Jodha Akbar- A Tribute to History

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What does public look for in theaters? A good story, excellent direction, top stars, rocking music and a good 3 hour enjoyment.Well, looks like "Jodha Akbar" has it all! Directed by Aushutosh Gowrekar, the director of Oscar-Nominated "Lagaan", featuring Hrithik Roshan as "Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, and Beauty Peagant Aishwarya Rai as "Jodha- The Rajput Princess - the daughter of King Bharmal of Ajmer" and enchanting music by A. R.Rahman, will the movie step its foot into the Oscar Nominations again and win it?Hopefully it does!

Story: The story dates back to the 16 century and talks about the untold love story of Akbar and his wife Jodha(Hira -Kunwari before their marriange). The marriage alliance between the Mughals and the Rajputs was mainly to strengthen Akbar's Political Gain. This alliance led to the merging of two cultures and religions and does Akbar know he has stepped into another journey, a journey of love, to win the battel of love and does he succeed in winning the love of "Jodha?"

The Music Score:The album was finally released and is already a super hit. A.R.Rahman has done it again. The album opens with the song Azeem-O-Shaan- Shehanshaa. Once the song started to play, I was taken into the world of Akbar and could picturise the Great Emperor marching with all power and vigour. The song is picturised on Hrithik and is rich and brings out the power that the King possesses. The song has fantastic drum-beats and strong lyrics. The song is rendered by Mohd.Aslam, Bony Chakravarthy and group.

"In Lamhoon Ke Daman Mein" a beautiful melodious number rendered by Sonu Nigam and Madhushree. I was surprised to read the review in India FM ,which said that this number did not make an impression. It said "boring" was too harsh a word to describe this song. Well I bet this guy was out of his minds when he heard the song.hehe.Is this too harsh?? This is one of my favorites in the album and is magical- taking you into a world purely filled with love.

"Jashn-e-bahaara hai" sung by Javed Ali is another melody number. Javed Akhtar has as usual played his games with words and they are as always the best."Paas hai Phir bhi Paas Nahin", wow it means so much! The singer sings with full passion and I have no choice of words to describe the song. ARR has proved his genius again.

"Khawaja Mere Khwaja" a slow, Kawwali number rendered by Rahman himself, is one of his usual additions and will surely be loved by Rahman fans!Nice lyrics, nice music , with Rahman trademark.

"Man Mohanaa" by Bela Shande is a devotional track sung in praise of Lord Krishna. Its a lovely number resembling a bhajan. The lyrics rock. Bela has sung this really well and has done total justice by bringing out her feelings in her mesmerising voice. She sounds the best when she reaches the highest octave while singing "Man Mohanaa" towards the end.

The instrumental music for Khwaja mere Khwaja on Oboe and Jashn-e-bahaara on the flute is also very scintillating.

On the whole the album rocks and I enjoyed all the songs and hope the movie would also come out great.Its seems really after a long time that Bollywood is coming up with a nice movie based on history. When I saw the trailers of Jodha Akbar on the official site, it was amazing. The background score, the war scenes, the costumes, sets, everything was at its best and was rich! Looks like Maharani of Jaipur has also given her approval.

Enjoy the trailer
Theatrical Trailer

Meera / / 6 yrs ago

me too! waiting for the release sampath.

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

i enjoyed the video
i am now very sure that i will see this movie
thanks ...

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