Gurgaon Palam Vihar no more safe place to live in !

John F Williams
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Palam  Vihar very insecure


Palam Vihar developed / promoted by Ansals during  late 80s is  one of the oldest Posh Colony of Gurgaon but unfortunately it is  no more  a place to live  in peacefully mainly due to Security reasons.

 With a very negligible Police presence  chain / purse snatching even during broad daylight is a routine affair besides the stealing of Cars and thefts/ robberies, etc  .Palam Vihar has now turned up a very Happy Ground  for the Robbers .Necklace / Chains wearing is now almost out  of fashion for the ladies while some of them switched on to artificial Jewelry . In other words our young ladies are deprived of the Right to Freedom

 Recently on 28th August ,2009 , a Resident was robbed of his Car at Pistol point by a group. An effort was made to catch them but of no avail. Even PCR met enroute didn’t perform their duty in chasing them. What a Pity ? No of Crimes in Palam Vihar are on increase day by day. 

The Gurgaon Police takes a step-mother treatment with Palam  Vihar  in comparison to DLF and other Colonies latest developed in New Gurgaon

 Our Police has completely failed in monitoring  Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants who are the main brain behind in Crimes , thefts and robberies with the  support of their female family members  who work as maids/ helpers in most of the houses .The Police neither has any Record nor any Verification for such Migrants . 

The local PCR Service is hardly effective/ available . At night a Constable on an Auto patrols but cautions the thieves / robbers with the Siren/hooter   to be more vigilant and hide till he passes away the route. It is an encouragement but not a check in any form. 

These is no proper Security check at any level whether it is the  Security arrangement of the  Star Facilities Management Ltd or the local Police .Huge gates fabricated by PVRA again are of no use since most of the time they are unmanned and at no point there is any check at Entry in any Block. Money thus spent on fabrication is a total  wastage of funds with only a benefit to the Fabricators, might have related or otherwise had a  contact with  some PVRA member

PVRA must have worked out the implementation  of the  Project before going for the fabrication . 

Even Street Light at some point is not functioning for over 2 months e,g Pole No : E-82 meaning by SFML has  no  constant  check on the light posts.


Some of the Residents are now double minded to go back to Delhi and even the  Plot Owners are  too on the second thought whether to build houses or not in Palam Vihar.

Police verification be made  mandatory for the Servants and the Tenants with immediate effect subject to the Police support for additional work-load .

John F Williams / / 5 yrs ago
John F Williams

Hello Madam Bala
Thanks for the respnse.
In fact there is no law and order in UP and Haryana .Our Home Ministery must take steern action against the defaulters, IGs , SSPs and down line.
With best wishes-JFW

Krishnan Bala / / 5 yrs ago
Krishnan Bala

Dear John,
It is astonishing that a residential enclave mostly inhabited by retired armed forces personnel is facing a serious security threat.That the safety of peace loving citizens is threatened even in broad day-light by criminals on the rampage in a township bordering the national capital is a shame on the constabulary charged with the responsibility of law and order.The higher police officers of the district must be contacted and effective patrolling done without explicitly warning the criminals with a siren which only amounts to showmanship.All suspicious characters and history sheeters regularly tagged and their movements monitored.All maid servants should be given a verifiable identity . Local resident groups must meet often under senior citizens and awareness created about personal safety. The youngsters must be actively involved in follow-up measures even if it is going to cause some personal inconvenience.The last two steps are easier said than done ! In addition officials in the home ministry may be petitioned such that the local policemen are kept on toes !