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THE NEWS: "In controversial comments, Rahul Gandhi has told US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer that growth of "radicalised Hindu groups" posed a bigger threat to the country than militant groups like LeT, according to a leaked American diplomatic cable." (news ends). 


Rahul Gandhi's alleged statement  above, now in the public domain in the form of Wikileaks, has provoked a serious debate in India. Let us straighaway analyse facts for our own edification. 



Following is the list of organisations designated as terrorist by the Government of India.   


  1. United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA)[1]
  2. National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) in Assam[1]
  3. People’s Liberation Army[1]
  4. United National Liberation Front (UNLF)[1]
  5. People’s Revolutionary party of Kangleipak (PREPAK)[1]
  6. Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP)[1]
  7. Kanglei Yaol Kanba Lup (KYKL)[1]
  8. Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF)[1]
  9. Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) in Manipur[1]
  10. All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF)[1]
  11. National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) in Tripura[1]
  12. Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC)[1]
  13. Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC) in Meghalaya[1]
  14. Babbar Khalsa International[1]
  15. Khalistan Commando Force[1]
  16. International Sikh Youth Federation[1]
  17. Lashkar-e-Taiba/Pasban-E-Ahle Hadis[1]
  18. Jaish-e-Mohammed/Tahrik-E-Furqan[1]
  19. Harkat-ul-Mujahideen/Harkar-Ul-Ansar/Karkat-Ul-Jehad-E-Islami[1]
  20. Hizb-ul-Mujahideen/Hizb-Ul-Mujahideen Pir Panjal Regiment[1]
  21. Al-Umar-Mujahideen[1]
  22. Jammu And Kashmir Islamic Front[1]
  23. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)[1]
  24. Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)[1]
  25. Deendar Anjuman[1]
  26. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-People’s War, All Its Formations And Front Organisations[1]
  27. Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), All Its Formations And Front Organisations[1]
  28. Al-Badr (India)[1]
  29. Jamiat-Ul-Mujahidde[1]
  30. Al-Qaida[1]
  31. Dukhtaran-E-Millat (DEM)[1]
  32. Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TNLA)[1]
  33. Tamil National Retrieval Troops (TNRT)[1]
  34. Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj (ABNES)[1]


THE ABOVE IS THE LIST OF ORGANISATIONS DECLARED BY THE HOME MINISTRY AS TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS UNDER THE UNLAWFUL ACTIVITIES (PREVENTION) ACT, 1967. The above list consists only of Muslim outfits, leaving aside the regional outfits which are liberation-based or independence-demanding. Quite often, a Muslim outfit would identify itself after a terror event! I don't see any Hindu outfit in the list. If the ruling Congress thought that "Hindu-terrorism" or "Majority-terrorism" was prevalent on our soil, how come there is no Hindu outfit in the list? This should be enough to call the Congress bluff about "Saffron-terrorism" or "Hindu-terrorism".

Muslims in India in general are peace-loving. The Muslim terrorist-outfits exist and carry out their killing activities on peaceful civilians (including Muslim civilians as a collateral damage), due to the Koranic concept of jihad. Koran, in a sense, has sanctioned terroism/violence though most Muslims ignore it. Hinduism has no such jihad-like sanctions and provisions for proselytisation. Allegations of Congressmen about "Hindu terrorism" or "Majority Communalism" is undoubtedly meant for catching the Muslim vote-banks.   


September 13, 2008: Serial blasts in Delhi killed at least 24 people and injured more than 100.
May 2008: Eight serial blasts rock Jaipur in a span of 12 minutes leaving 65 dead and over 150 injured.
August 2007: 30 dead, 60 hurt in Hyderabad 'terror' strike.
September 2006: 30 dead and 100 hurt in twin blasts at a mosque in Malegaon.
July 2006: Seven bombs on Mumbai's trains kill over 200 and injure 700 others.
October 2005: Three bombs placed in busy New Delhi markets a day before Diwali kill 62 people and injure hundreds.

August 2003: Two taxis packed with explosives blow up outside a Mumbai tourist attraction and a busy market, killing 52 and wounding more than 100.
September 24, 2002: Militants with guns and explosives attack the Akshardham Hindu temple in the western state of Gujarat, 31 killed, More than 80 injured.
March 1993: Mumbai serial bombings kill 257 people and injure more than 1,100.

I have given above a list of major bombings that took place in the country
prior to the 26/11/2008 attack in Mumbai. Muslim terrorists are the suspects in all the above major bomb attacks. However, Hindu religionists are suspected in a minor blast at Malegaon, arising from crude bombs placed in a motor cycle that killed 5 persons on 29 Sep 2008. Facts speak for themselves. Major bomb attacks have been carried out by Muslims/Muslim outfits.


The Congress party imagines that it alone is secular. They say that BJP is anti-secular. In my view, Hindus in India, in general, are secular. Some Hindu groups did want a Ram Temple in Ayodhya but that does not make them terrorists. Though the Babri Masjid was brought down, the Hindu fanatics attacked a property and not Muslims and this difference should be borne in mind. Unfortunately, the Congress-brand of secularism is peculiar. It has done nothing about Kashmir Pandits. It has done nothing about the Sikh-killings after Mrs. Indira Gandhi's assassination. It's finger is however ready against Narendra Modi because the Gujarati Hindus retaliated fiercely to the Godhra incident.


