Eminent Personalities of Assam

Parmita Borah
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Aideu Handique : b 1915 d 2002. She was the first film actress of Assam and the heroine of Joymoti, thefirst ever Assamese film, made by Jyotiprasad Agarwala in 1935. She acted in the film at age 16 and had to face ostracism at her native village of Panidihing for acting with men. She never acted in another film and never married. She even did not get to see the film until 1985 when the government finally gave her a pension and a cassette cotaining remains of the film. Like the tragic Ahom queen Joymoti, the first heroine of Assam was also destined to a tragic life.
Ajit Barua : Born in 1926, the poet is known for his poem Jengrai and other works like Kichumaan Padya Aaru Gaan and Brahmaputra Ityaadi Padya. He translated Albert Camus' play Les Justes, and the novel The Plague from French into Assamese. He has won the Sahitya Academy and Assam Valley Literary awards.
Achyut Lahkar : Born in 1931, he is the father of the Bhryamyman or Mobile Theatre of Assam. He founded the popular Natraj Theatre at Pathsala in 1963 which performed across Assam and in other states for nearly 40 years. He was a pioneering dramatist, actor, director and producer and staged numerous memorable plays on the mobile theatre stage. He also published and edited an illustrated magazine called Deepawali for some time. He was awarded the Kamal Kumari National award in 1997.
Ajan Fakir : Ajan Fakir, a sufi saint and poet originally from Bagdad, came to Assam from Ajmer in the 17th century accompanied by his brother Shah Navi, and settled in Soraguri Sapori, near Sibsagar town. Hazrat Shah Miran received the title Ajan Fakir or Ajan Pir, or saint, because he taught the Muslims of Assam to recite Azan as a prayer ritual. He created two forms of devotional songs, Zikir and Zari that were inspired by folk music of Assam to popularize Islam.
Atul Chandra Hazarika : b 1903 d 1968. A poet and dramatist honored with the titles of Padmashree and Sahityacharya his works included poetry books like Monimala, Panchajanya, Tapobon, etc. and dramas like Narakasur, Sakuntala, Chhatrapati Shivaji and many more. He also penned several children’s literature like Ispor Sadhu, Lorar Jatok, Kotha Dasam, etc and was also President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1959. He was honored with the title of Sahityacharya by the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1982.
Ananta Kondoli : A contemporary of Srimanta Sankardeva and a poet, his real name was Haricharan but got the title of Ananta Kondoli for his expertise in debate. His poetic works include Kumarahoron, Bitrasur Badh and Mohiravan Badh. Influenced my Madhab Kondoli to create Ramayan and later translated parts of the Bhagavat on the request of Sankaradeva. Also received the titles Sri Chandra Bharati and Bhagavat Bhattacharya for his accomplishments.
Amiyo Kumar Das : b 1895 d 1975. He was a politician, editor and writer honored with the title of Lokanayak. Was elected to the Vidhan Sabha and attended several international labor conferences. He also penned several books on Mahatma Gandhi like Gandhijir Jiboni, Asomot Mahatma, Mahatma Gandhik ami kid ore bujilu, etc.
Ambikagiri Raichoudhury : b 1885 d 1967. Was a nationalist, poet, litterateur, lyricist, dramatist and editor honored with the title of Asom Kesori. He was the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1950 and winner of the Sahitya Academi award in 1966. He formed the Anarchist party in 1904 and founded the Asom Sangrikhini Sabha. Was author of the famous song Bandhu Ki Chandere. Poetic works included Bedonar Ulka, Tumi, Bina and Sotdhar. Also penned dramas like Bondini Bharat, Jaidrath Badh, Bhakta Gaurab and Kalyanmoie. He also founded the Gauhati Sangeet Vidyalay in 1927. Other literary works included Deka Dekerir Bed, Ahuti and Anubhuti.
Atan Burhagohain : One of the most able administrators and patriots of the Ahom period, Aton Burhagohain was Prime Minister for 17 years during a turbulent period of Ahom history. He authored a Buranji or Ahom historical chronicle called the Sri Sri Swargadeo Maharajor Bansa Nirnoi. Was assassinated by Laluksula Barphukan in 1679.
Atmaram Sharma : His translation of the Bible into Assamese, Dharmapustak was published by Christian Missionaries in 1913 and was the first published book in Assamese.
