Five reasons why India is an "ever" developing country...

MugunthKumar / 6 yrs ago /

So.. After a long time.. I'm back blogging...
It's because of my exams and stuff like that...
So...before I delve into the topic, I wanted to give some strong foundation which is wy the first part may seem like bit of belabouring...

After being in this country(Singapore) for about 6 months so far... I'm just amazed by the initiatives this Govt does in this country. Before I deal with more on this, let me give you some examples of how “bad” this country would have been if it were not properly maintained.

On the right is a photograph of a small pedestrian walkway which is kind of clean everywhere else except for that area where there is a water seepage. Singapore is a country that gets abundant rainfall. Infact, it rains nearly everyday in Singapore. So it should not  come as a surprise to see water flowing across like this. The road you see on the right is near a small hill inside my college.
Because this road is kind of "not maintained" well, within a couple of days, it turns mossy.
The one you see below is a tree in that "forest".

To prevent formation of this moss, the govt, literally has to "fight against nature" as its extremely humid here and cleans up every pedestrian platform, roof tops of all the bus stops, schools, public buildings etc., etc., You don't have to do this in India, still, our infrastructure is not "World class".

Now to NYC...
I've not been to this place, yet I'm just reflecting my opinions on what people say about this city.
Here too, the govt cleans up the snow that has fallen overnight failing which literally no road traffic can move. A picture from wikimedia commons is shown below for reference.

Again, you don't have to clear snow in India (atleast in many parts of the country) which means less work for the Government. 

Nearly every developed nation I knew of became powerful not because of the people (Yes, Japan is an exception) but because of either a very charismatic leader (like in Singapore) or a very efficient government (like China)... It's painful to say that India has neither of them and after 60 years of Independence, our country is worse than it was during the British period.

Moreover, because Singapore is humid, nearly every thing that is left exposed is affected with Fungus. The image below shows my mobile phone data cable that has a fungal coating on it. It's next to useless now.

Another photograph of my shirt that I forgot to dry it in a hanger after wearing it on a sunny day...

Hopefully, I could clear the fungus off by washing it again...

But, so far, I haven't seen a place, a seat in the train/bus in Singapore that's mossy or fungal coated.
In India, We don't have to "plan" in advance for anti-fungal protection, Yet, our bus/train seats are so unclean.

Now, a lot of time, when I make a comparison between India and Singapore, people always say, Hey, Singapore is small.. you can do anything over there. But atleast when population density is taken into consideration, Singapore's density is atleast 20 times that of India!!! and I'm serious... 350 persons/sqkm in India vs 6000 in Singapore. Even otherwise, I've made comparisons before with a "big" country, China here.

Why is our country still a "developing country", when a lot of countries(South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore... etc., to name a few...) around us that were poorer than us became very rich and developed?

The number one reason that I think is internal commotion. Though we are a country that speaks over 20 different languages, we are not united on a single language. Migration between states becomes more difficult that migrating to a different country. A person coming from a nearby state is often treated as a foriegner to their "land". During the early days of Independent India, there were some "initiatives" to make Hindi the common language of India. Somehow, it has not got widespread acceptance atleast in the Southern states. Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was brilliant. Though the country had predominantly higher Chinese population, he did not force the others to learn Chinese. Instead all of them learnt English and accepted English as the link language. But unfortunately it did not happen like that in India. Hindi, which was spoken only in three states (UP, MP and Haryana) was imposed on the remaining 22 states just because Jawaharlal Nehru was from UP. As a result, till date, we fight among states owing to lack of unity. To this date, the central govt is pushing everyone to learn this language by various means. For example, to enter politics, it's mandatory to know Hindi. To ace the IAS, it's mandatory to know Hindi and so on... (Another reason why central govt is sparsely populated with Southies) This has only incited a feeling of hatred and not unity as the govt expected it to be.
Secondly, the government is defunct and does not know to manage funds. Because Kerala is small, very little funds are allocated to Kerala for industrial development. A state with 100% literacy is far behind in industrialization and no one is simply cared about it.. (PS: I'm not a keralite). The same applies to our seven sister states of the North East. When they migrate to other parts of India, we casually mock, "hey you look like a chinese, are you really a Indian?" They look like chinese, because they are of Sino-tibetian origin unlike Indo-aryans or dravidians and it's a part of our multi-ethnic culture. why should we ignore them?
Third reason is very high income inequality. Maharashtra boasts that it's the richest state in India in terms of GDP per capita. But I doubt that. If we ask Ambani's family, Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar to migrate to Bihar, then probably Bihar could become the richest state. According to World bank, any one living with less than 2US$ a day is deemed to be struck with poverty and according to that statistics, over 80% (or approximately 800 million) people live with income of < 100 Rs a day. What did the government do to uplift them? I fear none. But, Yes, it did one smart Math. According to India, anyone earning less that 0.4$ a day (15Rs a day) is deemed to be poverty struck and by this figure, only 30% of Indians are poor. This 0.4$ is calculated using nominal GDP by India. But owing to very high inflation nominal GDP figures is often misleading. Infact India is third richest (richer than Japan) country in terms of nominal GDP which shows the extent of mislead nominal GDP calculations can have.

