Increasing crime rate in India?

Mohanjoshi / 6 yrs ago /

As the country is growing economically, crime rate is also moving rapidly. The main reason is that economy is growing haphazardly leading to social imbalance. As a result while a handful of   people are becoming rich  but many others are trying hard to find one day meal. Such a situation is really bad for the nation and the growth of the country. 
In order to remove such discepancy it is necessary that the fruit of econmoic growth should reach to each and every person in the remotest part of the country. Agriculture is the main puillar of the country hence it should be given priority. Farmers should be treated with respect and be given their due instead of waivings of the loans. While loan waiver is one time relief and cannot help th farmers in the long run, other methods should be thought of which could make the farmers self sufficient and progress. 
nly then the economic imbalances can be removed.

KR Iyer / / 6 yrs ago
KR Iyer

i can understand your concern. unequal development always affects middle-class the most. in any adversities in economy, 
both rich and poor escape unhurt. to set the table straight, a thorough overhaul of the indian constitution is a must. 
only educated people should be allowed to contest for elections. there should be transparent and tough selecting 
procedure like ias exams need to be adopted for candidate aspiring to become mlas, mps. ministers 
of particular portfolios should have knowledge of the subject. will this happen? i know i am day-dreaming.
 but if it happens, i can say, india will be the best place to live with. jai hind,

kr iyer

kundankannan / / 6 yrs ago

hi mohan

i would like to suggest, you should read one of our friend in sulekha, thoroughly analysed and post it. please read it!


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