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China’s determination to see the Swaminarayan temple in China as it is in Delhi (Noida) and Gandhidham is a good sign for the reborning of twin ancient culture of the world Vedic and Shang-Zhou civilization.



Churning of sea is going on between demons and gods (Ramdrohis and Rambhakts): Who win? Answer is in Ramayan!

Political parties tied vasuki (opportunistic politics) the king of snakes

Is Mandara mountain (Nuke Deal) depped in the sea of milk

Will Rambhakts grip the nector?


Demons fight for nector:




Was Kailashpati Shiv a citizen of China or exciled as Dalailama?


China has denied Visa to the Arunanchal Pradesh born IAS officer, as part of a 107-strong team intending to visit China, on the ground that Arunanchal was part of China and that being a Chinese citizen he did not need a visa.

Cheeni kum’ jyadaa and bhai bhai ke Chakkar men Arunanchal:



Decoits of ‘Sethusamudram’ word want to ruin Ram Sethu

If there is no evidence of Ram and Ram Sethu as Ramdrohi Affidavit of Christian Itlian origin led Congress led government then from where why they picked up the word ‘Sethusamudram’ Canal Project?

Garud truth of Ram Sethu landed at America




Mount Kailsh, is believed to have been formed 30 million years ago when Himalayas were in their early stage of formation, is one of the most revered places in the Himalayas.

Spread out on the Tibetan plateau beside MountKailash is the giant lake of shifting colours - LakeMansarovar. Brahma, the creator, had a mind (‘Man’) for the creation of a lake (‘Sarovar’), hence its name. A pilgrimage to MountKailash and a bath in the Mansarovar is believed to bring about salvation (Moksha}


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NeelKanth(blue throat) after drinking the poison generated from the process of churning of the celestial sea (Samudramanthan) in the name of process by the army of the gods and the demons using Vasuki Naag (the celestial serpent) as the rope and MountSumeru was the churning staff.

Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HC:




Indus flows from the mouth of a lion at Mt.Kailash


Indus runs from Tibetat Demchok. It sprouts from the mouth of a lion at Mt Kailash. It is also called Sengge-Chhu. Sengge-Sinh-in Sanskrit means lion and Chhu in Tibetan means river. Its main tributaries are Zanskar, Shingo and Shyok.



Lion Ind Cultural Exchange between China and India


In ancient Chinese art, the lion is an extremely common motif. There is always the custom of performing the “lion dance” on festival days. lion is indigenous to China.


Here please allow me to recall my two articles titled (1) ‘Wake up Lions, Heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat: Lions of India, children of Bharat are not in coma. King Bharat, son of Dushyant and Shakuntala was ended the dynasty system and that was the beginning – Bharat’s Democracy? Oh! Awake, Lions awake again!



(2)Roar to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism:The roar of Dushyant’s Bharat has the power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism forces those hear their sound, proved by the research in the science.

What before Buddhism in China?


Zhu Qingzhi in his Sino-Platonic Papers, 66 (March 1995): “About this topic, everyone knows well the so-called "Buddhist conquest of China" or "Indianized China" which, according to the Chinese tradition, started around the beginnmg of our era. Then what about before the Buddhist conquest? …… There anybody who believes that the coming of Buddhism was just the beginning of the exchange between these two cultures? No, absolutely not. It is not only because these two countries are so close in geography (they are close neighbors now, but even in ancient times, they were not far from each other). Furthermore, long before our era, the people of China and India had the material conditions necessary to come into contact mutually.



Religion is a poison


It is also good sign that sloganists of ‘Religion is a poison’ now again diverting towards the Inianizzed culture. It is heavy slap to our Italian and Marxist Maoist brown and red costumed cheeks. Mao Zedong, in a meeting with Dalai Lama, whispered to him with smile, “ Of course, religion is poison.”


This is another important artilcle in the line of other past articles such as:

(1) Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism


(2) Rambhakt in foreign land and Ramdrohi in Bharatbhumi




Gujarat the cradle of an independent civilisation


Anti Ram fake seculars have allergy in the name of Gujarat, if nationalists say about Gujarat. So I quote here Richard Guy of United States in the context of an article published in expressindia.


 “Was Gujarat the cradle of an independent civilisation, contemporary of the classical Harappan civilisation around the IndusValley?..,” http://cities.expressindia.com/local-news/fullstory.php?newsid=110070


Gujarat cradle of civilization. I would like to add an interesting slant to the mystery as to which civilization came first. My research shows that all ancient civilization evolved, first, in high mountain regions around the world. In my book "The Mysterious Receding Seas" www.widemargin2000.com: I point out that all civilizations started in high mountains because of higher sea levels in earlier times. The Indus Civilizations follows this pattern. Mahando Dari was first hailed as the oldest civilization on the Indus. Then Harappa was discovered and found to be older. Now Gujarat is proving to predate Harappa. The patten is reliable.” Richard Guy, United States,23-03-2006



Is Religion a poison?


China is now again diverting to meet the Inianized Vedic culture by inviting.

It is open fact that decision to award compensation of Rs 7 lakh to the 2002 riot victims’ only has not only exposed the hypocrisy of the UPA government, but also made the Congress vote-bank politics amply clear. Giving similar relief to the victims of terrorist attacks on Akshardham temple on terrorist attack and other places might be against secularism and the constitiontion.



In Indiathere is a unity between trios of Rome-ayan Marxayan Ravanayan to ruin Ram Sethu via Rahdohi affidavit:  http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/101102007.htm



Hinduism is a collection of religions, instead of one religion (Panth): http://www.chinahistoryforum.com/lofiversion/index.php/t16840.html

Bharatvarsha - India has been graced since time immemorial by incarnations, rishis and sadhus. Whenever evil elements stifle Dharma - righteousness, God incarnates on earth to re-establish Dharma. Lord Ramchandra in the age of Treta and Lord Krishna, at the end of Dwapar, are the two most notable.

Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces:




Who are followers of Kansh and Rawan in India?


Are Ramdrohi affidavit to ruin Ram Sethu and Chrisian Jehad against Ram the prediction of coming Ram or Krishna to punish them?



So don’t try to separate other paths flowed from the Hinduism of Himalay to the people of Hindustan. Here the poem of Hindi Kavi Gori of Jaipur Rajasthan who says: can naming father, grand father or grand grand father but there after …. you have to call Hindi Hindu Hindustani name. Renowned journalist and former Union Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Shah Nawaz of same constiuency and members of Christian hidden lobby of Sonia Gandhi know this truth better besides all of us. We all belong to the same generation. You say it Hindustani or Bhartiya or Indian but truth is the same.

Hindutva again writes Glorious History of India








Invisible side of India

WARNING: Pakistani's are posting hate comments posing ...
3 min 36 sec -

Swaminarayan Akshardham - An Introduction

Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi epitomises 10000 years ...

1 min 13 sec

Swaminarayan Akshardham - Dedication Ceremony

Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi epitomises 10000 years ...
2 min 20 sec -

God's Business Hindus Going Global pt. 1 of 3

God's Business Hindus Going Global pt. 2 of 3

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By Premendra Agrawal


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