Fourth is the Lack of Population control: China has a one child policy in place to control population. They understood the negatives of a high population. We are nearly 90% of chinese population yet our land area is like one-third of China and still our government does not bring in any reforms here.

Fifth is Literacy: When Kerala has a whopping 100% literacy, other states should learn from it and try to implement a similar system in their state. But our tendency is, "Why should we imitate that puny little state? my state is great."

There are even more, but I don't want to sound like a negative critic. Nearly everything goes the wrong way. A govt that does not care about the citizens but do care a lot about their seventh heir. An anthem that does not praise the country, a person who does not deserve to be called "Father" is the "Father of Nation". (I believe that we got our Independence because of Nethaji) etc., etc.,

Because we've already lost a lot of opportunites in the past, we now have to work really hard to restore it. I strongly believe that a good and a high quality education is the only way for resurrection and I've already blogged about that here. Another sulekha blogger, sujim, has put his thoughts here.

May be if you have more to say, feel free to comment on this blog...


Suresh Rao / / 1 year ago
Suresh Rao


I read this blog of 5yrs ago recently... posted a comment (not there now.) You have made very good points about cleanliness in Singapore even though the weather there is at times harsher than that of many modern Indian cities (away from sea coast... like B'lore for eg.,) Points you bring out are valid.

In my view more irrating in India is the lack of proper metro transport (local trains) except in Delhi (in last decade) and Kolkatta and Mumbai of several decades of British planning. Other cities are bringing in fast metros for commute of thousands of communters across large cities (many hardly 8 to 15 miles across) because of uncontrolled population explosion in cities because farmers from villages can get fair prices for their produce by directly coming and selling cities as othewise the middlemen who buy produce at the farm make a huge killing by selling it for huge profit in citiies in their own shops/markets. And villagers have hardly any employment due to neglect of agriculture in their villages. They come for paltry construction jobs and labor jobs in house holds.

More disturbing is the traffic in cities; very annoying for daily commuters and school/college going children. I posted in Sulekha an new idea about FEDERAL vs STATE cities. In short it is declaring all A class cities of India today as 'Fedieral Cities' and only Central Gov., taking up infrastructure & development (roads, buses, rails, schools all realestate- residential & busness) from now on. Governors appointed by Fed Gov should rule all Federal Cities. All B, C class cities should be governed by State CMs and Legislature. Read my blog on that @

Sharebear003 / / 1 year ago

First of all I'd like to say I'm proud to be from Kerala and although I've never heard anyone say, "Why should we imitate that puny little state? my state is great", if its true then we really have a problem on our hands don't we. Since people are stupid enough to think that 100% literacy is not necessary because their state is supposedly "great". Also, I think there's a common bond between all Indians, at least almost all... selfishness. It's all about me, me, me. No one thinks of the common good. In a country where a freaking political party can force every inhabitant of a town or county to stay indoors or face harassment because they're "protesting" is NEVER going to develop. Sometimes I think the British should've stayed. Why did they get kicked out? So that the country could be further destroyed? I think the best thing for India right now is for people to help each other, help the poor, because it doesn't seem like the govt. will. Speaking about my own state, the govt. seems too busy with its solar scams and pleasing celebrities. Even when they go to another country Indians aren't able to FIT IN. They have to have their curry and bollywood music blaring even if its in the middle of the street and the smell of the curry is protruding into others homes or businesses. What India needs is a strong leader and sense of unity. I don't know how it'll happen, but it has to. OH and I do like your point about uncontrolled population. Yeah- stop having 17 kids per family. Honestly the govt. needs to take initiative or get out. They're in these positions because they lie and kill the competition and all they want to do is better themselves not the people. GOSH. And Indians need to let go of their ancient ideologies like untouchables. It's cruel, unusual and medieval. When Indian culture is being taught in school I feel ashamed because what's being taught is how poor India is and how people are shunned from society supposedly because they're untouchable. Disgusting. Even the refugees coming out of Syria look better than the Indians being shown on CNN after 23 children died from insecticide in their food, of course this was Bihar. How can Manmohan Singh put on his turban and sit like a kitten when "his people" are living in slums, eating feces? All these supposed "great states" can take a page out of Kerala's book and learn to read and lose their untouchable laws. I bet there's more but my knowledge on Kerala isn't that extensive. Make all the excuses you want but Indians can do a lot if they put their mind to it- they did after all rid the country of the powerful, mighty British empire. I learned about China in school and how during the Qin dynasty the tyrant ruler Shi Huang Di united a warring China and made the people into 1 and China flourished. Although he ruled with an iron fist and can be considered crazy, killing millions to build the Great Wall, he set the stage for the Han dynasty and China flourished further. The Confucian principles of respect, and importance of the "whole" and not the individual helped, too. Because of these rulers, China could've in fact taken over the world during the Age of Exploration with their technology that was FAR more advanced than the Europeans. But they were ethnocentric and kept to themselves. Indians are selfish, they ignore the child employees bringing them chai and cool drinks. They ignore the slums of Calcutta. They ignore the prostitution. MORE MUST BE DONE AND NO ONE CAN DO IT OTHER THAN THE GOVT. AND THE PEOPLE!

