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Yesterday (25 Sep 2012) we saw many national dailies/newspapers carrying a full-page expensive advertisement issued by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Pandit Motilal Nehru, father of Jawaharlal Nehru. This was infuriating as it seemed another needless act of the Dynasty at self-glorification at tax-payers’ cost. There was again Sonia’s improper photo in the Government advertisement showing her as UPA Chairman. The ridiculous and improper habit of putting a party leader’s photo in a Govt advt  thus continues unabated. God knows why no Court takes  cognizance of this serious impropriety. Of course, the Opposition Parties and the public are also dumb on this issue as they have seen much bigger instances of the financial rape of the nation by the Dynasty.

Motilal Nehru’s birth date was actually 6 May 1861 –Gurudev Tagore was born the next day on 7 May 1861 – and it was meaningless to celebrate Motilal’s 150th birth anniversary 16 months after the due date!  The Dynasty from Motilal to Rahul is seemingly specially blessed by heaven to enrich the whole of  India. Sonia’s horoscope must be very special, the most special in the world, blessed by all the 33 million Hindu Gods worshipped in India. The Dynastic members have special Foundations in their names for “public service” with liberal and mammoth donations from our big industries. Most of the Government schemes are named after the Dynastic names. Most Indians are by now truly sick of the Dynasty. If I were to be the next PM – if MMS could be that, I too could be that – I would abolish all the names associated with the schemes. I really wonder why no schemes are named after other ex-PMs such as Narasimha Rao, Deve Gowda, Inder Gujral, Moraji Desai et al!! Hail the Dynasty! The privilege perhaps belongs to the dead, preferably assassinated.

A google search throws very interesting lights on the Nehrus. It seems that Motilal’s father “Ganga Dhar” was a Kotwal in Bahadur Shah’s court when the British took over Delhi in 1857. Even the Delhi Police website ( says it. Let me reproduce the following from the Delhi Police web-site:


The institution of Kotwal came to an end with the crushing of the revolt of 1857, the first war of freedom by the British and, interestingly, the last Kotwal of Delhi, appointed just before the eruption of the first war of freedom, was Gangadhar Nehru, father of Pandit Motilal Nehru and grand father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister.



It appears from the Moghul records that there was no Hindu Kotwal then but a Muslim Kotwal called Ghiyasuddin Ghasi who had to flee to Agra to save himself from the British who were after the lives of the Delhi Muslims following the Moghul Emperor’s challenge to the British. This Muslim Kotwal, while fleeing, changed his name/identity to the Hindu name Ganga Dhar, the father of Motilal. (The word/surname Nehru was invented by Motilal later). Another interesting “fact” is that Motilal allowed his wife to stay with his employer called Mobarak Ali, who owned the bungalow “Irshad Manzil” which was renamed “Anand Bhavan” later on when Motilal bought it from him in 1900. Jawahar was born in 1889 not in Anand Bhavan but at 77, Mirganj, where Motilal lived in a small rented house initially in the middle of a red-light area. There is no touristic visit to the house where Jawahar, the first PM of India, was born. Jawaharlal.Nehru, in his book recalls seeing a picture of his grand father Ganga Dhar which portrayed him as a Moghul Nobleman. Is this corroborative of something? Again, in that picture it appears that Ganga Dhar was having a long and very thick beard and was wearing a muslim topee and was having two swords in his hands!

While I am not trying to prove anything, I want readers to know the controversies about Nehru’s Muslim origin. Thanks to the internet, truths are coming out into the public domain and questions are being asked.

Some sites worth looking at are:




scribblingpad / / 8 months ago

Every one is trying to prove that Nehru was a muslim by origin and not a kashmiri brahmin. Simple logic it is difficult of the brahmin society of those days to easily accept a man as a brahmin. A brahmnin called Motilal, will have to say abivadaye which means recount all the names of the ancestors of his gotra, every time he does a ritual or does a pranam to an elder. You can't disguise as a brahmin and cheat other brahmins. It is so wrong and inappropriate to say that all other brahmins of his age were fools to accept him into their fold. May be today it is possible for any one to say any lie. Not then.

