Lata Mangeshkar's First Song (recorded in 1942 when she was only 13 Years Old) with RARE PHOTOS

Dr. Narasinha Kamath
Dr. Narasinha Kamath / 4 yrs ago /

This is the first song that was recorded by Lata Mangeshkar when she was only 13 years old with rare photos. Lata Ji sang this song for the Film :Pahili Mangagaur. Lyricist was Baburao Gokhale. YouTube Screenname Bhargava09 posted this and my YouTube friend Sarla Ji (YouTube screen name jasbongy) shared this with me as a Tribute to Lata Ji's 82nd Birthday. Pahili Mangagaur was a Marathi Film. This video posting has rare pics of Lata Ji when she was very young and few more rare pics. Since I know Marathi, this was special treat for me. I knew this is her first song but never got to listen to it. This is a rare GEM and TREAT. In this song, Lata Ji is singing in little classical way like they sing in Marathi Natya Sangeet. Thank you so much Sarla Ji for sending me this rarest song of Lata Ji.

It has been a long way for Lata Ji since 1942. I pay my humble TRIBUTE to LATA JI on her 82nd Birthday which falls today that is Sept. 28th, 2010. LATA JI AMAR RAHE!

Thank you very much Bhargava Ji and Sarla Ji.

Please post your valuable comment.

Please CLICK below PLAY Button to listen to the song:

Lata Ji's First Recorded Song when she was only 13 years old


shailaja s bhat / / 8 months ago
shailaja s bhat

Dr.Narasinha Kamath,
Thanks for this wonderful you tube video, this is Gem ! Her voice is pure and fresh and singing style is rare for young children of thirteen year old.

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 8 months ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Hi Mrs. Shailaja Bhat,
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you.
Dr. Kamath

lakash Warnauth / / 9 months ago
lakash Warnauth

been wondering how i could get to hear her first song i love this woman so much that in my lifetime i think i have listened to more that16000 of her songs in different languages

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 9 months ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Welcome to my Sulekha Blogspace. Please CLICK PLAY Arrow in the center of YouTube rectangular screen displayed in my blog and you can listen to Lata's First song. Good Luck.
Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 4 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Sablu Bhai,

I am extremely happy to note that you enjoyed very very much Lata's First recorded song. Aap Is Gaane Me Ekdam Magan (fully engrossed) Ho Gaye. Bas. Lata Ki Awaaz Me Aisi Jadoo Hai Vo Kisiko Bhi Diwaana Banaa Deti Hai. Aur Aap To Ek Bade Maahir Singer Hai To Khona Hoga Hi. I pray to God that someday your wish to sing a DUET with Lata will be fulfilled. In fact, who knows someday you will sing with leading female singers of today's Bollywood.
I wish you ALL THE BEST. Bas. Sangeet Me Aage Badhate Rahiye.

With Best Wishes,
Dr. Kamath

Sablu / / 4 yrs ago

Dear Dr Saab,
Thanks millions for bringing this gold and silver in your blog and definitely I must thanks the same to our singer friend Sarlaji for this amazing video which I think we rare get such privilege to listen to such oldies and that too of Lataji.
I have immensely enjoyed her melodious singing of this Marathi number video and I'm astonished at her beauty in her singing since at an age of 13 yrs when a person starts taking lesson of Sa Re Ga and she sang so beautifully at that age. I have no words to describe beauty of this very very melodious nightingale' voice.
I just close my eyes and put my head in her feet and drop my heartily musical ears to get blessing from this melodious sarwasati. So this is all my best wishes on her belated happy birthday. May God bless her with more thousand yrs to give us many many more melodious numbers.
I was thrilled to see Lata playing guitar at the end of this video.
Now only I dream if someday God makes me to sing with Lata at least one duet. Meri zindagi ki aarzo puri ho jayegi.
Sorry for catching this post very lately.
I'm glad that I did not miss this great post of yours.
God bless you Dr Saab.
Jai Gurudev!

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 4 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear geekunnel,

Thank you so much for your compliments!

Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 4 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dera Raj,

Thank you very much.

Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 4 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Nathan Bhai,

Long Time No See! I am sure you must have enjoyed the Vacation. Thanks for your wonderful response. Yes. This is a rare TREAT indeed!

Dr. Kamath

Dr. Narasinha Kamath / / 4 yrs ago
Dr. Narasinha Kamath

Dear Dr. V.S.Gopal Ji,

Thank you very much.

Dr. Kamath

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