Ananda Chandra Agarwala : b 1874 d 1939. A poet, administrator, historian and author of several text books. He served in the police for 32 years and wrote the Police Manual in 1906. He was honoured with the title of Raibahadur. His works include the poetry book Jilikoni, historical books like An Account of Assam and Goalparar Purani Bibaran and text books like Kumal Path and Adi Path. Also known as Bhangoni Kunwor for his fine translation of several English poems into Assamese.
Ananada Chandra Barua : b 1907 d 1983. Poet, dramatist, litterateur, translator, teacher and editor famous as Bokul Bonor Kobi. Winner of Padmashri title, Sahitya Academi award and President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1969. Major works include Parag, Bokul Bonor Kabita, Sei Nimati Pora, all poetry, dramas like Nala Damayanti and Bijoya and translations Soviet Kobita, Asia Jyoti, etc.
Anandaram Dhekial Phukan : b 1819 d 1859. He was one of the first Assamese to possess a modern and progressive outlook. He wrote A few notes on Assamese Language to protest against replacement of Assamese as the state language. He also regularly justified his concerns about Assamese language and literature in his articles in Arundoi . He was also an Assistant Commissioner at Nagaon. Other works include the Asomiya Lorar Mitra and Aien Aru Bebastha.
Anandaram Barua : b 1850 d 1889. A reknowned Sanskrit scholar, he was also the first Assamese Graduate, Barrister and ICS officer. Wrote books like A Practical English Sanskrit Dictionary, Bhavabhutij, Mahavir Charitam, Higher Sanskrit Grammer, etc. and edited many others.BadanChandra Barphukan : Was Chief of Ahom forces in Lower Assam and betrayed the kingdom by inviting the Burmese to invade Assam. Was installed as the Prime Minister by the Burmese and later assassinated by Rup Singh Subedar in 1818.
Banikanta Kakati : b 1894 d 1952. Academic and litterateur, his works included Purani Asomiya Sahitya, Mother Goddess Kamakhya, Assamese: Its formation and Development, Sahitya Aru Prem, etc.
Binanda Chandra Barua : b 1901 d 1994. Poet and litterateur popularly known as Dhwani Kobi. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1966 and writer of Gargaon, Sankhadhwani, Jaidhwani and Pratidhwani. He was honored with the title of Sahityacharya by the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 1989.
Bimala Prasad Chaliha : b 1910 d 1971. Was Chief Minister of Assam from 1957 to 1970. He wrote the books Gaonliya Arthanitir Darshan Aru Khadi and Mou Palan.
Birinchi Kumar Barua : b 1908 d 1964. Academic and litterateur, he won the Sahitya Academi award for the book Asomor Loka Sanskriti. Other works include Jatak Mala, Asomiya Katha Sahitya, Jibonor Batot under different pen names.
Bishnu Prasad Rabha : b 1909 d 1969. A truly versatile personality, he was an artiste, a litterateur, researcher of art, culture and literature and an advocate of social reformation for the poor people from different communities. He had to quit studies because of his association with the freedom movement. He got involved with the Revolutionary Communist party and became aware of the suffering of the exploited masses. He saw culture as a means to unite the people. He was also elected to the Vidhan Sabha. His works include Asomiya Kristir Somu Abhash, Mising Koneng, Sunpahi, Mukti Deol and Oatit Asom. He is popularly known and remembered as Kolaguru.
Bishnuram Medhi : b 1888 d 1980. Freedom fighter and politician who became the second Chief Minister of Assam. He was also Governor of Tamil Nadu, the first Assamese to be appointed to the post.
Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya : b 1924 d 1997. A novelist and litterateur, he was the first Assamese to win the Gyanpeeth award. He was President of the Sahitya Academi for some time and the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1983. Won the Sahitya Academi for his book Yaruingam in 1961 and the Gyanpeeth for Mritunjay in 1979.
Birendranath Dutta : A researcher of folk culture and popular singer, he has also written several books like A Bibliography of Folklore Material of Assam and Adjoining Areas, Oamator Mat, Bharotiyo Shilpot Murti, Goalporiya Lokageet Sangrah, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 2003 and 2004.
Benudhar Sharma : b 1894 d 1981. Litterateur, novelist and editor, he was posthumously awarded the Padmabhusan in 1983. He also won the Sahitya Academi award in 1960 for the book Congressor Kanchiali Rodot. Other works include Maniram Dewan, Sadhinotar Pratham Juddha, Durbin, Dakshinpat Sattrar Buranji, etc.