The practice of dynastic succession in Congress leadership has been conducive to ridiculing Hindu concepts, practices and way of life which are all, in fact, totally peaceful. It is suspected that Motilal Nehru's father, Ganga Dhar, was actually a Muslim Kotwal who had to flee Delhi in 1857 and change his name. (There is no rebuttal from Nehru family to the studied and researched materials available on the internet). Jawaharlal Nehru himself was born in a small rented house at 77, Mirganj (and not Anand Bhavan) and his real father was allegedly Motilal's boss Mobarak Ali who owned Irshad Manzil (later bought by Motilal and renamed Anand Bhavan). So, just imagine that Nehru was more than half Muslim. My deep admiration for him is not diluted one bit by this. Indira Gandhi married the Muslim Feroze Khan (renamed Feroze Gandhi at Mahatma Gandhi's suggestion). Feroze's mother (Gandhy, not Gandhi) was a Parsi converted to Islam before her marriage. So, imagine the preponderant Muslim blood in Rajiv Gandhi who became Roberto for the purpose of marriage to Sonia before his second, Vedic wedding. And now Rahul (named and baptised as Raul, a Catholic name) is very little Hindu and is basically a combination of Christianity and Islam! And also having lived abroad for long, he has evidently very little understanding and idea about the present India or the past India and has little idea about it's heritage and culture. This is very sad on the part of the Prime minister in waiting. And he has shown his fears about Hinduism already in no uncertain terms.



I have shown you four different realistic points in the analysis above which should be enough to understand what terrorism in India is all about and what the Congress is trying to preach, misleading the whole country.






Salauddin Selamat / / 1 year ago
Salauddin Selamat

Then show the prime minister in waiting the real hinduism, that broad minded hinduism which the rig veda says in no uncertain terms as " Let noble thoughts come from all directions" which include all noble religious thoughts of foreign origin. Instead of stroking his fears why do you not welcome him even though his mother is of foreign origin then you will show yourself to be a real hindu.

Salauddin Selamat / / 1 year ago
Salauddin Selamat

Very chauvanistic of the writer. He does not understand the Rig Veda which says "Let noble thoughts come from all directions." Including religious thoughts originating in foreign lands.

ProudHindu92 / / 4 yrs ago

dear VSG,
More than these stupid statements, I dislike the patronizing attitude of Rahul Gandhi where he lifts a poor child or drink tea at a poor's house. As if he is a God visiting and blessing poor mortals like Lord Rama liberating Ahilya from her sin.
Who the heck Rahul is? A semi-literate brat who won't have even become a peon on his own but aspire to become PM on the basis of his birth?

MariaThomas / / 4 yrs ago

The answer to the good q- "Who ruled...Indians so far?" is firangi criminals...Not Hindus!!! So, all injustice has been from the uncivilized honchos!!! I.e why you see millions of dalit muslims and dalit Christians who cant even have their own burial place. So, I wrote,

"We had savage islamic hegemony, then barbaric christian rule. Not even after 1947; the congi-criminals have been ruling the innocent masses with brute force crushing all dissidents - even minor opposition...the "colonial excrement" have been stealing Indian land even after death - for burial.

You are prejudiced about RSS w/o rhyme or reason; they are human rights activists doing mostly social service w/o asking any political reward. Who could be more saintly than that? Socio-economic backlash is to be expected as no one can a saint all the time!!!

No one can equate barbaric islamic serial mass murders in religio-political violence with occasional socio-economic backlash by a few members of the frustrated secular public."

MariaThomas / / 4 yrs ago

Yes, I agree with your factual statements. Thanks!!! You asked a good q-
"If the ruling Congress thought that "Hindu-terrorism" or "Majority-terrorism" was prevalent on our soil, how come there is no Hindu outfit in the list? This should be enough to call the Congress bluff..." My q was
"who ruled..?" so far. Not Hindus!!!

If you tell about these atrocities - even 10 people and expose the venal crimes of the 'evil minority', there will be some some of social justice with increased assertiveness among the great majority - the secular public.

One 'secular pimp' doubted if I am a Christian and had a conspiracy theory about my faith; here is what I said in her blog-

"I didnt ask, "What is your real name? " I judged you for the content of your character as M.L. King wanted it to be. You are hiding behind a screen name; why?!

How does it matter what my religion is? I could be a shinto-ist or Bahaai.. . it must not matter as long as I tell the truth and bring out the facts. I did. I gave real and concrete evidence of islamic crimes-
*** social crimes like continued rape, discrimination, subversion, subjugation of ***dalit*** muslims, women, shiaas, jews, christians, etc. out of greed and hate;
*** political crimes such as continued targeted murder of opponents in BJP/RSS, rioting to intimidate; etc.
*** economic crimes that Abdul Telgi did, such as theft by corruption, burglary, forced/manipulated collection of 'infidel tax' as done by bollywood criminals; etc.
*** cultural crimes such as continued conversion, poaching of girls for marriage done by bollywood and other islamic criminals; etc.

