Why its misisng in our syllabus, where is the gurukul education system? why dont we listen to vedas and upanishad mantras to relax rather than tuning in to MTV and rocks? Why we are falling apart in our family integrity ? Or is this an inevitable vicious cylce we indians are going through ? the beginning of the end?...Where are our sacred temples? Why none has told me in my last 30 years of existence that learning sanskrit is a tonic to brain ? Why we have to wait for getting old and the drop dead years to start shuffling pages of vedas and Gita?
I dont know answers,but thanks to Krishnan sir, I am going to teach my sweet little baby princess "aarya" sanskrit, veda and Indian scientific heritage...for that first step would be to know that for myself ...My travel begins ..As Lao Tzu puts it -"A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.".
I am joining the IISH through their memebership url http://www.iish.org/membership.asp .My first reading would be Aryabhateeyam ,publsihed in the site.
Quoating Krishna from one of his articles ""Honoring our greatest scientist"
Dr Gopal Krishnan says:-

"March 21st is an important day in the scientific history of India. This day, 1531 years ago, 476 CE at 1.00 pm, on Sunday, Aryabhatta-I was born at Kodungallur in Thrissur of Kerala.

On this day, 1508 years ago at the age of 23, he completed the work of his book Aryabhateeyam at 1.00 pm, the Mesha Sankranthi time (and day). It is said he was appointed as the Vice chancellor of the Nalanda University on this same day. The contribution of Aryabhatta to the world of astronomy and mathematics is some thing extra-ordinary. His 'school' of scientific thoughts is known as Aryabhatta School and he had 22 students of which, 12 were from Kerala. Few of his discoveries and inventions are presented here in the order specified in Aryabhateeyam.

He developed an entire Aryabhatta number system using Sanskrit letters. One should know this number for understanding the great discoveries of Aryabhatta

According to Aryabhatta the diameter of earth is = nji la bhoo vyaasa = 1050 yojana = 1050 x 12.11 km.

The circumference of vaayu mandala/atmosphere = gi yi nga sa bhoo vaayu kakshya paridha = 3375 yojana = 3375 x 12.11 km

He gave these values one millennium, before the western scholars discovered that earth was spherical in shape.

According to Aryabhatta, the number of rotation of earth in one mahayuga (one Mahayuga = 43,20,000 year) = 1,58,22,37,500.

The sidereal period in terms of day according to Aryabhatta and modern calculations are respectively 365.25868 and 365.25636! That of Jupiter are 4332.27217 and 4332.5887 and that of Saturn are 10766.06465 and 10759.201.

Aryabhatta correctly calculated the rotation speed of earth as praanenaiti kalaam bhoo:= one angular minute per four second ( the breathing time of a healthy person = 1 praana) .

Mean angular diameter of moon is 31'30" and the modern value 31'8".

The greatest declination of earth as 24° (Bha apakramo grahamsa) and the modern value is 23.5 °.

The inclinations of all the planets and moon have been given by him. The inclination for Saturn is 2° 30' and modern value 2° 29' 20".

Longitudes of apogee of Sun and the modern values are 78° and 77° 15'.

Aryabhatta is the first in the world to give R sine differences of angles at intervals of 225' (3° 45') same as the modern values, as sine tables.

The area of square, triangle, trapezium, rectangle, circle, semi circle, etc have been given by him.

For the first time in the world, he found the method for determining square root and cube root of any number.

Circumference, chord, etc of circles, diagonal of various geometrical figures were also described by Aryabhatta.

He found out the Volume of cube, pyramid and sphere. He also described the chord : radius relation, the value of Ð (62832 /20,000), the method of calculating R sine values, arithmetic and geometric progressions of various types, calculations with fractions, division of time, space and angles, the specific description on the rotation of earth ( ku aavarthaaschaapi naakshatraa: = due to the repeated rotation of earth, days are formed).

Interesting division of time as 30 times of an year = one pitru varsha ; 12 pitru varsha = one deva varsha; 12,000 deva varsha is one mahayuga; 1008 of the mahayuga yuga is a day of Brahma (43,20,000 x 1008 ) during when srushti takes place and exactly same is the period of one night of Brahma during when the pralaya (pra = glorious; laya = dissolving in ) takes place.

The 'names' for each day as 'Sun'day and 'moon' day, etc have been given by Aryabhatta (Seeghra kramaath chathurthaa bhavanthi sooryodayaath dinapaa: = the graha occurring fourth when arranged in the order of increasing velocity are the lords of the successive days. A graha's name is given to that day. The order of increasing velocity can be written as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus Mercury, Moon, Saturn,(repeat) Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter………..repeat this and take the fourth one for getting the weekdays as Saturn (Saturday), Sun (Sunday), Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Mercury (Wednesday), Jupiter (Thursday), and Venus (Friday) respectively.

He explained the 'westward motion of celestial bodies',by comparing with that of the backward motion of trees on the banks of river when sailing in a boat forward.

Perfect description of artic and Antarctic ocean is given in Aryabhatteeya.

The observation of the Sun in the four quadrant of Earth has been given like this: In Lanka, if it is sun rise, in Guatemala
(siddhapura) it will be Sunset; at that time in Korea (yava koti) it will be Noon and in Rome (Romaka desa) it shall be midnight.