Brajnath Sharma : b 1894 d 1958. Pioneering actor and dramatist he formed the Kohinoor Opera Party, the first mobile theatre group of Assam. During the 1920s and 1930s, the Kohinoor Opera traversed across the Brahmaputra valley performing dramas and attracted huge audiences. In 1931, Brajanath Sarma, and Phani Sarma introduced female actresses for the first time in the Kohinoor Opera dramas and revolutionized Assamese theatre. Honored with the title Natyacharya, his works include Barjita, Urvashi, Manumati, etc.
Bhabendranath Saikia : b 1932 d 2003. Litterateur, film director and winner of many awards and honors like the Sahitya Academi (for Shrinkhal in 1976), Assam Valley Literary award in (1990), Srimanta Sankardeva award (1998) and the Padmashri (2001). Bhabendranath Saikia directed movies like Anirban, Agnisnan, Kolahal, Sarathi, Itihaas and others won many awards at the national level.
Bhattadeva : His real name was Vaikunthanath Bhattacharyya and he lived in the 16th century. Bhattadeva is the pioneer of prose in Assam. His works include the translations of the Gita and Bhagavat as Katha Gita and Katha Bhagavat, Sharanmalita, Katha Ratnavali, Guru Vansavali, etc.
Bhupen Hazarika : A singer, lyricist, composer, academic, litterateur, movie maker, director and journalist. He has also been a member of the Assam legislative assembly. The first Assamese to win the Dada Phalke award (1992) and the Lata Mangeshkar award ( 2000). He has won the President’s National Award for the best filmmaker thrice, for Shakuntala (1960), Pratidhwani (1964), and Loti Ghoti (1967). He has performed in over a hundred countries and received many international awards and honors. He also acted and sang in the first Assamese film Joymoti when he was only 13. He has been the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha (1993) and the Sangeet Natak Academi. He was awarded with the Padma Bhusan title in the year 2000. The Asom Sahitya Sabha has honored him with the title of Sahityacharya.
Bhugeswari Phukan : b 1885 d 1942. A freedom fighter, she was a martyr of the Quit India Movement. She was shot on 18th September 1942 after she hit a British officer, who tried to insult the National flag, with the flag post at Brahampur, Nagaon. Three other protesters, Thagi Sut, Bolo Sut and Lakhi Hazarika were also killed in the firing that day, and Bhugeswari Phukan died two days later, on the 20th of September.
Chandrakumar Agarwal : b 1867 d 1938. A romantic poet and founder editor of the Jonaki published in 1889, he also published the Asomiya news magazine in 1918. His poetry books are Pratima, Binbaragi and Chandramita.
Chandradhar Barua : b 1874 d 1961. Dramatist, lyricist and poet. Represented India at the Round Table Conference held at London in1930 to discuss Indian independence. President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1918 and founder editor of the Asom Sahitya Sabha Patrika in 1926, he was honored with the title of Sahityaratna in 1928. His published works include Meghnad Badh Nat, Bhagya Parikhsa, Ranjan, Ratnakush, etc.
Chandraprabha Saikia : b 1901 d 1972. Founder of the Asom Mahila Samity and life long crusader against anti-social activities. She wrote Pitri Bhitha and Srimanta.
Chandraprasad Saikia : b 1927 d 2006. Litterateur and editor of the Assamese literary journal, Gariyoshi and President of the Assam Sahitya Sabha (1999), he won the Sahitya Akademi Award for Maharathi in 1995 and the Assam Valley Literary award in 2003. Other works include Ture Mure Alukore Jatra, Meghmallar, Janmantar, etc.
Chilarai : Chief of the Koch army and brother of King Naranarayan, his real name was Sukladhvaj. He was an accomplished warrior and won many a famous victory against the enemies of the Koch kingdom, particularly the Ahoms.
Damodardev : b 1488 d 1598. Damodardeva, was a Brahmin disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva who caused the first fissure in the Vaishnava movement in Assam, when he moved away from the main body led by Madhabdeva to form the Brahman-samhati, soon after the death of the Mahapurush. He founded many sattras, but the one at Patbaushi in Barpeta, where he lived for several years is the most important.