Three major riots in Hindu soil for events outside India such as
riots and destruction of shops of Indians for
*** Sddam's hanging in far away Iraq;
*** Rev Jerry Falwell's foul remarks in USA - on the other side of the globe;
*** Cartoon in distant Denmark; etc.
show - beyond reasonable doubt that the secular public is kept to feel unsafe, under a situation of condition of fear and intimidation for ever that savage islamic violence can occur any time and any place with no security; this has been proved also by 26/11 pakki barbaric interference, blasts in trains, buses, market place, recent murder of a girl in Varanasi, etc.

Have you given any evidence that disproves that dalit muslims are the victims of prejudice exploitation, subjugation and discrimination and that they are not the burden of the secular public - namely, the Hindus, as they are being made to pay for the education and jobs of these criminals who riot, rape and rob driven by upper caste muslims among azmi-hashmi-khan-kalam-nargis gangs?! "

scribblingpad / / 4 yrs ago

YOu are right in criticizing the US. But there is a general lack of understanding of what is terrorism. You call the killin g of Indira Gandhi and Gandhiji as acts of terror. Something may be wrong deed but doesn't stem out of terrorism.They paid the [price for being leaders who took bold decision. Is the assasination of Ronald Reagan a terroist activity? You are confused and I can see that. It comes out of being a foreigner. So it doesn't matter.

scribblingpad / / 12 months ago

Hi, this is long back! I must have meant John F Kennedy.

Suresh Rao / / 12 months ago
Suresh Rao

1) There are brain washed individuals, small factions of fanatics and Jihadis funded from outside India or from disgruntled political factions within India who indulge in criminal acts of terror for selfish gains.

2) There are also other criminals and thieves who indulge in acts of murder, robbery unrelated to Jihad who terrorize neighborhoods also for personal gains as a pastime.

The banned org list shown by V-S-G is really scary. Police & other law enforcement bodies must track such outfits, track their money trail and be on constant vigil lest some innocent person, bread winner or a child is hurt or killed by them for no fault of theirs.

Btw, I noticed a comment by Scribblingpad that asks>> "Is the assassination of Ronald Reagan a terrorist activity?"

I wonder where or why Scribby gets such thoughts? When was Ronald Reagan assassinated? He died normal death after being 2 term President of USA. There was an incident where a mad-man took aim at him and tried to kill him with a gun but the President's security effectively shielded the President; a security agent was hurt very badly. That mad man's activity was not related to any terrorism... the guy had just lost his mind or disgruntled in life for some reason and took to the extreme step of taking his anger at the President of USA at that time.

Prakashzanwar / / 4 yrs ago

For me terrorism has no religion of hindu or muslim.

Seetha Raghavan / / 4 yrs ago
Seetha Raghavan

Begum Unnisa Ahmad, Glad to see you back after a long time!
After going back and reading earlier comments, I found this line not going down well - hard to swallow-
"I don't think that more than a 1000 deaths happen in a year from such terrorism although it causes unrest and destabilization. " Even one death is one too many.

I found a few mistakes - Sri's Rao's line should have been thus-
"Remember, we are yet to have true freedom or real independence or actual emancipation *from* colonial remnants left "cunningly dumped on us in 1947."

Ram Sahay' line should read thus-
"white collar crime might be seen as less of an abomination than savage religio-political crimes witnessed in serial blasts in trains, markets, temples and places of worship perpetrated by colonial refuse cunningly dumped on us in 1947."

I find even the judiciary has been subverted to serve and service the islamic interests. Supreme Court said, it is ok for SRK to smoke in movies [ok for kids to watch it], ok for con-artist, M.F. Hussain, to commit blasphemy against our deities, ok for one Kalam [I mean a commoner Kalam not the royalty who usurped the throne of the country] who raped a girl to pay only Rs500 fine, etc.

I just read this on an islamic criminal one who is yet to be arrested-
Assets worth Rs.1 crore found with Bhopal municipal clerk
Source: Indo Asian News Service
Bhopal, Dec 20 (IANS) The Lokayukta of Madhya Pradesh has found assets worth over Rs.1 crore during a raid at the house of a clerk at the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, said officials here Monday.
The special police establishment (SPE) of Lokayukata Sunday raided the premises of Mansoor Ali Khan. He has not been arrested as yet, oficials added.

SPE sources said that the officials confiscated cash, jewellery and details of properties with a market value estimated at over Rs.1 crore.

A corruption case has been registered against Khan Saturday following a complaint alleging that he was holding properties disproportionate to his known sources of income.

According to SPE sources, gold ornaments worth Rs.17 lakh, silver worth Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.63,000 in cash were recovered during the raid at his house in New Kabadkhana area.

The officials also found two cars, three two-wheelers, three bank accounts and documents for three houses.

Khan started working as a clerk at the BMC headquarters in 1983. Currently he is in charge of Ward 17 and holds additional charge of Ward 15.
Dont they get off easy in Hindustan being mostly criminals? Whey has he not been thrown in jail?!

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