Importance of being Dr.Subramaniam Swamy and Dr.Swamy “s miscellany

arkabala / 2 yrs ago /

Importance of being Dr.Subramaniam Swamy and Dr.Swamy “s miscellany

In the recent past, the Media have been ignoring Dr.Subramaniam swamy but giving prominence to FIR filed by Delhi police against him, reporting gleefully about the Harvard incident. The Kapil Sibals have been advising media to ignore Dr. Swamy and not to waste their time publishing about Dr. Swami’s complaints and his court cases.

But media of late are realizing that you can rubbish Dr.Swamy and condemn him but you just cannot ignore him

I am publishing a news report about Dr.Swamy from www. and also publishing some of Dr.Swamy’s recent warnings.

Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy has to be one of the most under-rated politicians in India. A one-man Army, he is responsible for kicking off many a political storm in India. This PhD from Harvard University and Janata Party president has attacked many political parties in India with great success.

His current fixation is 2G. Former Telecom Minister A Raja may have resigned in 2011, but Swamy had been gunning for him from as early as 2008. He wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking for Raja to be prosecuted. When the PM ignored his five letters, Swamy petitioned the Supreme Court.

The SC directed the CBI to look into the matter which in turn charge sheeted many bigwigs including Raja, who ultimately landed up in Tihar Jail.

In 2011, Swamy is going after Home Minister P Chidambaram, who he has equated with Raja.

Chidambaram’s last election has been challenged in court. You can be sure that there could be trouble in the years to come.



The Congress must be squirming in their seats for Swamy has even accused party President Sonia Gandhi’s family of receiving kickbacks to the tune of thousands of crores. That could be another ticking time bomb. It was no wonder that his Nizamuddin house in New Delhi was attacked by Congress workers some time back. And Dr.Swamy's effigy was burnt in Chennai by Chidambaram's supporters.



Stalling Sethu Samuthiram & others…

Manmohan must be totally tired of getting Swamy’s letters by now. (Activist Anna Hazare is not the only person who has troubled him thus) In 2009, Swamy wrote to him protesting the Sethu Samuthiram Shipping Channel project. When the PM ignored that letter too, Swamy approached the SC and got a stay on the grand project.


With Dayanidhi Maran and Kanimozhi being dragged into the 2G scam, the Congress is not the only party furious with Swamy. Sethu Samuthiram was former DMK Chief Minister K Karunanidhi’s pet project. His anti-LTTE stance has also been quite unpopular in Tamil Nadu.

In the past he has also taken on AIADMK supremo J Jayalalitha on a whole bunch of corruption issues.

Swamy is a pro-Hindutva champion and has been close to the BJP, but that hasn’t stopped him from attacking them either. For example in the spat between Karnataka governor HR Bharadwaj and former BJP CM Yedyurappa, Swamy backed Bharadwaj.


He has also attacked former BJP PM Atal Bihar Vajpayee casting aspersions on his role in the Morarji Desai government of the 1970s. Swamy has accused Vajpayee of sabotaging his career.

He hasn’t even spared members of his own party. Ramakrishna Hegde, a Karnataka CM in the 1980s, had his squeaky clean image tarnished by the phone-tapping and land scandals, both in which Swamy played a crucial role.

Achievements and controversies galore…

In 1981, he convinced the hostile Chinese government to open the Kailash Mansarovar (in Tibet) to Indian pilgrims.

Under PM Chandra Shekhar in 1990-91, he made a blueprint for economic reforms when he was the Commerce Minister. Manmohan accepted the importance of that document when he became Finance Minister.

He has been a key member of the Planning Commission and was also a prominent resistance figure during the Emergency of 1975-77.


Of course, Swamy’s career has also been dogged by controversies. Recently he wrote an article against a minority community following the Mumbai blasts. He received a lot of flak for that. In 1969, he was removed as Professor of IIT Delhi, only to be re-instated by the SC much later.

