IT Park, Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Goa

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IT park, rajiv gandhi it habitat, goa

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The Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat is located at the heart  of the city of Goa. And this is the first IT Park which is being  developed by BSEL in the Goa. Right now the plans for the IT park being  finalized and the construction will be started at August 2007 and  expected completion date is June 2010.

  • Prime Location: Located in the heart of the city (Capital city                   of the State of Goa)
  • BSEL  has partnered with Unity Infraprojects Ltd on this first IT Park in Goa  with a total saleable area of the property estimated to be 1,000,000  sq.ft
  • Current Status: Construction plans being finalized
  • Expected start date - August 2007/ Expected completion date                   - June 2010
  • BSEL and Unity Infrastructure are equal partners
  • BSEL share of land and project cost equals 500,000 sq.ft with                   approximately Rs 650 million of project cost

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