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                                                   VANDE MATARAM

An Article on the History of Vande Mataram : India's Most Powerful Anthem. I also have played on my Base Flute "VANDE MATARAM" using Raga DESH which will definitely INSPIRE YOU to Salute all those who sacrificed for India's Independence.

1_Indian Tricolor 2011 by Dr. Narasinha Kamath



                                                                     JAI HIND
                                                    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose




(Authors’ Note : Please CLICK above PLAY button of YouTube to listen to sacred VANDE MATARAM which I played on my Flute based on Raga Desh which is the most popular raga on which this sacred song is composed. I am paying my humble Tribute to this sister of our official Indian National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana”. I played the tune while keeping in mind thousands of patriots who laid down their lives for the sake of Independence of their motherland INDIA. Today is August 15th 2011 and is 65th Indian Independence Day. I am also paying my humble TRIBUTE to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and thousands of Azad Hind Army soldiers who fought bravely and shed their blood for winning freedom for India from the clutches of British. Netaji Subhas sacrificed everything for the Independence of his beloved motherland India and we Indians should never forget and overlook this brave son of Bharatmata. Today very few Indians are aware of the fact that it was Netaji Subhas who gave us that spell-binding super patriotic slogan "JAI HIND". It is very unfortunate that Indian Govt has not given him due honors. I always feel guily about this fact, but at the same time I know it is not my fault. To compensate for this guilt, I perioidcally write articles on Netaji while rememebering his sacrifices. Many a times, I pay tribute to Netaji through my music like this Flute Tune). 

                                      VANDE MATARAM



It was Bankim Chandra Chatterjee who wrote the lyrics for powerful “Vande Mataram”. He was born in a very prosperous family in Kantalpada, 24 Parganas in Bengal, on June 27th, 1838. During the First War of Independence, he was a young student. But he was destined to become one of uncrowned king of Bengali literature. His unique contribution

of novel Ananda Math in which he incorporated the soul stirring song Vande Mataram was a super masterpiece. It seems that Goddess gave him fearless strength to have that great vision in the form of Goddess Durga so as to give a new light to the citizens of India a new light while they were groping in darkness due to British Raj. It was Sanyasi Rebellion (1763-1800) that inspired Bankim to write the historic novel Ananda Math.


Actually Bankim wrote the lyrics of Vande Mataram in 1875 much before he wrote the novel Ananda Math while he was riding in a train and was inspired by scenic landscape,

beautiful lakes and charm of nature in its splendor. The poet Bankim got totally inspired and burst into penning down lyrics for the soul stirring poem. However, it took few more years to reach the poem to masses after it was written in 1875.


But it was on April 14th 1906, at Bengali Provincial Conference of Indian National Congress at Barisal, Bankim revealed this power-packed Mantra to masses. The pledge for undoing the then partition of Bengal was also taken at this conference. There was a mammoth meeting and effigy of Lord Curzon was burnt and thousands of voices cried the spellbinding Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram took powerful shape in India after these cries. And Vande Matarm became a weapon in the hands of patriotic revolutionaries of India which shook the foundation of British Raj. Many hard core patriots went to gallows while holding Bhagwath Geeta in one hand and Vande Mataram on their lips.


Many young men came under the spell of Vande Mataram, the sacred mantra of patriotism. Countless young men and women offered their lives for the sake of motherland after listening to Vande Mataram. After arrival of Veer Savarkar in London for studying law, the tunes of Vande Mataram started ringing resoundingly in the hearts of Indians living in England. Madanlal Dhingra, a revolutionary, after getting inspired by Veer Savarkar’s speech shot dead Curzon Wyllie and ascended to gallows with Vande Mataram on his lips. Veer Savarkar was arrested in London and was sentenced to two life imprisonments and was transported to Andaman’s horrific Cellular Jail where he went through hard labor for almost 11years. Government of India has turned Cellular Jail into a National Monument where thousands of Indian tourists flock today.


