Kudos to RTO Chennai South!!!!!!!!!! I got my driving license renewed in just 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! It is simple....

Praggya / 5 yrs ago /

I had to renew my driving license ...
It took me hardly 10 minutes at the RTO..
I had visited the http://www.tn.gov.in/sta/driving.htm site and downloaded the respective forms.
Got the sign from medical for Form 1a
And went to RTO Chennai South 
I approached the help centre. They informed to stand in the data entry counter and then to the cash counter and then to the photo center and thats it!!! ( All the counters were moving fast..)
In two days time I got the renewed licence !!!!!!!!!

Wow!! that is splendid job!!!
I was thinking i might have to go thro' a myriad lot of endless queues...

Divya V / / 10 months ago
Divya V

Thats pleasant news indeed!

Upendran / / 10 months ago

Thanks Praggya for your guidance. Today I to got my DL renewed at Tambaram RTO within half an hour.
Procedure at Tambaram RTO-First go to counter 5 (back side building ground floor), where the superintendent checks whether the forms are inorder. Then move to counter 4 - photo room for entry. Then to counter 6 (or 7) for fees payment (Rs 350). Then again to counter 4 for photograph. Leave the application there, collect the customer copy of the challan and leave. We can collect the DL either the same day or the next day after evening 4 30.

PS-As there are lot fo touts who bring in more than 95 % of the cases, as individuals we may not get proper directions on some procedures.

Krishnan / / 1 year ago

I agree entirely with you. Today, I went to RTO south to renew my driving license and the staff was cooperative. Especially the PA to RTO. In spite of the never ending inflow of people for renewal, they were still able to help me out with the renewal procedure. The office can certainly do with more staff and atleast one more photo counter.
Congratulations and keep up the good work

shantanu / / 1 year ago

I got my DL renewed at Chennai south(ie the one on the ECR after Tiruvanmayur). Downloaded the two forms 1A & 9. Filled it up & got the Doctor to sign(any mbbs Dr with a registration number is cool). Reach there by 10 am (mon-Fri). Go to the back side of the building. There is a counter for RDL - Data Entry (Renewal of Driving license). Show your original with the two forms stuck with two photos. There is a small line n moves fast. After that pay the fees in the next counter (Rs350/- pay by cash).You get a receipt which you take to the counter for photograph. The guy puts a number on your form which is nice n stapled with your license. Get into the room for your photo n signature (This room is on the right side of the entrance to the RTO in front). They tehne tell you to come the next day evening...Thats it.....No bribes....Great job by TN Government n the RTO.

Guru / / 1 year ago

I want to change my Driving license from north chennai to Sounth Chennai. What is the procedure. Any one can please guide me

Subbiah / / 1 year ago


V Manohar / / 1 year ago
V Manohar

Hi All,

My experience too was similar. I went to remove my banker's hypothication certificate on my RC and the same was done to me in a day by the same Thriuvanmiyur "Chennai South RTO".
Well, Shortly my driving licence is due to renewal and I will share those moments with you all.

V.Manohar -Chennai-18

Praggya / / 3 yrs ago

May their tribe increase!!!

PrinuSuresh / / 3 yrs ago


Even i had a wonderful and pleasant experience with Thiruvanmiyur RTO.
I went there for LLR and DL for both 2wheeler and a car.

It was so simple , just downloaded the requested forms and went along with all needed supporting documents , trust me the total amount i paid as the charge is 90Rs. for LLR and 400Rs. for Driving License. The officials at Thiruvanmiyur RTO are not like others in any part of India. i had a terrific experience with Bangalore rajajinagar RTO in 2005. I spent almost 5000Rs but i didnt get my license completely, they said my records were gone away while they format the system .

But Chennai South RTO is simply the best , i took 2000Rs with me , in case bribe is required, but there were no signs of giving /accepting the bribe.

There were few folks came along with me for the driving test via a driving institute, these institute has chanrged them 3000Rs to assist in getting the license alone Driving classes are not included.

one more thing i would like to let you all know that Honda Activa is considered as a MCWG, so no worries, i had a lot of research and no one in the net had suggested to go with Activa for a test, but in reality they do accept.

Totally i had a nice experience with Chennai South RTO .


Praggya / / 5 yrs ago

Hi Kamalji
Regarding no comments, perhaps we indians are finding it "dumb struck" to experience the welcome change !!!

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