Political parties and their symbols

uropinion / 5 yrs ago /

Indian elections are usually a time for worrying….we worry about the possible violence,the further increase in rifts along regional,religious and caste lines and we worry about the paucity of credible candidates and viable ideolgies to vote for.

But this mammoth exercise of electoral rights also brings out its own brand of humor and I share something that came to me in an email.


Subject:  Political  Parties and their Symbols

Q: Why is the  Samajwadi  Party’s symbol ‘Cycle’?
A: Because after a ban on  English and use of computers, that’s all we’ll be able to  afford
Q: Why is the Congress  party’s symbol ‘Hand’?
A: To remind Indians that our  fate is forever in the hand of one family
Q: Why  is  BJP Symbol ‘Lotus’?
A: Lotus is the symbol of Sarawasti  and learning. BJP will educate us through the wisdom of Varun Gandhi and  Pravin Togadia.
Q: Why is Mayawati’s  symbol ‘Elephant’?
A: It’s a self portrait.
Q: Why  is  Jayalalitha’s symbol ‘Two leaves’?
A: Because that’s  what remained after Amma ate up all the fruit
Q: Why  is  DMK’s symbol ‘Sun’?
A: So that Karunanidhi can justify  wearing shades indoors
Q: Why is Lalu’s symbol  ‘Laltain’?
A: Because there’s no electricity in Bihar
Q:  Why is CPM’s symbol  ‘Hammer and Sickle’?
A: Because that’s what you will be using if they  come to power
Q: Why is Sharad Pawar’s  symbol ‘Clock’?
A: Because his time never seems to come
Q:  Why is Shiv  Sena’s symbol ‘Bow and Arrow’?
A: I can tell you, but  then I’ll have to shoot you

AnilChopra67 / / 5 yrs ago

now thats good fun.

elsas19 / / 5 yrs ago

good one!

sridharaa / / 5 yrs ago

Hi Noor,

Loved this post. Splendid humour both in the post and in the comments. I vote for sharad pawar's clock as the best.

And Subbuji's additions and Keshav's cartoon - fabulous ones.

uropinion / / 5 yrs ago

Great additions purefriendship.Thank you.

purefriendship / / 5 yrs ago

Very well said my dear uropinion,

A splendid humour with lots of wisdom of thoughts to ponder upon..

Here is some more to add flavour to your blog.

CPM -  Sickle & Hammer...There is no more fertile lands left for farming and sickle comes in handy to knock the other who are against it. Hammer the only alternate with no more employment in Left ruled states to tinker the left overs.

CPI - Sickle & Paddy bunch - What ever agro produce being already wiped off by the sickle and any one dares the party will be hacked like a bunch of paddy. What is left now in Kerala & W.B is few packets of agro lands.

CPI(ML) A flag with 3 * the great gifts of treason to loot India from China, Russia and other left over communist nations.

BJD -   A shank the only instrument to blow after the much longed 11 year honey moon with BJP in Orissa. A useful instrument to play against the prevailing  plight of tribals & poverty. The shank is being played at auspicious times of puja as well as at the last rites of dead.

RLD - A Hand pump - with no water to flow freely one has to pump hard since its leader Paswan has already dried up the resources to make himself rich for generations. Ala carte UPA central ministership.

MUL - Ladder - It can help one to climb up and climb down. Those who appease can climb, those who dare will be brought down.

PMK - Dr.Ramadoss can be feel at home only with the Idhyakhani (Late MGR used to mention J.Jayalalithaa as his fruit of heart ) when ever political survival comes to naught.


maddss123 / / 5 yrs ago

Cheers! it was hilarious best!

uropinion / / 5 yrs ago

Absolutely Keshav,I am with you on this one.

B S Keshav / / 5 yrs ago
B S  Keshav

Good one!



Do you remember those Donald duck comics? It had those Beagle boys who were a family of thieves and had those typical masks.... all these politicos should be given that as a symbol 

KR Iyer / / 5 yrs ago
KR Iyer

Dera Uropinion, Hilarious piece of comparison. KR Iyer

AMB3006 / / 5 yrs ago

just cant stop laughing, so pragmatic but funnily written


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