You can criticize him, but his most popular form of attack is to approach the courts of India, which is quite a democratic approach. He has seen great success there. He has been accused of changing his ideology too often, but he has always gone after the corrupt, no matter which party they belong to.

He has been dismissed, rubbished, called a controversy monger in the past, but as the importance of the 2G scam has shown, every country needs someone like him to expose multiple issues and keep all the politicians on their toes.

2. Creeping emergency type situation in the country; catalyst to undermine democratic freedoms: Ms. Sonia Gandhi – Dr. Swamy

January 24, 2012.

                                    Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,

                                    President of the Janata Party.

            The Congress Party-led UPA Government needs to be thoroughly condemned for the sneaky way they prevented Salman Rushdie from speaking through video link to the Jaipur LIT Fest gathering.  To me it is no surprise that given the Fascist parentage of MS Sonia Gandhi, and later her being weaned on the authoritarianism of the Soviet system, she at the first opportunity would undermine democratic freedoms especially when her position was threatened electorally.

            But the writers, and intellectuals who assembled in Jaipur should now recognize that freedom of expression is not divisible.  These affected people in Jaipur had kept their stony and loud silence when an Op-Ed article of mine in the DNA newspaper was targeted both nationally and internationally by the same forces to curry favour with wealthy Muslim fanatics.

            The fight for democratic freedoms can succeed only when there is eternal vigilance and a commitment to defend even those with whom we do not agree. As of now there is a creeping Emergency type situation in the country and the catalyst for it is MS Sonia Gandhi.  We should no more pretend that it is not so.


                                                                        ( SUBRAMANIAN  SWAMY )

3. Dr.Swamy’s achievements in the 2G spectrum case so far

All 122 Licenses cancelled and a fine of 5 crores each imposed as beneficiaries.  The affected Telcos can buy back licences at market value.

2. A Finance Ministry note to the PMO signed by Pranab Mukherjee was also taken on record by the apex court in which it was stated that the scam could have been averted had Chidambram suggested the policy of auction instead of first-come-first-served policy on allocation of spectrum.  Consequently Supreme Court directs the Court of Judge Saini to decide the fate of Chidambaram in 2 weeks.  

3.  By quashing all licences the court has found that policy under which licenses were issued is faulty.



arkabala / / 2 yrs ago

My dear purefriendship sir,
According to one of the articles by the eminent journalist,M.D.Nalapat,Vahanvati has got kick backs from the 2G scam.The slush money is so enormous that every one who mattered were bribed heavily and cancelling the 2G licenses is the best course. Now the bribe givers will have a street brawl with bribe takers.We should be watchful that congress mafia does not come out with another scheme to swindle to pay back the bribes or to compensate the bribe givers with some other nefarious scheme.Dr.Subramanian swamy should be honoured and congatulated for this remarkable effort.The temporary set back he got in trial court vis-a-vis chidambaram is a temporary set back for the whole country and rest assured that Dr.Swamy and the country will ultimately triumph.

purefriendship / / 2 yrs ago

My dear Arkabala sir,

Here are some interesting news on how the CBI should proceed on 2G case...

The CBI should have asked the AG in the first place.

1. Mr Vahanvati, you were the Solicitor General at the time, the second highest law officer of the country. Your job was to correctly interpret the law for the government. You wrote that you have “seen the notes”. Clearly, you must have also seen on page 1 and 6 of the file brought before you that your own minister had turned down A Raja’s request for seeking your opinion and sent the file back saying the matter should be referred to the Empowered Group of Ministers. Why did you bypass your minister?

2. The file has dissenting notes of senior DoT bureaucrats objecting at the manner Raja was formulating the policy, particularly the objections raised about the pricing of spectrum and the departure from the existing FCFS policy that was in place since 2003. When you wrote that you have “seen the notes”, you surely must have seen these disagreements recorded by officials?