Vande Mataram even reached shores of America in 1912 and while shouting Vande Mataram the Gadar party was formed to fight against British Colonialism. Four Indian revolutionaries from Independence League in Japan were caught by British forces and were sentenced to death. All four went to gallows with Vande Mataram on their lips.


National Anthem of Azad Hind Fauz led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a soul-stirring adoration of the motherland India which inspired thousands of soldiers belonging to Fauz to lay down their lives for India’s independence. Netaji spoke on Vande Mataram in his autobiography calling it as Indian National Anthem where Subhas said Vande Mataram literally means “I salute you the mother”.


Vande Mataram inspired twenty four soldiers of Bristish Indian Army stationed in Tamilnadu in 1940’s. And British arrested all twenty four on charges of mutiny and were sentenced to death. In Madras (now Chennai) Jail all twenty four went to gallows once again with Vande Mataram on their lips.


However, Muslim League opposed Vande Mataram as early as 1908. Sayyed Imam the then president of Muslim League condemned it as sectarian which he said was totally against Islam as Vande Mataram advocated worship of the motherland as Goddess.

At Congress sessions in 1923 at Kakinada, Orissa when Vande Mataram was being sung Maulana Mohammed Ali, who was the president of Muslim League at that time, strongly objected to it. Congress leaders always supported Muslim League on the controversy over singing Vande Mataram for obvious reasons of appeasing Muslims.


In 1922, Congress passed a resolution to sing Poet Iqbals’ song “Saare Jahan Se Accha, Hindostan Hamara” along with Vande Mataram.  But Muslim leaders were not satisfied with this congress gesture and wanted to replace Vande Mataram completely by Poet Iqbal’s “Saare Jahan Se Accha, Hindostan Hamara” song. All India Muslim League once again passed resolution condemning Vande Mataram. So once again to appease Muslims, Congress leaders with Nehru as a party leader decided to maim Vande Mataram by allowing to sing only first two stanzas of Vande Mataram. Muslim League still persisted in its objection in 1938 and Jinnah placed before Nehru his demand for completely abandoning Vande Mataram. To please Muslims, at the Congress Conference, Congress allowed the singing of a song by Basheer Ahmad in the form of an English poem and also reciting of Holy Koran.


Nehru further went on to say that lyrics of Vande Mataram were not suitable for composing it into a melody. And no orchestra will be able to play such a song even someone tried to compose it. But one patriot-musician Master Krishna Rao Phulambrikar from Pune proved Nehru wrong. He composed Vande Mataram in a very melodious tune. However, Nehru wanted to get okay from British Band (orchestra) Experts. (Author’s Note : I do not understand here why Nehru wanted an okay from British Band in the first place). Anyway, Master Krishna Rao Phulambrikar came to Bombay (now Mumbai) and played his composition to British Band Experts and British Band approved the Vande Matarm composition by Master Krishna Rao after playing smoothly in their Band (Orchestra). This proved for the first time that Vande Mataram could be composed melodiously.


In spite of all these efforts, Congress leaders did not like the idea of making Vande Mataram as the National Anthem of India for obvious reasons of Muslim vote bank tactics which is played by Congress even today.


Even before the official decision was taken by Constituent Assembly on this issue, Jana Gana Mana was played as National Anthem in UN General Assembly in 1947. If congress would not have hastened there was a possibility that Vande Mataram would have been adopted as National Anthem of India by majority votes of assembly members.         

But things took place behind the scenes. The question never came to Constituent Assembly.


Instead of passing a resolution for adopting National Anthem by majority votes, First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad announced on January 24th, 1950 saying that Jana Gana Man will be National Anthem of India and Vande Mataram will have equal status with it.


Of course, Vande Mataram does not need any official stamp of being a National Anthem from Government of India so long as it lives in the hearts of millions and millions of Indians all across the globe.


Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in his immortal novel Ananda Math, (the “Abode of Joy”)

sang the heart and soul stirring song the with opening words which have furnished Modern Bengal with a battle cry and a divine inspiration just by two words “VANDE” and “MATARAM”.

Below is courtsey of caravanbpl, a Sulekhite who provided me the following LINK of full lyrics. Thank You caravanbpl.

