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Welcome to my web site!
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For Temple
Temple Designs & Interior Items In All Types Of Stones With Various Type Of Stone Carving In Indian Style 
With Use Of Vastu & Shilp Shashra
Dear Sir:
We, Kundan Shilp & Craft 
       Specialize in the export of all kinds of Photo Album products. "High Quality, Low Price and Beautiful Design" is our company's objective while "Honesty, Generosity and Building Trust With Our Customers" is our management's guiding principle.
We do our best to deliver high quality Photo Album products and prompt service to our customers throughout the world.
   T he Architecture plays different roll in each and every field whether it is Egypt, Greece, Rome or India. But the Indian art and architecture are one of the oldest and classic culture on the earth. The history of Indian art and architecture belongs to 2nd and 3rd millennium BC.
   T he "Vastu Shashtra" is one of the great art from India. The science of constructing Towns, Temples, Mansions and houses on "Vaasthu" ( the earth ) is called "Vastu". The art of designing and constructing the temple is completely based on "Vastu Shastra". "Sompura" families are involved in the traditional art of "Temple Architecture" since centuries.
   T emple Architecture is widely known to the world as a traditional & ancient art of India. We are one of the leading Architectural and manufacturing firm practiting successfully since last 54 years. We have delivered contemporary and classic temples have been lovingly carved and crafted by the expert artisans.
   I n this 54 years of journey we have designed, constructed and renovated  approximately over 80 projects for different communities around the world. Late Shree  Ramshankarbhai  B, Sompura has established this firm and his Son Mr.Bhupatbhai Sompura has followed the same profession. Now his Grand Son Mr. Ajay Sompura / Mr. Bhavesh Sompura is looking after the manufacturing and export activities.
   O ur organization 'KUNDAN SHILP' was founded in 1965 By our Director Mr. Bhupatbhai R , Sompura.We work in the following four spheres :

1. Temple Architecture:                               
We design and build Traditional Indian Temples precisely as per Vastu-Shastra . By now we have completed 35 Temples   
2. S tone Cladding and Decorative stone work on R.C.C. buildings:                                   
             To give  Historic look to  modern buildings, we  do stone cladding or decorative stone work on buildings like on Resorts, Hotels, Private Bunglows.We work as per our Architect Bhavesh Sompura's designs or as per the given design.

                   We design and make Stone Furniture, Mini Temples for interior, idols and grills as per our Architect Bhavesh Sompura's designs. 


The art of the stone carver not only involves the working of stone, but also demands an ability to draw and design, and to understand, interpret and reproduce different periods and styles of architectural ornament.
Much architectural ornament is associated with the "working parts" of stone buildings, that is, those elements such as stringcourses andhood moulds that are designed to throw water off the face of the building. Effective restoration thus often requires the renwal of such elements and associated ornaments.
With an increasing use of stone in modern building, there is sometimes an opportunity to include new stone ornament. We are able to design and realise architectural ornament for contemporary buildings
As with all stonework, figure carving will decay over time. We are experienced in the reproduction of architectural and garden sculpture. The technique known as "pointing" used by the Greeks and Romans, enables us to recreate the original work with great accuracy.
The art of sculpture demands an ability to generate original ideas and designs, generally by drawing and modelling in clay. These are then realised in a variety of materials
We specialise in sculptures carved from stone or marble. However, by taking moulds from modelled or carved originals, the sculptures can also be reproduced in metal or resin finishes if required.
Stone is a natural material that will complement and enhance the design of any garden. For texture, colour, durability and sheer class, natural stone will always be superior to synthetic alternatives.
From elaborate classical sculpture to a simple sundial or birdbath, we can design and produce work to suit your requirements.
Balustrading, paving and hard landscaping can also be undertaken
Contact us :-
Bhupatbhai R, Sompura -        Mob - 98793 42553
Ajay B, Sompura -                  Mob - 98241 85526
Bhavesh B, Sompura -            Mob - 98254 52903 / 99041 37044 / 98985 19094
Shree Ganesh Society Jogashar Road – Dhrangadhra – 363 310 Gujarat – India




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