Dipali Barthakur : A famous singer of Assam, she has been awarded the Padmashri title. Her popular songs include Sunor Kharu Nelage Muk, Ebar Ahi Jaba, Kun Sei Rupavati, etc.
Debakanta Barua : b 1914 d 1996. A politician, poet and founder editor of Dainik Asomiya. He was a MLA, State Education minister, Speaker, MP, Central minister, Governor of Bihar and President of the Indian National Congress. He wrote the famous poetry book Sagar Dekhisa. He was also a lover of books and had a personal library of nearly 10,000.
Debendranath Acharya : b 1937 d 1981. A Principal of the Assam Engineering College, he wrote novels like Kalpurush, Anya Jug Anya Purush, Jangam, etc. Died at the age of 44 and was posthumously awareded the Sahitya Academi award.in 1984.
Dharmeswari Devi Barua : b 1892 d 1960. A poet who was honored with the title of Kabya Bharati by the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1956. Her works include Phulor Sarai, Ashrudhara, Pranar Paras, etc.
Dimbeswar Neog : b 1899 d 1966. A poet, editor, historian and writer, he is considered to be a pioneer of historical writings. His poetry books include Malika, Sophura, Thupitora, Malati, Mukuta, Indradhanu, etc. He wrote historical books like Adhunik Asomiya Sahityar Buranji, Asomiya Sahityar Buranjit Ebhumuki, Asomiya Sahityar Sankhipta Buranji, New Light On The History Of Asomiya Literature, etc. Other books include Bhugjora, Akul Pathik, Vaishnav Dharmor Atiguri, Juganayak Sankardeva, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1965.Fakruddin Ali Ahmed : b 1905 d 1977. He was the first and only Assamese to become the President of India. He was also a central minister, state minister, member of the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha. He was also the Advocate General of Assam and member of the Congress Working Committee. He was also an elected President of the All India Cricket Association and was a member of the Delhi Golf Club and the Delhi Gymkhana Club since. He was President of the Assam Football Association and the Assam Cricket Association several times.
Ganesh Chandra Gogoi : b 1907 d 1938. In a short life of 31 years he wrote memorable poetry books like Papori and Sapnabhanga and dramas including Sakunir Pratisudh and Kashmir Kumari. Remembered as Papori Kobi.
Giridhar Sharma : b 1912 d 1978. He was a litterateur and academic and the founder principal of the Arya Vidyapeeth College at Gauhati. President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1973 he wrote several books like Asomiya Bhasar Vyakaran, Sanskrit Vyakaran Chandrika, Anglo-Assamese Dictionary, etc.
Godadhor Singha : Also known as Gadapani, this great Ahom king defeated the Mughals in the battle of Itakhuli. He was the husband of the tragic Ahom queen Joymoti.
Gopinath Bordoloi : b 1890 d 1950. Freedom fighter, Gandhian and social worker who was the first Chief Minister of Assam after Independence. He was responsible for Assam being included in the Indian Union and for establishing several institutions like the High Court, University, medical college etc., in Assam. He was honoured with the title of Lokapriya and is the only Bharat Ratna winner from Assam
Golap Borbora : b 1923 d 2006. First non Congress Chief Minister of Assam from 1977 to 1979. He was also a member of the Rajya Sabha. He was a freedom fighter and imprisioned several times during the freedom movement. He was a follower of socialists like Jai Prakash Narayan and Ram Manohar Lohia.. He was arrested along with other opposition leaders during the emergency of 1975 and led the Janata Party to victory in the next elections.
Golock Chandra Goswami : A linguist and writer honoured with the tiltle of Sahityacharya by the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 2002. His works include An Introduction to Assamese Phonology and Structure of Assamese.
Gunabhiram Barua : b 1834 d 1894. Social reformer and litterateur. He married a widow after the death of his first wife and got it registered two years later in 1972, which was the first registered marriage of Assam. Founder editor of the Asom Bondhu, he was honoured with the title of Rai Bahadur. His books include Asom Buranji, Anandaram Dhekial Phukanor Jiban Charitra, etc.
Gyanadabhiram Barua : b 1880 d 1955. Academic and writer, his books include Dodair Ponja, Venice’or Saud, Folk Tales of Assam, Bilator Sithi, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1933.