YOHIBA / / 1 year ago


karan diwan / / 1 year ago
karan diwan

i have stopped writing blogs or commenting,bcs hardly find worthwhile subjects,what you hv mentioned here is what i have always been thinking since i hv travelled the world many times,every time i heard the song ''HUM HONGE KAMYAAB EK DIN PURA HAI VISHWAS'',this is like saying one day my child will learn to walk it is understandable if the child is below 2 years and not 22 years.
yes in india we dont have one honest leader all are dacoits,moreover we are a family oriented and not society oriented,we see feloow citizens as enemies,maharashtra is best example where anybody who is not a maharashtrian is considered an outsider,over population of the wrong kind have burdened the country,tax payer and the infrastructure.i dont see any developement only a down side from here.

sculptorprasad / / 1 year ago

What we need to do for our country needs?????

Can anyone give me some solid point What and how to implement it practically???? Role of youths????????????????????

Jai / / 12 months ago

youth is being destroyes by making people above 40 the controllers of this country .
now this youth would grow old and get wasted

shaji / / 1 year ago

nice one mugunth
father of india must hve been netaji.
very few indians down south or anywhere know it.

Karthik Ahobila / / 1 month ago
Karthik Ahobila

i agree with mugunth and he has described our country in a way which shows the real problem. i have to disagree with u shaji ..most of the  south indians think that netaji should have been the father of the nations instead of gandhi who was responsible for dividing our country in the first place.

MugunthKumar / / 5 yrs ago

Who told you that 95% of railways are built after british??
When british were there, we were not allowed in trains... so might be your father would have thought that there weren't any railways...

The only thing to be proud about India is reliance and it's mobile innovations...
Every one is able to afford a mobile because of him... He (Dhirubhai) did what govt ought to do...

Govt has to create jobs.. its not that people are lazy... Do you know why so many IIT'ans are going abroad? Lack of "quality" jobs in India... Sitting here like a duck and working for an American money is crap and bullshit.. I would opt to work for the same America for $ salary...

When 2000 crore rs can be given as bribe by some company, for signing the nuclear pact, the same can be done to create a research facility near any IIT to process Thorium... India has the 2nd largest Thorium deposits... still we did a blunder by signing a pact with US... So who do you think is responsible for that bullshit?

So long this bull shit happens, India will suffer from brain drain.. no other go...

Greeniemax / / 5 yrs ago

It is one of the largest in the world only after China and US because those are bigger countries, secondly 95% of railway was done after British left.

And I'm talking about Indians who are working not those who are in village doing nothing at all. Indians working in companies are lazy heads, production of India is low because of the lazy Indians, you expect government of the people, which is going to be as lazy as any other Indian.

If someone in my opinion doesn't like the country they can go as "Free Loaders" to Canada because its already a ready cake for you to eat, out of those who work and are not lazy they are like you who do not love their country at all and who of themselves don't wanna do anything but cry.

You talk about low caste getting the job and I'm talking same people "they being Indians" are freaking lazy, I can't help it if these people are lazy we inherited these lazy people it can't be helped.

Out of all the states in India only people I find not "TOO" lazy are Gujratis, though I'm a Maratha, I know my people one of the laziest, can't be helped that's how it is in India, working outside India for past 15 years has taught me being lazy means being out of job, this attitude is missing and I wouldn't blame government for this attitude of people.

Government is what people are, you don't expect government to do better than people, if Americans are stupid so was Bush, they voted for him.

If we are lazy people we should expect lazy government, unless we wake up and be committed, which is going to take ages and yes you have to pay taxes for 65% of people of India who do not pay taxes and still get all the facilities.

And for your Information 95% of Power and Railway grid was done after British left if you have any relative who was born before 1947 and he remembers something ask him.

My dad was born in 1940 and he knows, yes system was strict and punctuality was valued, which isn't anymore but no there wasn't any power in City like Kalyan which is only 75km from Mumbai, which had a population of hardly 150,000. Now its a city with 2.1 Million population and its powered down to every household.

Government of India did what it could and its doing what it can but if freaking people and dumb ass lazy not even God could help them and most of the people who actually are in government (I'm not talking about low level guys) I'm talking about even people like Lalu who people love to hate work real hard otherwise they wouldn't be in position they are on, it takes hard work lots of traveling, lots of balls to achieve what they have, if you have balls, time and ability to put so much of effort then do it.

Don't blame government because we live with 65% of retards useless villagers.

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