Suresh Rao / / 2 yrs ago
Suresh Rao


Regarding your write that says ... "It appears from Moghal records that there was no Hindu Kotwal then but a Muslim Kotwal called Gayasuddin Ghasi...."

could that be just gossip from disgruntled Moghal community of thoses times in Delhi to put 'pun on word Kotwal' and portray themselves as 'police or authority' in Delhi of those days?

Wikipedia clearly gives the following account of Nehru Ancestry:

*Lakshmi Narayan Nehru
*Ganga Dhar Nehru (son of Lakshmi Narayan Nehru, Kotwal of Delhi)
*Motilal Nehru (son of Ganga Dhar Nehru) president of congress party
*Nand lal Nehru (son of Ganga Dhar Nehru, Diwan of Khetri State)
*Bansi Dhar Nehru (son of Ganga Dhar Nehru)
*Pt Braj Lal Nehru (son of Nand Lal Nehru, Finance Minister of Jammu & Kashmir)

Btw, I have also watched (on a DVD or Tape) an interview of late T.N.Kaul (ICS-1939; IFS-1947 and Ambassador to Russia) mentioning above names Lakshmi Narayan Nehru>Ganga Dhar Nehru>Motilal Nehru


DSampath / / 2 yrs ago

this is a very interesting news
i like your interest in politics and the
back end work you do before you

Krishnan Bala / / 2 yrs ago
Krishnan Bala

Dear VSG Ji,
A clip of three minutes duration, depicting some scenes from the pictures that Veena S. Balachandar produced or acted is being shown on "SUN NEWS" channel that is telecast every half hour since this morning.You may like to view the same.

pradeep arun / / 2 yrs ago
pradeep arun

dear VSG Ji,

thanx for info.I read quite explosive material on our Madam ji. But bade bade shaharon mein chhoti moti baaten toh hoti hi rahti hain! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

suchisree / / 2 yrs ago

Gopalji ,
Explosive piece of information .Thank you .
Suchisree .

vijays desk / / 2 yrs ago
vijays desk

Thanks for putting this up.
Yes I think all sensible Indians will feel pained about the manner in which taxpayers money is blown up by the congress Govt to aggrandize the dynasty- their strategy is simple and brilliant - every welfare scheme is named after some dynasty member and so when ads are put up ostensibly to highlight the schemes, its the family which keeps getting 'Top of Mind' publicity- a brilliant advertising strategy!!!
The details of Nehrus Grandfather truly make us wonder as to how many more such secrets are there in the closet!!!!The comments of various friends here show that many of them are coming out in the open!!!
Cheers for a nice blog- so informative and educative
Thanks for sharing this

V-S-Gopal / / 2 yrs ago

Dear Rajeeji,
Many thanks indeed for your insightful and elaborate comments.
The love affairs of Chacha Nehru as described by M.O.Mathai are mentioned in the links in my blog if you open them. It includes the Shraddha Mata affait too. Indira herself had an affair with Mathai. These affairs would at best be mentioned in non-historical books like biographies. But historians would not handle these love affairs, strangely and unfortunately! But what is worse is the cover-up and lies on the religious status of the Dynastic members. The Muslim blood explains the anti-RSS, Anti-BJP and anti-Hindu attitudes of the members of the Dynasty and this should be historically explored and established. Jawahar is even alleged to be the son of Mobarak Ali and not Motilal. Thanks for your deep interest.
Cheers and regards!
vs gopal

V-S-Gopal / / 2 yrs ago

Hey Mishtiiiii,
Many thanks!!!! Yes, you will say "no interest" in politics but you will not run away from it!!!! Well admitted by you!! Glad you found this to be an interesting read!
Take care! No over-shopping, over-working!
vs gopal

juli adutta / / 2 yrs ago
juli adutta

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