MONEY OR MORALS? Which is more important?

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MONEY OR MORALS? Which is more important?

Veena Singh, Correspondence Courses, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Before I write another blog, let me answer a question that will help you understand me better – is money important in life or morals? Thousands of movies have tried to answer this question and come up with the answer: morals are more important. They were wrong. Wrong also are the religious type of people who cover their daughters head and make them wear ridiculous clothes and prefer to live in poverty.


After great thought, I came up with the answer – you can’t eat morals, can you? And at the end of the day you are respected for what you have rather than what you might believe in.


There is also a matter of what people think: if you are “immoral,” people might think badly of you. Or something bad will happen to you. In movies, girls who live a cool life seem to end up in some kind of mess.


They are stupid.


I mean, if you have money in your pocket, how does it matter what people think of you? Moreover, people have to say something behind your back, even if you are good. If they have a mouth, it must spew some words, isn’t it?


So we decided to pursue money instead. My whole family, that is. Please don’t come up and say it was a bad thing. We have a flat in Sector 49, Chandigarh, no small feat, because a salaried person can never hope to buy a flat in Chandigarh.


We made our daughter, Gungun, go to Mumbai when she was out of college. She is an attractive slim girl, and in a few years she has made enough money to buy a flat in Mumbai. Now she is married to a Christian boy, who endorses our views about money. If Gungun stops working now, she has enough money anyway to have a good lifestyle. Now what is wrong with that? And of course Mumbai is a faceless, nameless city where your past may not be important.


As for us, we are now living in our flat in Sector 49, peacefully and happily. That is not all. We have an ancestral house at 394, Sector 4, Panchkula, made with the money that my father, Jagdish Chander, left behind. He was a professor of English in the Panjab University, Chandigarh. In theory it should be divided among all our brothers and sisters – five in all. But my mother, Sushila H Gupta, made all my siblings fight with each other and after her death, the property will have only two heirs, my brother, Vijay H Gupta and myself. I am trying to get rid of Vijay so that the house comes to me only. I am trying everything so that this happens. Even witchcraft.


Now don’t tell me it’s bad. It’s OK in life. You have to understand that money is everything. People are successful only of they have money. We don’t want to depend on chance. The time is here and now. Why waste it in unnecessary thought about morals?


The thing also is that everybody thinks like that. I am just writing about it. The story that follows will show my family members have made money, disregarding everything. Please do not send unnecessary sermons, only the evils that you have done to get money. Thanks.

dineshdick / / 5 yrs ago

This article is a actually written by me against veena. she is my sister and i have made her fake profile of her name in order to defame her and my family as they kicked me out of my house as i tried to takeover their house from them.Plese read about me in my profile.My family including veena are respectable members of society and it makes me jealous thats why i write these articles to get my anger out.

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