Parijat- The Flower of Gods

Ehsaas / 6 yrs ago /

It is of divine origin and yet with the first ray of the sun it drops from the branches. Even then it holds the distinction of being the only one that can be picked from the earth and offered to Gods. Probably that is why apart from the romance, it is of great medicinal value.

Considered to be a divine tree, Parijat is not without its share of tales of its romantic origin. Close to the heart of the lovers that of a princess “Parijataka”, who was in love with the sun. She tried a lot to win the heart of Sun, but when he rejected her she committed suicide and a tree sprung from her ashes. Unable to stand the sight of the lover, the tree flowers only at night and sheds them like tear drops before the sun rises.
That is how they are, even today!

 “Parijat” is also known as ‘Harsinghar’ in Hindi and ‘Shefali’ in Bengali. It bears the botanical name of Nycatanthes Arbortristis. Nyctanthes which means ‘night flowering’ and Arbortristis means ‘The sad tree’ or ‘The tree of sorrow’ as in the early morning when it has dropped its flowers, the tree appears to look sad. Flower lovers wake up in the early morning to collect them and generally place them in a flat dish to make their rooms fresh and fragrant.

Parijat flower have four to eight petals arranged above a vibrant orange tube in a pinwheel pattern. These highly fragrant flowers open at night spreading their fragrance in the surrounding area with an intensely sweet floral aroma. Just as the dawn breaks, they drop one by one, forming a carpet of snow-white petals, an enchanting sight that can take anyone’s breath. These flowers blossom between August to December. 

In India, Parijat grows in the outer Himalayas at the height of about 1400 meters, and are found in tracts of Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal to East of Assam, Bengal, Tripura extended through the Central region up to Godavari in the South. Besides India, they are found in Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. 
There is no doubt that a garden looks empty without Parijat. It contributes to the distinctive beauty of a garden. Parijat also has medicinal properties. The juice of its leaves is bitter and saline in taste and provides effective relief in the treatment of several types of inflammation and fever including malaria, the intermittent fever, common cough and cold. It also provides an assured remedy for various body disorders ranging from common cough and cold to arthritis and sciatica. The juice of its leaves when mixed with little sugar is a good medicine for treatment of stomach ailments of children. Its flowers, though bitter in taste act as appetizer and soothe the stomach. In the treatment of skin diseases and constipation, the seeds of the Parijat tree are used.
Parijat is also used in making different ‘face pack’, as it procures a gaudy shine to the face and gives guaranteed remedy to a variety of skin ailments. The scent of the flower is so fresh that its aroma is captured for making ‘agarbati’ and ‘attar’. In Asia, the orange colour of the flower is often used to dye the silk and cotton clothing for Buddhist monks. In north east India especially in Assam these flowers are sold in the vegetable markets and people buy them for its medicinal values. They make a soup of these flowers and take it the morning for robust health.

Another story surrounding the trees origin is found in several ancient Indian scriptures. It was Lord Krishna who brought this heavenly tree to earth. Both his wives Satyabhama and Rukmini wanted the tree in their courtyard and a quarrel over it ensued between them. But Krishna planted the tree in Satyabhama’s courtyard in a way that when the tree flowered, the flowers fell in Rukmini’s courtyard.

Although most of the flowers, viz., jasmine, lily, rose are offered to God plucked directly from the plants, yet Parijat is considered as the only flower that can be picked from the ground and offered to God. The Parijat tree is believed to be one of the products that surfaced as a result of the ‘Samudramanthan’.Parijat flowers mark the arrival of Goddess Durga. Rabindra Nath Tagore in his poems has mentioned about Parijat flowers and its importance in Durga Puja.  
So, next time if you come across a Parijat tree, stand for a while and try to capture not only its beauty and goodness but also the romance that it holds within.
Few lines from me
Roj ek naya pyaar kaa umang lekar khilta
Dhalti shaam ke rango me dhundhta
Apni khushboo ke geeto se pukarta
Rajni ke aangan me nishabd ban bikharta
Fulo ki kaayanaat me rang se naa alipt
Khushboo ki mehfil me naa hi ho parichit
Par rab ne pehchani uski ahemiyat
Apne sthaan se girkar bhi chadhta who uske sir par


ak08 / / 5 yrs ago

A very useful and enjoyable information about Harsingar that I was looking for.
Thanks a lot.

A Kapur

Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago

thanks sweetie 

Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago

shukriya hamne in me se ek hi kahani suni thi daadi see  yehi to kamaal hain internet kaa ki jab jee chahe aur patience ho to ham kitni saari baate jaan sakte hain 

Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago

smell of parijat is so enchanting. it was a pleasure to bring their fragrance to blog

bhavna14 / / 6 yrs ago

wowwwwwwwwww ehsaas,,, tatzz a beautiful post wid lovely pics... honestlyyy,, i didnt knw half d info abt parijat... but luved readin ittt... realllyyyy nice... n those lines in d end by u... absolutelyyy wonderfulllll...  


komlet / / 6 yrs ago

ehsaas, bahut hi man ko achha laga....parijat ful ke barre me pad kar, i never knew about it..yes listened of harsingar - but the complete details by you were charmingly interesting.........i find myself happy while going through these lines..........may be magic of its scent must be working.....beautiful post.

womanslove / / 6 yrs ago

parijatalu…….huuum..i love that smell every morning we use to gather a full of silver bowl   ( that we used for puja’s only) for my mom and grand mom’s daily puja. .after we came this country..i really miss theses beautiful and sooo delicate flowers ehsaas  ..thanks for sharing

Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago

im glad the blog brought back some luvly memories to you. thanks for comment and visit

Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago


Ehsaas / / 6 yrs ago

thanks for sharing this story n luvly words

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