So readers can now see how Sacred Vande Mataram is after looking at the sacrifices made by those patriotic Indians who went to gallows while fighting British Raj just because of the inspiration they received from ”VANDE MATARM”. Whenever we think about Independance Day on August 15th or the Republic Day on January 26th, "VANDE MATARAM" automatically starts ringing into the ears of every patriotic Indian.







Dr. Narasinha Kamath







REFERENCE : www.ivarta.com

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 3 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Nathan,

Thank you so much for getting inspired by this blog on "VANDE MATARAM". During our Freedom Struggle, so many patriots have gone to gallows singing this powerfull ANTHEM. Congress has been playing politics since a long time. And current Mega Scam Corruption scandals is the result of bad politics that past congressmen passed on to their next generation. Present day congressmen have inherited in their blood all those bad traits of the past politics. So much so that now they have become arrogant and shameless and think that with so much black money in swiss banks they can buy anything in India including of course votes. It is unbelievable and staggering amount of black money that lies in SWISS BANKS. Many decades ago, few lakhs of rupees of black money was considered awesome, then as time passed by it beacme few crores of rupees and now they are talking about 176,000 crores of black money being in SWISS BANKS. In future, even high speed computers will not be able to crunch such big numbers when they have to proccess data in SWISS BANKs.

Sonia Gandhi Family always thinks that they own whole of India. They consider India as there personal property and they are SETHs of this business. Nobody has right to touch them. That is what they think. I hope the current Anna Hazare movement against corruption will overthrow this DYNASTY for good. Let us pray for that.

What a pitiable state of affairs our country India is now. I admire Anna Hazare for his courage to stand up against such crooked, shameless politicians.

I write such illuminating patriotic blogs just to keep spirits of Indians higher at the face of these current mega scamswill recall in their memory that they had a glorious past.

What more can I say?


Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 3 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear geekunnel (Varghese)

Thanks a Lot for your comment.

Dr. Kamath

geekunnel / / 3 yrs ago

Inspiring one! my salute to u dear friend!



geekunnel / / 3 yrs ago

Hi Dr. Kamath

thnx for sharing all these.

"Vande mataram"



Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 3 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Ether,

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Kamath

Jayati Gupta / / 3 yrs ago
Jayati Gupta

Dear Kamathji
This was a very interesting post about Indian Independence...thank you for sharing.


Dear Dr. Saab,

This was a very different, bold ,stirring and illuminating piece on the history of 'Vande Mataram' and an apt tribute to Netaji and also Bankim Chandra, the craetor of this powerful 'mantra' that had inspired our freedom fighters! It was fascinating to read the complete evolution of this great slogan from 1875 to 1950 till the time it lost its place of National Anthem to 'Jana Gana Mana'. It was sad to note that even this sacred song was also an object of Congress politics even during that period! It was ironical and absurd that Nehru sought the approval of British Band for its composition! As you have succinctly put it, 'Vande Mataram does not need any official stamp of being a National Anthem from Government of India so long as it lives in the hearts of millions and millions of Indians all across the globe'. Very true!

Your devotion to Netaji and your projection of his slogan in red along with the Tricolour was stirring! Your flute recital was equally soulful! 'Netaji' and Bankim Chandra's 'Vande Mataram' will continue to be inspiring as long as people are kept reminded of them through articles like this! In that respect, you are doing your bit of laudable service for propogating a nationalistic spirit! Jai Hind!


Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 3 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Prof. Bhattacharya Ji,

WELCOME TO MY SULEKHA BLOGSPACE. Nice meeting you here in Sulekha forum. Thanks for your 2 comments and appreciation of my blog. I have already approved your Sulekha friendship. Yes. Congress is 100% culprit. I agree with you. See what Congress is doing to Anna Hazare now. It is a big shame.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 3 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Alamsha Karnan,

Thanks for your second response. Time permitting, I will definitely go over your blogs.

Dr. Kamath

Prof. Sanjib Bhattacharya

Congress is the main culprit and Congress can't live without corruption.

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