Durga puja in Calcutta, pandals getting decked up ( photo blog)

mabaker / 6 yrs ago /

Durga puja means so many things to Bengalis. If you are old timer like me then you look forward for a solid adda with your friends by staying put at one place like we were doing in Delhi Kali Bari when we were statying in Gole Market,New Delhi. But after coming to Calcutta I realised it is less of Puja and more of Pandal hopping. During those Puja days there is a near stampede condition in and around the prominent pujas. To give a miss to that maddening crowd I generally go out of Calcutta and this time too I am out from 4th October onwards. Many of my friends who are brought up in Calcutta can not imagine Puja other than in Calcutta. Well before leaving for Bhopal and Delhi I caught some of the pandals in my camera when these are three fourth done. It is something like catching a girl without her make up. the same pandals will look different in neon light, like in a bar with a peg of whisky inside every girl appears beautiful.
Are you ready to see the true colour of the pandals in the day light? Here are those.

The horses of the chariot are yet to be unwrapped.
Yes I could still pass through this pandal for my office. The scaffoldings are lying around for finish.
Caught in the rain, a temple bang on the road.

Artistic panel of a pandal.

It is inside a housing colony, used cane products.....waiting for the idol

Sneak peak....almost finished

Yeh this is also on the road...the tarpaulin is for protecting the artifacts from rain. The rain is predicted during the puja. By the way I forgot to mention that during this puja time the authentic Bengali food is sold in all kinds of restaurants..got to find out if the Chinese restaurants are also russeling up some Bengali food. Any way the so called Chinese food sold in Calcutta is nothing but Chinbong( Chinese +Bengali) food.
Wish every one a happy Dussehra. Will be posting my next blog after Dussehra.

mabaker / / 6 yrs ago

dear chanchal47..thanx for your visit.

chanchal47 / / 6 yrs ago

dear mb
thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences...

mabaker / / 6 yrs ago

thanx dear swarajya..sorry for the delay in response..

mabaker / / 6 yrs ago

thanx for your comment..my next is on durga puja in bhopal and delhi..releasing shortly..

mabaker / / 6 yrs ago

thanx..i was away for durga puja to other places so delay in response..

swarajya / / 6 yrs ago

you have brought out some interesting photographs of half finished pandals.they look very good.please bring more of such photographs.i salute those artisans who produce such exquisite architectural beauties.

Jayati Gupta / / 6 yrs ago
Jayati Gupta

mabaker - thanks for sharing the kolkata pictures! waiting for the next ... ether

sunkan / / 6 yrs ago

dear mabaker,
thanku for bringing these pics here the last one looks more malyalam home with all those wooden work hope it is the same as i mention....sunkan

CaravanBpl / / 6 yrs ago

kinda proves that life is wip (work-in-progress)? happy dussehra sir! ~cb

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

dear mabaker
this is amazing blog..
nevr new that pandals are this good.

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