Mystery behind Pramod - Moitra Death

premendra agrawal
premendra agrawal / 8 yrs ago /

What is progress in Pramod Mahajan’s murder case? What did both for their families & for their nearest? Have both murders motive same-Financial or Political? Conspiracy & Ghost of White Powder Pouch!


Yuva Turk MPs including Rahul Gandhi baba have the moral authority to raise the question on morality of both youths Rahul Mahajan or late Moitra. Both were at Pramod Mahajan's Safdarjung Residence in Delhi late Thursday night. Q is, did conspiracy exist or not?


In this article I don’t want to comment on the morality or character of them.


Who gained in the murders or death? Murder is not an ordinary job which can be done without profit. Even VIPs as parliamentarians passed Law on the issue of profit. On this even they don’t want to hear a word of President Kalam. 



Conspiracy & Ghost of White Powder Pouch


Rahul’s father was shot by his uncle Pravin Mahajan and Moitra was a close associate of the Mahajan family for several years. From whom white powder pouch would be received by police? Was there any poison mixing in that pouch? Was it changed?


Pravin told inmates that he wanted to see Rahul successful, but was upset after Moitra came in the way of his career. Deputy Commissioner of Police, New Delhi, Manish Aggarwal, said, “We are exploring all the angles… we are not ruling out the conspiracy theory. In that connection, we might question Pravin Mahajan.”


Mumbai Police —feel that Pravin might be only an instrument in the suspected conspiracy. They suspect someone else is calling the shots.



Connection with Murders


Now I remember reading something in connection with the murder cases, which said that although the Police in India and other countries like to claim that they solve over 90% of all murders committed, this is only because 99% of murders are committed by the victim's nearest and dearest so that it's soon starkly obvious who did it and why. Murders committed by non family members have a very poor clear up rate (as low as 10%) simply because the Police have no obvious suspects and no idea of where to start their investigation



Who are beneficiaries in the Conspiracy?


Pravin Mahajan has explained in prison that Bibek Moitra ruined entire Mahajan family. Pravin told inmates that he wanted to see Rahul successful, but was upset after Moitra came in the way of his career. Deputy Commissioner of Police, New Delhi, Manish Aggarwal, said, “We are exploring all the angles… we are not ruling out the conspiracy theory. In that connection, we might question Pravin Mahajan.”


Police have nothing to say about the suspected murder of Bibek Moitra.


Murderer of Pramod Mahajan surrendered himself before the Police, so there is no question to find out culprit. According to him reason behind this is his brother’s insulting and non-co-operating nature. Should the police satisfy itself to this? Is there not need to investigate further?


In Janmat channel one retired police officer said the direction of investigation should be towards the beneficiaries of the murders or un-natural death.



What did Pramod and Moitra for their families?


One section of media and opponent of BJP said that Pramod Mahajan was a corrupt leader and made huge money. It may be true. But what are the findings in this direction? 99% corrupt persons do or did for themselves or for their families or for those who are near and dear to them.


What did late mahajan and Bibek Moitra for their families or for their near and dear?


For, while Rekha Mahajan is married to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) prime minister-in-the-wings Pramod Mahajan, for her simple maternal home in the heart of Marathwada, the perks of having a successful politician son-in-law, who could play godfather simply never, came.


According to locals, Mahajan’s youngest brother-in-law accompanies BJP candidates at election time or at morchas, either manning the loudspeaker or running errands. He has no steady income. Vijay another brother of Rekha Mahajan, is a local journalist, earning a few thousand rupees a month. “I once asked gently if something could be done for Anand,” says Sulabha Joshi (62), Rekha’s sister. Anand BA, did courses in computers, her 30-year-old son, was working for a small firm in Beed. “He (Pramod Mahajan) said, ‘Let him show some initiative unsupported. Anand admits that people asked questions, assuming some material gain was on the way. “But we didn’t expect anything, so there’s no question of being angry or hurt.”  Its little wonder then that Rekha herself mentioned to friends, not so long ago, that while her husband had in fact offered some assistance to all his family members, she’d failed on that count.


What did Pramod Mahajan for his other family members? NDTV, Police and BJP opponents should investigate all these. They should also come out with the list of properties of Pramod Mahajan’s family. Have NDTV, Veer Sanghvi of Hindustan Times, 10 Janpath and secular media status to stand equal to Late Pramod Mahajan? They should see in the mirror their selfish, Anti-Gujarat and pseudo-secularist faces.  



What did Bibek Moitra for himself & his paents?


