Mud Fort making tradition in Diwali-Palace Museum Vadodara

dr hemant sant
dr hemant sant / 2 yrs ago /

Time we can spend with our children and then enjoying something especially a hobby ,a creative thing togather is recharging our relationship with our children.Each year Vadodara's HH fatehsingh Museum of Palace organises a Mud clay FORT making workshop where all children and adults in seperate group can participate and enjoy two days on this vacation period under great tall trees and green space this campus offers to citizens of this city. Vadodara is named after Vad-the banyan tree which still abound this charming central Gujarat cultural capital.Here best of marathi and gujarati traditions merge as this was a Gaekwadi State well managed.Here Colleges are grander than many Palaces and Garba dance 'carnival' Organised by many during Nav ratri is a celebration no Indian especially a woman of any age can ever miss.

During Ganesha time they have Clay Ganesha Idol making workshop for all which has become very popular under aegis of Museum and friends of Museum group.All this is followed by a walk inside this jungle like green space these palace compounds still offers to us here which leads to a massive Banyan tree after walking around a great Golf Course and one of the oldest cricket ground of india -Motibaug Cricket ground where aRanj match ws being played now on NOV 12-13 2012 between vadodara and vidarbha as we all gathered to make Mud forts under grand Imli trees which provided a natural shade for us sculptors of mud for two days!

The purpose of this tradition was to make the children of sahyadris aware that we have more forts than any state in India and not a single grand palace despite being the last great hindu Rulers of India..who were defeated by three wars with the English unsupported by most ''others'' indians so we lost our swarajya foriegners ..again..

Killa -a fort has to made designed around a great sahyadri peak or strategic point in such a way that Security of all living within and the Ruler is supreme,while making all arrangements to live their in war and peace.Shivaji the great Maratha who could carve out a Swarajya when Mughal were at The TOP is the avatara who inspires this Hobby of the brave.Fortifications are of many kinds and we have to show our creativity in making a unique fort of our own..Moat filled with deep water withcrocs and  alligaters,a chain drawn bridge security checks Elephant area,soldeirs living space temples wells water body Gun powder store,jail punishment points hanging and throwing off the cliff for the guilty are shown...sanctum is called bale i have installed icon Shivaji the Chatrapati ji at the top..


canons line the fortifications ..and BURUJ towers in between fortifications ..

chain drawn bridge ..entry Moat of deep waters with crococodiles..symbolised..

The complete killa fort ready to be decorated with what ever you have..mud mavala soldiers..animalks..we used locally cut grass sprayed on hills we made all realistic no artificial thing used..sticks twigs used ..


see what a part of the SCENE under the Imli tree.. fort building enjoyed by baroda kids from all walks of life look like 

Father and Son time ..

...and cherry on top of all..we father and son team got the Best fort FIRST PRIZE ,by the hands of madam Chancellor of MS University of baroda Mrs Mrunalini devui Puar ji of Royal Gaekwad family,who head the Museum trust.

So many children were given prizes in different age groups and all were given agreat momento certificate and food and FUN unlimited for two days. Each year before Dilwali come to participate and see this unique event..celebrated all across Maharashtra but ours in Vadodara seems the best..all under huge tall and old imli trees all well organised cared for .. and actual Royal surroundings..of Gaekwads..whose emblem reads Jin Ghar Jin Takht-Horse back is our Home and our Throne..and surprise..I actually found a very old rusty Horse shoe as i dug around for mud and twigs in the campus this workshop was held..Laxmi Vilas palace of HH Gaekwad's of baroda..

For older fort making blog visit my older blog of 2009..

then we adults were not allowed to make forts !More on how to enjoy vadodara and around on my travel blogs..

dr hemant sant / / 2 yrs ago
dr hemant sant

Give time to children..Teachers and parents,fill in well immense self love and respect about ones' self in your children.That solid steel will help them tide over failures and when all Others think about them as worthless or a Failure or repeated failures in One of the paths they pursue does not take the complete wind out of them,but makes them try again or may be wisely leave the path for another one, gracefully without loosing self worth.

dr hemant sant / / 2 yrs ago
dr hemant sant

Many places like in Pune they make wonderful killas forts..

dr hemant sant / / 2 yrs ago
dr hemant sant

Thanks Neha..we have been taking our kids for this since many years since we stopped making Forts at home..but this time even I as adult was allowed to take enjoyed,..they had built a great sample fort Kumbhalgadh..three people with assistance after 12 days of hard work..still one can see it in front of Fatesingh Museum..besides the chakke pe chakka Rail coal MIni engine of the train Royal Scotsman which Shammi kapoor used to sing Chakke pe

Neha Xavier / / 2 yrs ago
Neha Xavier

@ santhemant... Congrats! The killa fort was too good. Innovation is something kids love and i see all of them happy. What a lovely way to celebrate Diwali and ofcourse Children's Day.


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