3. On pages 26-27 of the same file, Raja had noted that the FCFS change had already been conveyed to the PM. It also said that you had already concurred to it and the fact of your concurrence was also communicated to the PM. If you had not given such concurrence, then why didn’t you inform the PM about it? After all, a scam was underway and it was being done citing your concurrence. But instead of thwarting Raja’s moves, you paved his way by noting that what is proposed is fair and reasonable.

4. The first paragraph of the press release had multiple violations of the TRAI Act. The third paragraph violated the existing policy arising out of the Cabinet decision of October 2003. You have been appearing before different courts representing the government in telecom-related matters. Certainly you knew the TRAI Act better than many others. Still you have remarked that the press release, which was patently illegal, makes for transparency.

5. If you had raised an objection to the illegal moves, which was your duty as the SG, the scam could have been prevented and Raja could not have gone ahead after your adverse opinion. Alternatively you could have taken the same stand as your minister and refused to grant the opinion. Sir, from the evidence on record, it appears that there was not only a dereliction of duty on your part, but also some kind of collusion. Do you have any evidence to rebut this conclusion?

6. In its affidavit to the Supreme Court, TRAI stated that Raja had violated the TRAI Act by introducing new service providers through the press release of 10 January without seeking its mandatory recommendation under Section 11 (1) (a) 2nd proviso. Why did you as SG not check the press release to see that it was in compliance with the most fundamental and critical provision of the TRAI Act, which is the bedrock of processes involving new licences?

7. Why did you choose to give a direct opinion (bypassing existing norms) on a matter which involved revenue of thousands of crores of rupees?

Will they? a million $ puzzle now...

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) headed by Murli Manohar Joshi was the first one to question the role of Vahanvati. Joshi had contended that Vahanvati as SG had bypassed the then Law Minister HR Bhardwaj and directly given Raja’s telecom department the legal advice to go ahead with the allocation of new licences. “The committee, therefore, recommends that a serious view must be taken in the matter,” read Joshi’s draft report. But the nine Congress and DMK members of the 21-member PAC ensured that the report was rejected.

Kindly read the full article by a click on this link;

purefriendship / / 2 yrs ago

Thanks to my dear arkabala sir for the feed backs and the impact of Spectre of 2G Spectrum is that It shall forever haunt a discredited PM.

Thursday’s judgements by the Supreme Court in three cases related to the Great 2G Spectrum Robbery have come as yet another blow, and a severe one at that, to the Congress and the UPA Government it leads.  The Supreme Court has ordered the cancellation of the 122 licences that were fraudulently provided to corporate beneficiaries by the then Telecom Minister, A Raja; it has directed that the CBI shall report to the Central Vigilance Commission, and not factotums of the Congress in this tainted Government, on the progress of its inquiry into the scandal; and, it has not accepted the plea that Union Minister for Home Affairs P Chidambaram, who was Minister for Finance when the spectacular robbery occurred, should be spared from being named, probed and prosecuted as a co-accused.

The Congress is welcome to indulge in self-delusion and denial by pretending that none of the judgements reflects poorly on the Government; it is equally welcome to blame the NDA for the horrendous sin committed by a UPA Minister in collaboration with his Cabinet colleagues under the watch of a Prime Minister who is touted as a person of unimpeachable integrity. All that and more will not detract from the fact that the Congress, the Prime Minister and the UPA regime stand thoroughly exposed today, denuded of all vestiges of claimed credibility.

Most important, whatever remained of the Prime Minister’s reputation as an honest person of honour now lies in tatters. This is no longer merely about the biggest corruption scandal in this country, it is also about the need to fix responsibility and larger accountability that the Government has evaded so long. For it would be absurd to let off the Prime Minister simply because, contrary to facts, publicists of the Government and the Congress bizarrely insist he was not in the loop and that any blame that accrues must be directed at Raja alone and nobody else.

The Congress’s stunningly crude attempt to ward off charges of complicity need to be countered with three indisputable facts. First, the Prime Minister, it is now well-established on the basis of documentary evidence, was fully in the know of what Raja was up to. Yet he not only chose to turn a Nelson’s eye to Raja’s criminal misdeeds in Sanchar Bhavan but also defended him and his actions on more than one occasion in Parliament.

