nayha verma
nayha verma / 7 yrs ago /

                                                                     In our country English is important for a number of reasons.India is a land of diversity.Different people speak different languages.A person of Tamil Nadu does not speak Hindi.So he can't understand Hindi of a person from North India.However he can understand in English.
                                                                      So English is alink language.Different people can communicate with one another with the help of English.Secondly,all advanced knowledge in science,technology and medicine is available in English.The results of the latest researches come to india through the medium of English.If we give up English,we will lag behind in the higher fields of study.Today the world has become one family.
                                                                        It is all due to English.English is an international language.English is the language of the Constitution,the Supreme Court,the High Courts and official departments.English is now firmly rooted in the soil of India.It has become a part of Indian life.Thus English has great importance for the integrity of India.It has to be second language in our contry for the better development of the country.

Suresh Rao / / 10 months ago
Suresh Rao

For young people these days for interstate, Interphone, Internet text msgs the sign language has been invented which is most suitable if you have smart phone. It can be used internationally! Examples:-

I have a question

I don't understand what you mean

I have a question for you

Gentle warning, like "Hmm? What did you say?"

Meaning "read line" or "message above"

Meaning "sideways heart" (love, friendship)

Meaning "broken heart"

Meaning "heart of love" (more 3s is a bigger heart, bigger love)

At the end of the day

My (or your) two cents worth

Try these text msgs out; most used text signs @

scribblingpad / / 12 months ago

English can't integrate India. But sanskrit can. I request u not to get amused and to join Samksrita barathi and learn sanskrit. Get proud of our heritage.

Suresh Rao / / 10 months ago
Suresh Rao


'bat_likhit' is the closest I can think of in sanscrit for 'scribblingpad' (not for our charismatic lady blogger here!)

Hanif11 / / 10 months ago

Scribblingpad ji,
Tell me what do we call scribblingpad in sanskrit?hahahahaha

scribblingpad / / 10 months ago

Sanskrit was the link language during the period of kings. It was spoken in different slangs and therefore it subsequently got metamorphed into different languages. If we revive Sanskrit learning as part of our cultural protection, it will enable our kids to know our root/ origins. It is a fact that all Indians are basically one people. We can realise it only through revival of sanskrit. More over, we will also know in what way we are connected to the rest of the world too.. All humanity are one people actually. Vasudeva kutumbakam iti vishwamakilam ekam ast

DRCELESTINEMD / / 7 yrs ago

where hindi cannot succeed, english can help to integrate the diversity of indian states and people.
dr john celes


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