Gyannath Bora : b 1890 d 1968. A litterateur, his published works include Asomot Bideshi, Jugatatva, Srihatt Bisched, Asomiya Purani Sahitya, A Plea for Sanskrit as National Language, Adhunik Asomiya Sahitya, etc. Was President of Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1968.
Haliram Deka : b 1901 d 1950. The first Assamese justice of the High Court, he was also an acoomplished story writer. Be became the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court in 1961. His published works include Alokaloi Sithi and Jotkinchit.
Hitesh Deka : b 1924 d 2000. Novelist who wrote books like Ajir Manuh, Aeiei Tu Jibon, Bharaghar, Nirjatita Sati, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1995.
Hiteswar Saikia : b 1934 d 1996. The teacher turned politician was twice Chief Minister of Assam in 1983 and 1996. His first tenure in 1983 was controversial as people in the Brahmaputra valley largely boycotted the elections following the call of various organizations like the AASU, AJYCP and Karmasari Parishad. Elections were held amidst much bloodshed in which only national parties participated. After the Assam Accord of 1985, the government was dismissed and in the following polls Hiteswar Saikia led Congress was routed by the new party formed by the student leaders. But Hiteswar Saikia made a triumphant return as Chief Minister in the next elections held in 1991. During his tenure several top leaders of the ULFA surrendered and joined the mainstream.
Hiren Gohain : A respected litterateur, academic and intellectual of Assam, he is a PHD from Cambridge in English literature. His book Asomiya Jatiya Jibonot Mahapurushiya Parampara won him the Sahitya Academi award in 1989.Hiren Bhattacharya : A poet who has published books like Sugandhi Pokhila, Soichor Pathar Manuh, Mur Priyo Bornomala, etc. He has won the Sahitya Academi, Assam Valley Literature and Bishnu Rabha awards.
Hemchandra Goswami : b 1892 d 1928. Poet, writer and editor whose Priyotomar Sithi is the first Assamese sonnet. Other works include A Descriptive Catalogue of Assamese Manuscripts, Puroni Asom Buranji, Asomiya Sahityor Saneki. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1920.
Hemchandra Barua : b 1835 d 1896. He wrote several books but is most well known for the seminal dictionary Hemkosh, which was published four years after his death. Other works include Asomiya Vyakaran, Asomiya Lorar Adipath, Assamese Marriage System, Kaniyar Kirtan, etc.
Hem Barua : b 1915 d 1977. Littterateur and politician who was a member of the Lok Sabha from 1957 to 1971. In 1972 he became the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. His books include August Revolution in Assam, Modern Assamese Poetry, Red River and the Blue Hill, Sagor Dekhisa, Ronga Korobir Phul, Mekong Noi Dekhilu, Dak Pokhili, etc.
Herambakanta Borpujari : b 1912 d 2002. Historian and writer. He was President of the Indian History Congress in 1997. His works include The Comprehensive History of Assam, Assam in the Days of Company, American Missionary Sokol Aru Unbinsha Sotikar Asom, Political History of Assam, etc. He has honored with the title of Itihas Acharya.
Homen Borgohain : Litterateur, journalist. He has been the editor of Saptahik Nilachal, Nagarik, Sutradhar, Asom Bani and Amar Asom. His books include Saudor Puteke Nao Meli Jaai, Halodhia Soraye Baodhaan Khai, Bisannota, Pita Puta, Atmo Anusandhan, Subala, etc. Has won the Sahitya Academi and Assam Valley Literature awards. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 2001 and 2002.
Indira Goswami : Popularly known as Mamoni Roysom Goswami, she is the first Assamese lady to win the Gyanpeeth award. She is an academic, writer and peace negotiator. She has also won the Sahitya Academi award. Her published works include Tej Aru Dhulire Dhusarita Pristha, Mamore Dhora Toruwal, Adha Likha Dastabej, Nilakanthi Braja, Chinabor Srota, Chinnamaster Manuhtu, Dotal Haatir Uinye Khowa Howda, etc. Her short stories include Sanskar, Udong Bakosh, The Journey, To Break A Begging Bowl, Beasts, Dwarka And His Gun, etc. She has published a poetry collection called Pain And Flesh. She is also an accomplished researcher of Ramayana literature. She has been awarded D Litt degrees by the Indira Gandhi Open University and the Rabindra Bharati University.