For the Prime Minister and the Congress to now claim he was ignorant is an outrageous travesty; it is subversion of the truth. Second, Mr Chidambaram, as Minister for Finance, accorded approval to Raja’s brazen flouting of norms and rules, converting the Telecom Ministry into a cash-and-carry counter by substituting the principle of first come, first serve into an instrument of crass convenience based on the perversity of worst come, first serve. The Prime Minister was aware of this too. Third, the Prime Minister, as well as the Congress, must realise that policy cannot be attributed to individual Ministers or their Ministries, the ownership is that of the Government.

Hence, they cannot disown Raja’s loot-and-grab policy. The principle of collective responsibility is not a concept that can be discarded by either the Cabinet or the person who heads the Council of Ministers just because it suits the ignoble purpose of a corrupt regime. The Prime Minister has clearly lost the moral authority without which his remaining in office is meaningless. The Congress has lost the moral legitimacy to remain in power. This pathetic caricature of a Government must go, and go without fetching further disrepute and dishonour to the country.

What needed now in the nation is Enforcing accountability. File and forget no longer an option for officials

The Supreme Court has rendered signal service to the citizens of India by empowering them to directly seek sanction for the prosecution of public servants under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The apex court’s ruling has taken to a logical conclusion its earlier verdict in the celebrated case of Vineet Narain & Others versus Union of India & Another, in December 1997, when it had laid down clear guidelines for the Government, including the time-frame, for deciding upon requests from investigating agencies, such as the Central Bureau of Investigation, seeking sanction to prosecute public servants.

But, while taking the fight against corruption to a new level, the court has been admirably careful not to step into the domain of the executive and the legislature. It has resisted the temptation of being pro-active in a matter that has grabbed the country’s attention. For instance, it has mandated that the authorities concerned must decide whether or not to sanction the prosecution of a public servant, within four months of receiving such a request.

At the same time it has left it to the discretion of the Government to devise rules to ensure that sanction would be deemed to have been accorded if the authorities concerned fail to respond within that time-frame. In doing so, the judiciary has fixed the onus on the Government. Now it remains to be seen how promptly the Congress-led UPA regime, which has lost all credibility in the wake of various scandals — most notably the 2G Spectrum scam that has singed several of its former and incumbent Ministers — reacts to this advice.

If it wants to, it can easily tweak the existing provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act to implement what the Supreme Court has said. But will it do so? The answer is anybody’s guess given the fact that the Prime Minister’s Office sat on a petition filed by a private citizen, Subramanian Swamy, seeking permission to prosecute then Union Minister for Telecommunication A Raja, for one-and-a-half years. It was this dawdling that compelled Mr Swamy to move the Delhi High Court which, however, refused to give any directive to the Government. Mr Swamy then approached the Supreme Court which has now set aside the High Court’s ruling .

But, while the Supreme Court has stopped short of mandating a provision for deemed sanction to prosecute public servants, it has not spared the Prime Minister’s Office for the latter’s laxity in processing Mr Swamy’s request. The then officials in the PMO had engaged in a farcical exercise by forwarding Mr Swamy’s request to the Department of Telecommunication, which was then headed by Raja.

At least two questions arise as a result of the court’s observations. One, what interest did the then officials of the PMO have in not inquiring into the issue in a bipartisan manner? Two, did they inform the Prime Minister, who had directed his office to keep him in the loop, that they had forwarded Mr Swamy’s request to the Minister against whom Mr Swamy was seeking action?

The Supreme Court may have given the Prime Minister a clean chit on the ground that he had not received “proper advice” from the then officials in the PMO. But that does not absolve him of moral responsibility. For, had he wanted to do so, he could have acted against Raja well before the 2G scam became public knowledge. But the Prime Minister chose not to act on his own. Instead, he waited till he could no longer pretend that all was fine and Raja was doing a sterling job.

