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With the 61st Independence Day, our PM will address the nation yet again (and perhaps for the last time) from the Red Fort. Next year, we might see a new face. Perhaps Advani, or may be Mayawati and if our voters are at their indecisive best, any Tom Dick and Harry... Democracy dear! But they all will be coming out with a well drafted speech, impeccably politically correct. But I, as a citizen of India, am using my liberty to give my own speech.
My dear countrymen, let me first of all wish you on the occasion of the 61st Independence Day. I congratulate you all for having withstood the fissiparous forces for so long and in spite of all warnings, we have remained one, at least on the map. When someone asks me “How has India survived all its problems?” I reply, “Problems are all in the mind. We imagine we have no problems.  It solves half of it. As for the other half, we give vent to it through strikes, uprooting railway tracks, burning effigies and at the most by voting out a government. Then the whole cycle restarts. We believe in the idea of MOVING ON”
Our resilience is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Whenever some force has threatened our unity, be they the Naxalites, fundamentalists or secessionists, we have all joined hands with the government and considered it the lesser evil. In spite of making the stupidest of at times, our jurisprudence is to be applauded.
I wanted to address you all,  class or community-wise. But I then realised that even a lakh pages will not suffice as I then will have to keep in mind the length and preference of each address, else I will be charged of giving less space to a Dalit ki beti. I agree that the quotas and divisions that the governments bring leave much to be desired as it has not been able to properly capitalise on your diversity.
Like the first government formed in 1947, even we are also facing trouble in J&K. The state has a siren like charm which invites all the trouble that can be created. But I hope my brethren there, like my brethren in other parts, will imagine that there are no problems and move on.
People are saying money-power has hijacked Indian democracy. Such commentators are new to India. Indians moved on after JMM scam and they will ‘move on’ even now. India has survived worse disasters in the 1970s and 80s. We are too strong for any Water-gate or Cash-gate. At the most, we will vote out the government.
Our neighbour Pakistan has once again returned to flirt with democracy. We wish them all the best till they repose their faith on another military leader. We also wish all the best to our new rulers in Nepal, who, we hope, won’t serve as Chinese satellites like some parties in our country.
Terrorism is on the rise. Our government has already condemned it in the strongest possible words. But we know that bomb blasts will continue unabated. We always have the option of plugging our ears during such blasts. At the most some will die. Their families can always be paid off and we are quite sure that none of us will belong to those families. Or let us imagine that there are no sleeper cells and there are no blasts.

We are not hypocritical. We curse the politicians for all the mess. But some complain that we are not performing our duties. WE DO VOTE, for the news channels. In this age of e-banking, something has to be done for the elections as well. Who has the time to stand in the sun and vote?
The rich-poor divide is staring at our face today. India has many billionaires in the Forbes list and it also has the maximum number of malnourished children in the world. But it is all for the larger good. Please appreciate the fact that none of those who are reading this now are going hungry. Let us imagine that the rest are also enjoying their weekend like us in a shopping mall.
Let us imagine. That we turn sensible one day. That we develop a habit of introspection. That what we will leave behind for tomorrow will only be a few footprints by which we will be judged. That we realise that this day and this speech means nothing when I have to hungry to my bed everyday. That there isn’t anything left to be divided in India. That the fact that we are still going on is a 6000 year old miracle, which is yet to be explained.
And after reading this, imagine me addressing you all from the Red Fort.

ArjunN / / 6 yrs ago

thanks soumya for the comment.this is the reality arjun

ArjunN / / 6 yrs ago

i agree avinashjee that the last para broke off from the use of satire. but i felt it was important to come to the point. thanks a lot for your sincere comments. it'll help me improve.

Soumya Srinivasan / / 6 yrs ago
Soumya Srinivasan

have the option of plugging our ears during such blasts. at the most some will die. their families can always be paid off and we are quite sure that none of us will belong to those families. 

a telling comment on the current situation.

Avinashjee / / 6 yrs ago

except for the last para which did not gel with the rest of the piece written in a subtle satire, i loved reading this. and while the last para rankled, i still loved the line, "that the fact that we are still going on is a 6000 year old miracle, which is yet to be explained." avinash

ArjunN / / 6 yrs ago

thank you sampathji

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

dear arjun sorry for the typo.. liked your speach

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

dear arjun why not you.. forst comes the dream liked your apeach...

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