Jagannath Barua : b 1851 d 1907. The first graduate from Upper Assam and a pioneering tea planter, he was one of the leaders of the Assam Association .He was honored with the title of Rai Bahadur by the British.
Joymoti : The tragic Ahom queen was the wife of Godadhor Singha. She was tortured to death by another Ahom prince Lora Roja for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of her husband when he was in hiding.
Jayanta Hazarika : b 1943 d 1977. An immensely popular singer and younger brother of Bhupen Hazarika, he died at the improbable age of 34 years. He was also an instrumentalist who could play a number of instruments with equal flair and a successful composer and music director. His death at the height of his popularity was heartbreaking for the legions of fans.
Jahnu Barua : A film maker who has won awards as well as critical acclaim for his works in India and abroad. He won National and international awards with Halodhia Saraiye Baodhaan Khai and Sagorolei Bahu Dur. His other works include Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara, Firingoti, Aporoopa, Papori, Ek Kahani, Kukhal, Pokhi, etc.
Jatindranath Goswami : Litterateur and biographer honored with the title of Sahityacharya by the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1997. He wrote Asomiya Bhasha Aru Sahityor Itihaas, Hemchandra Barua, etc., and was the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1980.
Jogeswar Sharma : b 1908 d 1998. Poet and literary critic, he was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1976. His published works include Sahitya Aru Sanskritir Prabhav, Lifafa and the poetry collection Sot Potra. He was honored with the title of Sahityacharya in 1989 by the Asom Sahitya Sabha. He also won the Anandaram Barua award.
Joy Bhadra Hagjer : b 1914 d 1973. A politician and litterateur, who was the first President of the Bodo Sahitya Sabha. He was elected to the Assam assembly and the Rajya Sabha. He was also a minister of the Assam cabinet several times.
Jyoti Prasad Agarwala : b 1903 d 1951. Lyricist, poet, dramatist and the first film maker of Assam. He made the first Assamese film Joymoti in 1935 and followed it up with the second, Indramalati. Honoured with the title of Rup Konwar, he wrote the dramas Sonit Konwari, Karengor Ligiri, Lovita, Rupalim, Nimati Konya, etc. He penned the poem Luitor Paror Agnisur and books like Jyotidhara, Giti Ramayan, etc.
Kanaklata Barua : b 1928 d 1942. This young girl of 14 showed examplary courage in joining the Mrityu Bahini and was martyred while trying to hoist the National flag at the Gohpur police station on the 20th of September 1942 during the Quit India Movement.
Kanaklal Barua : b 1872 d 1940. Litterateur and historian, he was also a member of the interim ministry in 1929. He was the publisher and editor of Journal Of The Assam Research Society and also editor of Jonaki. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1934 and was honoured with the title of Rai Bahadur by the British. He wrote the book Early History Of Kamrup.
Kamalakanta Bhattacharya : b 1853 d 1936. A poet who also excelled in essays, he was also the President of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 1929. His works include Sintataranga, Sintanol and the popular essays Ostabakror Atmajibani and Gutidiyek Sintar Dhou.
Kaliram Medhi : b 1878 d 1954. A litterateur who was also honored with the title of Rai Bahadur. He was President of Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1919. His published works include Asomiya Vyakaran Aru Bhasatattva, Mahapurush Sankardevar Bani, Studies in the Vaishnav Literature and Culture of Assam, etc.
Kalicharan Brahma : b 1862 d 1938. A social reformer of the Bodo society, his real name was Kalicharan Mech. He got the name Gurudev and Guru Brahma for his involvement with a religious group called Brahmo Dharma. He was totally anti colonial and sought to unite Bodo society by a disciplined approach to religion, education and political activism.
Kirtichandra Barbarua : b 1705 d 1769. A noble from the Ahom era who was very powerful and arrogant. He was appointed Barbarua by Ahom king Siba Singha. He died at the hands of Raghu Moran, leader of the Moamorias. Will be remembered for burning several Ahom Buranjis or court chronicles because one, Sokori Pheti Buranji, contained disparaging remarks about his family lineage.
Kirtinath Hazarika : b 1925 d 2002. A litterateur and journalist, he was the editor of Dainik Asom. His published works include Ramdhenu, Ehejar Enishar Sadhu, Motilal Ghosh Aru Gautam Buddha, Dapunor Deshot Alice, etc. Won the Srimanta Sankardeva, Kamal Narayan Choudhury and Durgaratan awards.
