Einstein's wife: the real genius?

Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma / 9 yrs ago /

Mileva Mavic Einstein was supposedly more than Mrs Einstein? Albert made heroic contributions to science, but his personal life was less than exemplary. Albert was 17 when he met this 21 year old brilliant female student. Much smarter than Einstein, she must have done the math for his theories, and is said to have played important role in his 1905 papers that were incidentally his most important contributions. This is a love story gone insanely bad:( He later gave all his Nobel prize money to her, though her life was a great tradegy. Maybe the interested readers can search for her name Mileva Mavic Einstein on google and read various stories in circulation to see how she first flunked her exams (to have a love child before marriage!!), so never finished her degree, how Einstein divorced her and left her to live in extreme poverty with a bunch of his kids, how she suffered in silence while Einstein prospered, and led his post first wife life flirting with great many women. While we celebrate a century of that miraculous year of Einstein's amazing discoveries, its quite unsettling to learn of plagiarism of this supposedly greatest icon of Physics, and to know that even his own wife wasn't spared by his lust for personal gains. Of all the people Einstein is said to have failed to acknowledge in his papers and discoveries, maybe Mileva was the least celebrated and the most deserving one. Hmm! I am sure many people will accuse me of slander here, though my intention is just to point out that there is more to Einstein than most of us now! They say, "Behind every great man is a woman": I hope my post ensures that you become aware of this one.

Personally when I heard this story, I was shaken quite a bit. It is like hearing about the fall of your favorite hero! But surprisingly for me, everyone of importance in Physics community is aware of this! Who knows what Mileva's real contribution was, but she surely knew and understood all Einstein's discoveries before they saw the light of the world, and must have been a hell of a physicist!

Vivek Sharma / / 9 yrs ago
Vivek Sharma

thanks ashish, i will read the upnishads at the first opportunity (means as soon as i get the book:)!!

rohitbd: i have often considered that once i become a professor of any repute in physics, i will undertake a targeted study of ancient sciences. i hope to find enough collaborators to do the same:):)!! but for now, i will rather be circumspect about what we knew and what we did not!

dev kumar: i cannot agree more! i am sure the situation of women will improve in this century!! its quite unfortunate that it was so, and i guess besides marie curie, the early part of last century was mostly a domain of male scientists! maybe i will post about roselin frankin someday:)!

Dev Kumar Vasudevan / / 9 yrs ago
Dev Kumar Vasudevan

i remember reading about prof. s chandrashekhar's wife giving up a promising career as a physicist when they decided to get married. the bard had written:"a young man married is a man marred". this seems to be especially true for women. engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering - as the joke goes. "one is not born a woman, but becomes one. " - simone de beauvoir . most women would agree. kalpana chawla had refused to get married till she was sure that it would work. and it is good that marie curie did not agree to play second fiddle when it came to her career as a scientist. it is interesting to observe the psyche of a person who surrenders his/her individuality to another as well as the psyche of the person who expects surrender from his/her spouse. the toughest part is facing oneself. fight, fight, fight... fight all your life....

tony joseph / / 9 yrs ago
tony joseph

i am not at all surprised sir! that's our "typical indianness!" ..sigh..

rohitbd / / 9 yrs ago

vivek sharma: "upnishads and indian contribution: though i sincerely believe in greatness of saints who dwelled on various philosophical and scientific questions in ancient india, we need a more widely appreciated database of knowledge and proof that we indians knew about stuff that rohitbd (and murli manohar joshi and many others) claim that we know/knew about!"

proof - that's the problem...that's what our own indian scientists do not want to explore when it comes to hinduism or upanishads or indian contribution to science. they'd rather lick whatever the western scientists say than go about studying our own scriptures. on top of that, when someone actually tries to investigate the indian contributions and comes up with a positive claim, these very scientists reject it - as if what the west says is only correct, and anything an indian scientist says is wrong. take a recent case...i forgot who the scientist was but he claimed that e = mc^2 is not applicable in all cases (or something like that)...now this claim may very well be wrong, but well-known indian scientists did not even take the claim seriously - they could have atleast thought "here is an indian scientist trying do something, let's help him with his work and try to find the truth"...but no! instead they chose to ignore him. this is disgusting...

Satish_Shukla / / 9 yrs ago


i don't cook half broths.

naturally, einstein didn't fabricate a-bomb. the point is his physics opened the floodgates to this terrible blaa. why, you could go back to planck as he devises his constant! that, and so much more, say from schroedinger, maxwell lightened einstein's tasks. it is an unending chain of scientific enquiry. thats all. it is crazy how then scientists in the west just stop short when it comes to acknowledging sources. this shunya itself is the finest example. they take it for granted. but some genius mind must have conceived it, right! but i wouldn't mind your reminder if it set my thinking-house right!

good luck!

Ashish Banerjee / / 9 yrs ago
Ashish Banerjee

your 2 cents goes a long way. your comment re:
'...the "brahmaand" (universal egg) springing from "shunya" - the big-bang theory is also along very similar lines, about the universe being created at the big-bang and the resulting inflation...'
thats cool.
even much before upnishads, rig veda poets speculated on the creation of the universe.
i came across a hymn in rig veda, nasadasitro sutra, which comes hauntingly close to the modern physics views on creation of the univese.

ref: rig veda, mandala 10, sukta 129, i attribute it to rishi prajapati (some might contest the poet who first sung it).

Ashish Banerjee / / 9 yrs ago
Ashish Banerjee

re: atleast have few bestsellers based on upnishads and their translations available for readers like me!

try :
the upnishads by eknath easwaran (penguin press)
upnishads by s radhakrishnan (oxford press)

Ashish Banerjee / / 9 yrs ago
Ashish Banerjee

re: folks in hiroshima and nagasaki knew that best.
einstien did not invent the atom bomb, please get your fact right!

kind regards
ashish banerjee

Vivek Sharma / / 9 yrs ago
Vivek Sharma

thanks scudz for the comic relief. i guess spoiler made some very pertinent points here, especially about poincare', "scientific credits and truth", newton and leibnitz, and public perceptions being modulated by what is served as truth to them. we, as educated masses, must question everything that is served to us; the grander the claims, the bigger the benefits to certain person or group of people, the more suspicious or cautious our approach should be!

scientific truths do not change based on who discovered them and lies die their natural death sooner or later; but by being more vigilant about credit and credibility, more aggresive with regards to questioning theory and data that supports that theory, we can ensure collectively that we arrive at the truth sooner, and faster!

upnishads and indian contribution: though i sincerely believe in greatness of saints who dwelled on various philosophical and scientific questions in ancient india, we need a more widely appreciated database of knowledge and proof that we indians knew about stuff that rohitbd (and murli manohar joshi and many others) claim that we know/knew about!

atleast make ayurveda into well-documented science.

atleast have few bestsellers based on upnishads and their translations available for readers like me!

scudz / / 9 yrs ago

although, i acknowledge this is a quite serious discussion about plagiarism and scientific endeavour; i am just adding a lighter side to scientific publishing and acknowledgment.

when linus pauling was a professor at caltech, many students and professors alike wanted him to comment on their work (being a nobel laureate, and a genius, his comments mattered). sometimes they would find him walking in the department corridors and approach him for his comment on the manuscript written for publication.
he would wave them away saying: “i don’t have time for you b@*#$!s !!”
thanking him profusely, they would add a sentence in acknowledgement:
we would like to thank prof. pauling for his useful comments!
as the legend goes, many papers were accepted in great many journals!

disclaimer: just a joke!!