The duration of days and night in north / south hemisphere of earth has correctly been given.

Perfect description of Golayantra / globe is given by him.

Earthsine, radius of day circle, right ascensions, rise of signs, Rsine of altitude, Sun's agra, Rsine of sun's prime vertical, Parallax in solar eclipse , parallax of sun and moon, central ecliptic point, Rsine of zenith distance, visibility corrections etc have been precisely given. Calculation and explanations of solar and lunar eclipse, length, diameter, velocity of earth's shadow, measurement of eclipse at a given time, etc. are given with precision. Calculations using sine and cosine of latitude, longitude, co latitude (of both celestial and terrestrial angles) shows astounding knowledge existed in India more than 1,500 years ago.

Many more scientific observations are available in Aryabhateeya. He said thus: Cchaadayati sasi sooryam sasinam mahati bhoo cchaaya ie. the moon shadows the sun and the great shadow of the earth covers the moon for an eclipse.

Indian satellites were named after him as a tribute for his contributions. He is one of the most shining stars in the sky of the world mathematics and astronomy. Aryabhatta wrote his books when the 'western scholars' were still thinking that earth was flat and sun revolved around the earth, etc. Let us pay our homage and respect to this great Indian scientist.

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (www.iish.org) has published Aryabhateeyam with English and Malayalam translations and commentaries."


And soon I am planning for a trip to IISH , with my family; let my 10 months baby start her walks climbing upon the rich verses in the libraries of past amidst the LEGACY of an astonishing intellectual setup!. 30 years later, at my age,she is sure gonna thank me for that !, let the next generation escavate the lost connecting bead to our stimulating past!.


The speech also touched upon the mental,physical, family, social and national tradition factors or simple rituals derived from our rich past,devised for better state of well being and social health. The scientific aura of all our ancient customs and traditions prove the rich heritage of intellectual excellence and visions of our Saints and scholars! The Temple "darshan " and its scientific merits left me literally wow!!..he explained how each component inside a clean temple was meant to stimulate our 5 senses !. The mantras , ringing bells .its pitch and frequency are meant to be a brain tonic to soothen our brain nerves. There is a well devised scientific purpose behind every tradition, ritual or suggestion passed on to us by our forefathers. Dr Krishnans holistics view of Hindu traidion and the lateral thinking approach is based on pure science and not fiction -I was able to appreciate that ! Not many leaders have such courage ,openness and vision to connect to people and clear their doubts . Infact we have only one budha, one krishna , one vivekanda-the corrupted society wont allow many breakthrough thinkers to come by -and for those who come by in a blue moon , lke DR Gopalakrishna,we need a whole new battalion of youngsters , hungry for knowledge , to align by  and support the exploration . Research and Innovation have been our heritage strength-cant we hold on to that ? Can we close the missing gaps?..for that first we need to know and feel the rich heritage and scientific formulations our forefathers'forefather had trigerred. We have to unravel the enigmatic wrappers , through careful and sensitive research and once again unleash a new generation of Gita reading, Veda chanting young scholars...rebuild nalanda..and IIHS can very well be the NASA of explorations...lets gear up for the travel.... Its formulated  that if we travel beyong the velocity of light we can climb back on time ---in this relative relative world!. Well then lets do that and deep dive to that ocean to bring back the titanic treasures in the ocean bottom -to build the LEGACY of our own... LEGACY , LOVE, LEARNING AND LORD.... lets start at the root to reach the branches and dive beyond the cosmos.....


In this exciting journery to derive strength from our own LEGACY ...when we know who we really are....we can for the first time estimate our true potential and know what we can do!!.........

As professors of Harvard and Wharton guide American Corporates in line with  Gita corporate "rehasyas" (Business week calls it Karma capitalization!) , its no longer a secret that “concentration, consistency, and cooperation " are keys to  true leadership and inner peace!.      Vedanta is being dissected open ...

Can we afford to miss this boat made out of our own forefathers intellecutal vibes and visions???Should our children in this land of Krishna,wait for 20 plus years and go to US school classrooms to learn about Krishna and Karma and Gita? Let them learn it while in the wombs ....
Lets first get a good copy of GITA .....Lets join IIISH.. Lets chose people like Gopalakrishna as our mentors..Close your eyes and invoke your great forefathers' elements within you...With their blessings....Lets start this miraculous Quest ...Let our rich heritage rise like the phoenix bird!!....










Lovely / / 1 year ago

Do Not say Just 99999 ^5 = Power of 5 OR
99999 ^3 x 99999 ^2
These are algebric formulas.
We wish to know if that can be calculated in vedic maths as SIMPLE way giving the answer of 25 DIGITS?

S Damodaran / / 5 yrs ago
S Damodaran

Thankyou, Sun(Sooraj), for the illumination of our heritage by you, especially the greatness of Aaryabhattaa.

KnowledgeBee / / 5 yrs ago

I am going to teach my sweet little baby princess "aarya" sanskrit, veda and Indian scientific heritage...for that first step would be to know that for myself ...


The entire text of Sage Panini's Vyakaranam, ASHTADHYAYI, is available, free download.

Also, self study CDs are available at Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan, New Delhi.

Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma

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