Kishore Kumar Sharma : b 1929 d 1985. A novelist popularly known as Kumar Kishore, he wrote 26 novels, one book called Manchakola, several short stories and essays. His novels include Sunjulir Hanhi, Siljurir Sanku, Kobor Aru Konkal, etc.
Krishnakanta Handique : b 1898 d 1982. Academic, orientalist, linguist and Sanskrit scholar, he was honoured with Padmashri and Padma Bhusan titles by the government of India. He was the first Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University, founder President of J.B.College Jorhat and President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1937. He was posthumously awarded the Sahitya Academi award in 1985. His works include translation of Shriharsha's Naisadh Charitara and Setu Bandhan into English. He was educated at Cotton College, Guwahati, Sanskrit College Kolkata, Calcutta University, Oxford University, Paris University and Berlin University. He mastered 13 languages including English, Latin, Greek, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish and 5 Indian languages including Pali and Prakrit. He was also President of the XVII All India Oriental Conference at Srinagar in 1961. He was honored with the title of Sadashya Mahiyan by the Asom Sahitya Sabha.
Keshab Mahanta : b 1926 d 2006. Poet, lyricist and writer, he wrote five books of songs, four on poetry, several books for children and some highly appreciated translations of some of the country’s best known authors. He penned songs for nearly 30 Assamese films and had also written musical scripts for radio on the lives and works of Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla and Bishnu Rabha. His unique style made him a poet of the masses. He won the Sahitya Akademi award for his book of songs Mur Jey Kiman Hepah in 1993. Other works include Amaar Prithibi, Road Jiki Miki, Aagantuk, Ma Aami Sadiyaloi Jamei.
Lachit Borphukan : b 1622 d 1672. A legendary General of Assam. As the Commander in Chief of the Ahom army, he plotted the defeat of the Mughals in the decisive battle of Saraighat. His bravery, commitment and inspirational leadership was legendary and came to the fore at Saraighat. He beheaded his own uncle for dereliction of duty with the immortal words ‘Deshot Koi Momai Mur Dangor Nahai’ which means that ‘my uncle is not bigger then my country’. He was bedridden when the battle started, but seeing his soldiers retreating, he rode out to the middle and electrified the battlefield. The Ahoms won an inspirational war but sick Lachit died soon after.
Lakhinandan Bora : A Sahitya Academi and Assam Valley Literary award winner, he has penned novels like Patal Bhairabi, Gonga Silonir Pakhi, Nishar Purobi, Mon Mati Megh, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in the year 1996.
Lakhsminath Bezbarua : b 1868 d 1938. Litterateur who was a pioneer of several genre in Assamese literature and is known by the honorifics Rasaraj and Sahityarathi. He has penned the famous O Mur Apunor Desh which is the national song of Assam. He edited pioneering magazines like Jonaki and Baanhi and was the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1924. His published works include Sikarpati Nikarpati, Kadam Kali, Padum Kunwori, Sadhukathar Kuki, Burhi Aair Sadhu, Junbiri, the Kripabor Barua books, The Religion of Love and Devotion, Sri Sri Sankardeva, etc. He is known as the uncrowned king of Assamese literature. The Asom Sahitya Sabha conferred the title of Rasaraj on him.
Lakhyadhar Choudhury : b 1914 d 2000. A writer, stage and film actor, film director, minister, teacher and freedom fighter, he was the President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha and the Asom Natya Sanmilan. He wrote a drama Ekalavya when he was in class nine. His published works include Raksha Kumar, Manuh Bisari, Ali Baba, Omala Ghar, Thikona, Nimila Angko etc. He acted in movies like Nimila Angko, Badan Borpukhan etc. He quit his job as a teacher to join the Quit India Movement. Later he was involved with the Socialist party and was elected as an MLA after two failed attempts. He was minister of Education and Cultural Affairs in the Janata government of 1978. He was the second mayor of the Gauhati Municipal Corporation and President of the Praja Socialist party.
Lila Gogoi : b 1930 d 1994. Litterateur and Historian. His published works include Asomor Sanskriti, Kopling Siga Rail, Tai Sankritir Ruprekha, Brikudar Baruar Biya. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1994.
