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Aao Milke Khushiyaan Manaaye

Khele Sab Sang, Holi Hai!

Udaaye Pichkaari, Lagaayein Gulaal

Rangeen Banaayein, Holi Hai!

Lakdiyon kaa Naa Naash Kare Hum

Poudhein Lagaayein, Holi Hai!

Behnon Ko Naa Chedein Koi

Gulmilke Manayein, Holi Hai!

Bhagwaan ka hum Naam japenge

Bhasm kare dharindon ko, Holi Hai!

Chue Naa Bhaang, Khaaye Pakwaan

Manaayein Masti, Holi Hai!

Tes Naa Pahunchaayein kisiko

Saath mein khele, Holi Hai!

Haasya ki Kavitayein sunenge

Jee Bhar ke Hasenge, Holi Hai!




I wish all of you in Sulekha, a Happy Holi.

 Bhuraa Naa Maano, Holi Hai  :-)

Jokes for Holi

1. There are two kinds of lawyers, one who knows the law and the other who knows the judge.


2. Santa was asking for India flag, salesman showed him many sizes.

Santa said "Ismein aur colours dikhaao"


3. Santa - Oye Mobile Bill kitna hai?

Cust Rep - Sir, Please Dial 123 to know your current bill status

Santa - Arre, Current ka nahi, mobile ka


4. Banner in front of an IT Company

"Drive Slowly, don't kill our staff. Leave them to us."


5. How can you tell when Banta sends u a fax?
Ans. It has a stamp on it.


6. What is the opposite of Naag Panchami ?



7. Interviewer - Kitne Padhe ho?

Candidate - "B.A."

Interviewer - Saala, 2 akshar padha, woh bhi ulta


8. Santa Gangubhai ke Ghar -

Gangu - Kaun?

Santa - Main

Gangu - Main Kaun?

Santa - Tu Gangubhai


9. What's Ford

Ans. Gaadi

What's Oxford

Ans. Bail Gaadi


10. "Yaar, udaas kyon ho"

"Yaar, 20 sal baad, bachcha hua woh bhi itna sa"


11. Tell me the longest sentence

Ans.1. Life imprisonment.

Ans.2. SMILES because there is a MILE between 2 S


12.  "Why are you speeding"

"Breaks failed"

"Let's reach home before accident, quick!"


13. "ye chaku kyun ubaal rahe ho?"

"Suicide karte hue infection naa ho isliye"


14. Why was Santa standing in the sun on a hot day?

Ans. To dry the sweat?


15. How did Santa cheat railways?

He bought the ticket, but did not travel.


16. Girl to Boy - "Will you love me after marriage?"

Boy - "It depends on your husband"


17. "There is a bomb in my lawn"

Cop - "Dont worry, if no one claims it, you can keep it."


18. I should have studied in the Aeroplane to get higher education


19. Agar tumhaari beti jawaan ho gayi hai to border pe bhej de

Bhuraa Naa Maano Holi Hai.  Hasi Naa Aayii to bhi jee bhar ke Haso, Khaao Poli, Holi Hai.

Actually, I wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't convince my wife to go for a swim.

My Love affair in an exam hall.

Wo mud ke dekh rahe the hamey aur hum unhe

Exam me naa hamey kuch aata tha na unhe


Million Dollar Question - Use less water for Holi.

Bataaiye Paani ke bina Insaan kaise marega

Ans. Paani nahi hoga to insaan tairega kaise?

Aur tairega nahi to doob jayega.


So conserve water, have Happy Holi!!!


Raahi gupta / / 6 months ago
Raahi gupta

i wish u very happy holi aal of you nd your family

sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

hi kaye LOL



kaye Sharma / / 4 yrs ago
kaye Sharma

Hi Suresh--Happy Holi belated ! The earth is drying up, no wonder there is much excitement of water-find on the moon !!!!!!!!!
Audacity of hope???? -regards kaye

sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago



Wishing you and your family Happy Holi


sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

Hi Upma

Wish you and your family Happy Holi too



sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

Hi jaijui

Happy Holi to you and your family
I will continue giving such excellent advices:-))


sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

hi raghava Sir

Wish you a very colorful and Happy Holi


sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

hi ghazala

Wish you and your family
A very Happy and Healthy Holi


sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

hi navneetkumar

Wish you and your family
A very happy HOLI

Hope you enjoyed my few lines on Holi



sureshmiyer / / 4 yrs ago

Hi Priya

Happy Holi to you and your family too




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