Now I want to come on the un-natural death or murder of Bibek Moitra. He worked about 15 years for Gopinath Munde and Pramod Mahajan besides his remarkable contribution in ABVP and BJP Yuva Morcha. But what he did for himself and for his old aged parents? This is not important to know for media. But I am serious to know this.


In the three years that they have been living in Kendriya Vihar, Bibek Moitra’s parents live a quiet retired life very far removed from the glitz of power.

“They lead a very simple life. They don’t interfere in others' work and never communicated that much.” Mr.Ramesh Jethnandani, a 7th floor resident of the same building said. “It is now only through these news channels and photographers that have come here did we know they have some high profile contacts.” he adds.

Other neighbors also affirmed of the fact that they led a quiet and lonesome life. “They just came down sometimes for walking or for buying newspaper.” asserts Mr.V.P.Singh, a resident of 2nd floor. The neighbor remarked that they had never seen Bibek Moitra coming to meet up his parents. The watchman of the building Santosh Mishra also confirmed the fact that he has never come since three years of his duty in the building.

To day the funeral has been completed by more than 80 years old father of late Bibek Moitra. He was the only son of his father. They belong to Bengal. There is Congress and NCP rule in Maharastra. CPM and Congress should publish white paper of the properties of Mahajan and Moitra families. Please imagine the tragedies of Mahajan’s and Moitra’s families.



Traces of Poison in Moitra’s body


Traces of poison has been found in the post-mortem of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan`s secretary Vivek Maitra, sources in AIIMS hospital where the autopsy was conducted said on Saturday.

"There were traces of poison and we have sent the visra to Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory (CFSL) to determine the type of poison," they said.

Poisoning due to intake of thallium compounds can cause vomiting, alopecia, neurologic and psychic symptoms, (ataxia, restlessness, delirium, hallucinations, semicoma, blindness). It causes damaging effects on the nervous system, lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys. Thallium is commonly found in ant, rat, and roach poisons.

The word "thallium" is a Latin version of the Greek "thallos" meaning "green stalk" because of a characteristic bright green line in the spectrum of the element.


There may be various contradictory reports and evidences. Here I touched non-controvercial facts.


Rahul Mahajan woke up had a glass of water and smiled at his mother from the hospital bed. His family members are talking with him. Perhps tomorrow he will face police.



By premendra Agrawal



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premendra agrawal / / 8 yrs ago
premendra agrawal

dear brother milindtaskar,

thank you for your comment. i appreciate every comment. citizen should not be blind follower.

i have already said in my article that there is a congress led govt. in center and in maharastra. they should publish white paper on the properties of pramod and moitra. i am not giving them clearance. they are not god. they could do mischief. but without having sufficient facts how i will blame them? mumbai police says pravin may be instrument of others. the court have asked questions previous week to delhi police: why not delhi police is looking other angles besides drug controvercy? why pravin is happy to see murder of his brother and moitra? is it not duty of police to find out facts about pravin's past relation with political guns? who is beneficiary due to the both murders?

i don't know living in india how some one dare to show allergy for hindutva. please find the decision of supreme court on hindutva.terroists, infiltrators, maoists, madarsas, christian organizqations, glady stainmes are secular. others are communals.

you should criticize bjp. without facts showing no one have authority to blame like this. i can show you hundreds thousands facts which are in public domain which shows that sonia gandhi arjun singh & co. stands with lefts to deceive indian people.please let me know what is the religion of indira gandhi, rajiv gandhi, sonia gandhi and others? why they are not coming with reality.they are 'bahurupiyas'.accidently they have forgotten their orinality. they know only 10 janpath:"miya ki doad masjid tak".out of india they know london, swiss and italy.

before giving certificate to these fake leaders, we should know their past and present. please read my articles. not a singoe article is without facts.i never find a single comment with facts to counter the facts which i gave.

i appreciate your comment, but i shall be more happy to receive comments with facts.

yours brotherly
premedndra agrawal





milindtaskar / / 8 yrs ago

investigate the disproportinate assets of pramod mahajan against his legally known source of income. get pravin mahajan talk about the 2000 crore assets of  pramod, of which pravin would not get a fraction, and that spurred him to anger to kill pramod.

let trust come out.

if the above is the truth substantiated, bjp is finished.

then we will look at all and sundry bjpites like former pm, advani, jetly, swaraj as a gang of shamelss shams. raise the banner of hindutva and ramrajya and aggrandize.

bjp can sell the nation for personal gains.




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