Mangal Singh Hazowary : Poet and dramatist, he is the first Bodo author to win the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2005 for his collection of poems Jiuni Mwgthang Bisombi Arw Aroj. His dramas are basedSambindhan Kachari, Jolia Dewan, Jwhelao Dwimaleu, etc.
Maniram Dewan : b 1806 d 1858. A freedom fighter who was hanged for conspiring to oust the British and restore the Ahom monarchy in Upper Assam. Inspired by the events of the First war of Independence in North India, in 1857, Maniram Dewan planned an abortive insurrection which was discovered when some letters were intercepted by the British. He was also the first Assamese tea planter.
Mahim Bora : A litterateur famous for his story entitled Kathonibari Ghat, he is also a novelist, short story writer and a poet of repute. He has won the Sahitya Academi, Chaganlal Jain and Assam Valley Literary awards. His other works include Deha Goroka Prem, Edhani Mahir Haanhi, Raati Phula Phul, etc. Was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1989.
Mohendra Bora : b 1929 d 1996. A poet, writer and critic, he was also a President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. His works include Jatismor, Rupor Tilingar Maat, Nila Dhoturar Phul, Ei Nodiyedi, Sahitya Upachramanika, etc. He won several honors like the Mohakobi Asan award and the Sankardeva award.
Mahendra Mohan Choudhury : b 1909 d 1982. He was a freedom fighter and politician. He was Chief Minister of Assam from 1970 to 1972. He also served as Governor of Punjab.
Monalisa Barua :She is one of the outstanding sports person from the northeast. She was the National Table Tennis Champion several times. She is married to multiple men’s national Table Tennis Champion Kamlesh Mehta. She is an Arjuna awardee.
Maheswar Neog : b 1915 d 1995. Litterateur and linguist, he was the younger brother of Dimbeswar Neog. His work covers all disciplines of Indian studies, language and history, lexicography and orthography, epigraphy and ethnography, historiography and hagiography, fine arts, paintings, dance and drama, religion and folklore of Assam. He contributed to the establishment of Gauhati University and was instrumental in taking Satriya dance to the national stage and its recognition as a classical dance. He was a member of the Indian National Commission for co-operation with UNESCO and a member of Bharatiya Gyanpith Award Selection Board. His works include Sankardeva and his Times: Early History of the Vaisnava Faith and Movement in Assam, Prachya Sasanavali, Asomiya Sahityor Ruprekha, Adhunik Asomiya Sahitya, Asomiya Giti Sahitya, etc. He was President of Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1974 and winner of Padmashri and Sankardeva awards. He has honored with the title of Sadasya Mahiyan by the Asom Sahitya Sabha.
Madhabdeva : b 1489 d 1596. A Sanskrit scholar and Vaishnav saint, he was the favorite disciple and companion of Srimanta Sankaradeva as well as his designated successor. He is the author of Nam Ghosa, a treatise of philosophical hymns that is second only to Sankardeva’s Kirtan Ghosa. His other works are Adikanda Ramayan, Rajsuya Kabya, Bhakti Ratnavali, Janma Rahasya and Naam Malika. His authored several dramas called Ankiya Nats or One Act plays like Arjun Bhanjan, Chur Dhora, Bhumi Letuwa, Pimpora Gussuwa and Bhujan Bihar. He also penned several devotional songs called Borgeets and Bhotimas.
Mitradev Mahanta : b 1894 d 1983. Litterateur, dramatist, lyricist and composer, he composed the theme song of the Asom Sahitya Sabha called the Siro Senehi Mur Bhasa Janoni. He was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1964 and has been honored with the title of Sahityacharya. His published works include Senehjori, Junjuni, Mohanbhug, Chandrahaar, etc.
Mula Gabhoru : A brave Ahom queen, she was the wife of Phrasenmung Borgohain. When she learnt of her husband’s death in the battlefield she herself came to fight against the Mughals. After fighting bravely, she was killed by the Mughal General Turbak.
Mumai Tamuli Borbarua : A progressive minded minister of Ahom king Pratap Singha, he undertook several tasks for the good of Assamese society. He made it compulsory for every household to weave clothes and take up bamboo and cane crafts. He was the father of legendary Ahom General Lachit Borphukan.
Moidul Islam Bora : b 1899 d 1944. He was the first Assamese to obtain a Ph.D. from London University. He wrote the book Bahoristane Gaibi and was President of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1940.

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