Hazar Rahein Mud Ke Dekhi -- Song & Lyrics (Thodi Si Bewafai)

my utterances
my utterances / 6 yrs ago /

Hazar Rahein Mud Ke Dekhi -- My Favourite Song

Film: Thodi Si Bewafai (1980)
Singers: Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar
Lyricist: Gulzar
Music Director: Khayyam

Hazar Rahein Mud Ke Dekhin


Hazar rahein mud ke dekhin
Kahin se koi sada na aayi
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai

Jahan se tum mod mud gaye the
Ye mod ab hi wahin pade hain
Hum apne pairon mein jaane kitne 
Bhanwar lapete hue khade hain

Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai


Kahin kisi roz yun bhi hota
Hamari haalat tumhari hoti
Jo raat humein guzari marr ke
Vo raat tumne guzari hoti

Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai


Tumhe ye zid thi ke hum bulate
Humein ye ummid vo pukarein
Hai naam hoton pe ab bhi lekin
Aawaz mein pad gayi dararein

Hazar rahein mud ke dekhim
Kahin se koi sada na aayi
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai


[P.S.  Misunderstandings can spoil a relationship. And ego wouldn't let anyone take the initiative to fix the issues. It may require just a phone call or a letter (any means of communication) to explain a word or an action tosave a relationship one would have loved to cherish all through ones lives. At times, no one seems responsible. Situations overtake and one fails to identify what went wrong till two people, once so much in love, part their ways. I was remembering two friends and thinking about their lives, this song came to mind. If they had heard this song back then, would things have been different for them, I wondered. Gulzar has penned the emotions so beautifully. Enjoy the music!! ]

SUDIPTA / / 5 months ago

can anyone kindly suggest me I am going through the same phase as mentioned in the song. I tired a lot of initiative to clear the misunderstanding however the person on other side is not at all ready to communicate. My married life has ruined just after 4 months. I am helpless. Not able to console myself anymore. Its already 6 months we both are apart. Please guide me how to repair our relationship......

Reva / / 1 year ago

this particular line jo raat humne mar k guzaari says a lot about the human relatioship
never let your partner be unheard ever

my utterances / / 6 yrs ago
my utterances

kiran ma'am
we have to tolerate the actor 'coz some nice songs have been picturized on him.   one i remember now (and intend to post very soon) is 'aate jate khoobsurat'. i'm glad you liked hazar rehein. thanks and regards.

nishi sweets
i can see that you too are a gulzar fan.  i agree with you that he is a "class apart". thanks for the inputs. keep visiting. cheers and regards.

my utterances / / 6 yrs ago
my utterances

dear mr viswanathan
thank for browing the songs/video blogs posted earlier. o p nayyar is one of my favourites. gulzar sa'ab gives such a variety that one is amazed at his creativity --be it philosophical and soulful songs, club or nautanki numbers, devotional songs or kids stuff. he keeps surprising his fans. i had posted a good number of gulzar songs. you are welcome to check those too.

i personally believe that if there is love, there wouldn't be any ego. till the intensity of the love and trust factor would the same, there wouldn't be a problem. when the trust would weaken (due to any external factors) personalities would clash. ego would pay a crucial role then. i totally agree with you that "true love is where ego is totally absent, which is why it is very rare to find." 

there may be many phases of love life too and 'bas aap aap aap hi ankhon mein chhaye hain' and 'badi wafa se nibayi tumne hamari thodi si bewafai' may be just two of the many hues of love. what say?? 

i'm trying to grasp the quotation on love. if i would fail to understand it, i would request you to explain that further....dumb that i am. 

you are welcome to visit and share your views. thanks for the valuable inputs. 
cheers and regards.

my utterances / / 6 yrs ago
my utterances

yash ji
i'm glad you liked the song. thanks for recommending the blog. 
cheers and regards.

i agree. it is indeed a great song by kishore and lata. thanks and regards.

thanks for the appreciation, and regards.

nishi29 / / 6 yrs ago

mu :

gulzar has penned such beautiful songs.. 'mera kuch samaan' .. 'tujse naraaz nahin zindagi.. ' 'main ek sadi se..' and 'course 'humne dekhi hain' (which i've commented on before). this song you posted here will just as easily go on that enless list. the magic, i guess lies in the simplicity yet irrefutable truths of his lyrics.

like when he says here..

badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
hamari thodi si bewafai

...you can see both regret and reproach rolled into one here..

he is indeed, a class apart. thanks for posting it with the lyrics :)

~ n

KiranDet / / 6 yrs ago

mu : good one as usual, i didn't particularly liked this movie (partly due to rajesh khanna) but this song and the lyrics were great.


dear my utterances,
i had looked at your postings earlier, but after finding your reference in dr. kamath’s blogs, i re-visited your blog pages. i enjoyed your postings on old hindi songs , especially video clippings of some special songs such as ‘aayiye mehrban—‘, which is a delightful combination of the impish charms of the most beautiful face and the most rhythmic music-director of bollywood we have ever had!
‘hazaar raahen mudhke dekhi—‘ is a fine selection that you had featured . there is nobody to beat gulzar saab when it comes to presenting our core emotions to the fore with such delicacy and grace. the song is about our basic emotions of ego and love. it is very true that mostly love can sustain only when the loved one pampers to one’s ego, because first and foremost everyone is in love with himself or herself and expects the partner to re-inforce the feelings of one’s own self-esteem. when ego is hurt, love takes the back-seat! true love is where ego is totally absent, which is why it is very rare to find. you may note that this song is in contrast to another beautiful happy duet in the same film – ‘aankhonme humne aapke sapne sajaaye hain, bus aap aap aap-hi dil-me samaaye hain’ which is that transient emotion when love has just struck, where the focus is on the other person, but again with an expectation that the other person will eventually make one happy, in other words, satisfy one’s own ego! love just vanishes when the partner turns abusive or insulting to one’s ego! to quote from a book i had been reading, ‘the power of now’ by eck hart tolle –‘true love has no opposite. if your ‘love’ has opposite, then it is not love but a strong ego-need for a more complete and deeper sense of self, a need that the other person temporarily meets. it is the ego’s substitute for salvation, and for a short time it almost does feel like salvation’.
i think i have bored enough. so back to this song from ‘thodi-si bewafaai’, ‘wah-wah’s to gulzar, khayyam, lata & kishore for presenting it with such finesse and compliments to you for your tasteful choice.
best regards,

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

how true.

Ramesh_007 / / 6 yrs ago

great song from kishore da and lata!!!


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