Let us wait and watch.


arkabala / / 2 yrs ago

Thanks for the kind words.

arkabala / / 2 yrs ago

My dear purefriendship sir,
Thank you for the comments about the impact of cancellation of licenses and Dr.Subramanian swamy's comments about the judgement. Dr.Swamy is a true patriot and he has an extra ordinary clarity of mind and a clear understanding of the law.All of us Indians can be proud of Dr.Subramanian swamy.

ranade sanjay / / 2 yrs ago
ranade sanjay

every word said by you is true

purefriendship / / 2 yrs ago

My dear Arkabala sir,

Thanks for the exhaustive coverage on Dr.Subramanian Swamy and his efforts to restore justice on the 2G issues as well as the nation's important issues.

The current judgement from Supreme Court to cancel all the 122 licenses issued by the then Tele-com Minister A.Raja was a historic verdict. An outstanding show to show that Indian Judiciary can step in whenever things goes wrong in the nation.

I like to share some of the media reports here for our readers reference....

The Supreme Court order cancelling 122 licences, issued during the tenure of then communications minister A. Raja, will not have much of an impact on consumers as over 90 percent of the market is dominated by established operators, chairman of the sector's watchdog said Thursday.

"The current operators other than the ones whose licenses have been cancelled control more than 90 percent of the market so I don't think this will make a huge change,"
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) chairman J.S. Sarma told IANS.

"Customers can always go to the operators of their choice (through MNP)," he added.

The Supreme Court has given four months time to the companies whose licenses have been cancelled to cease operations, allowing ample time for an arrangement to shift users to another service provider. Mobile number portability (MNP) is a service which allows customers to switch operators without changing their numbers.

"The only catch is that any user who has been a subscriber of these operators for less than 90 days cannot undertake this measure. We are planning to issue an amendment to enable the subscribers of these operaors actually be able to port port even before the expiry of 90 days," Sarma said.

To opt for MNP, a customer has to pay a maximum of Rs.19 to the new operator for 'porting' the number and remain with the new operator for at least three months. An SMS has to be sent from the existing phone to 1900 to receive a unique code to enable porting.

"Basically, the time period of four months is the time for government to decide to come up with a enhanced market mechanism. After four months as the licenses of the firms are cancelled, their customers will obviously have the choice of opting for another player through MNP," Rajan Mathews, director general, Cellular Operators Association Of India (COAI) told IANS.

The operators whose licenses are to be cancelled include some circles of Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Uninor, Loop Telecom, Videocon and S Tel.

But the order does not affect companies that were granted licenses before 2008 and also 3G services for which licenses were auctioned will also not be interrupted.

The apex court, while cancelling the licences, said the entire allocation proccess was done in an arbitrary manner. It slapped a cost of Rs.5 crore each on Unitech, Swan Telecom and Tata Teleservices and said half of that will go to the court's legal aid services and the remaining to defence services.

Varying costs have been imposed on other companies also.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy in his media conference said.....

Cancellation of 2G licenses by the Supreme Court clearly brought out the big scam and it was a "collective failure" of the Government which "overlooked" warnings given by the CAG and the CVC on the issue, Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy said today.

"Everyone had warned including the CAG and the CVC but the government overlooked it," Swamy said soon after the Supreme Court cancelled the 122 spectrum licences and left it to the trial court to decide on whether to probe P Chidambaram.

Swamy said "it is a collective failure" of the government that 2G licences were issued in an "illegal and corrupt" manner and nobody felt that the Cabinet should be called and the licenses scrapped.

On prosecution of Chidambaram, he said, "I am very happy that the court has said since the matter is in the trial court and the matter has been reserved, the trial court perfectly competent to decide on the matter whether the Home Minister should be proceeded against or not."

"It is being made clear that the trial court is fully seized of the matter. Now the CBI could not add anything by way of an investigation.

"It is the best posssible judgement that could be possible for the three judges. The country can be justifiably proud of Supreme Court," he told reporters.


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