Rana Punja Bhil, The Great

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            Rana Punja Bhil, The Great



Punja Bhil or Punja bheel was born in the family of Dunha Holika at village Merpur. After the demise of his father he was made head of the village at the age of 15 years. Later he became the king of King of Bhomat in Mewar region (Rajasthan). In 1576 Maharana Pratap of Udaipur sought the help of Punja Bhil in his fight with Akbar. Punja Bhil agreed [1] to save Mewar Region from the Moguls.  Punja Bhil and his men used Gurilla-Techniques of War of Haldi Ghati where Punja Bhil fought side by side with Maharana Pratap against Mogul Army. The title Rana was conferred on Punja bhil by the Rajputs of Mewar. The participation of Bhils in the war is acknowledged [2] by  royal emblem of Mewar State which carries a Victory Tower that is flanked by a Rajput warrior on one side and “ a bow –arrow-bearing Bhil”, on the other. Even after the battle of Haldi Ghati, Rana Punja and his tribesman came forward [3] time and time again, to fight for the freedom of Mewar. The Bhils are also represented on the Mewar Coat of Arms, standing side by side. During the coronation [3] ceremony a Bhil tribesman must honour the new Maharana with a tilak (marking on the forehead) of his own blood. It is only then that the new Maharana will be universally recognized as successor.

Bhils are highly skilled archers even today.

Bhils of Colonial Times

Bhils of Rajasthan - Colonial Times. (from internet)


The population genetic study shows [4] that the Bhils are more of Ancestral South Indian (Dravidian) descent. This observation indeed prompts to identify Ancestral South Indians as simply Ancestral Indians.

Maharana Mewad Foundation instituted Rana Punja Award in the year 1986 which is given annually. Ms. Prakrati Kharadi was conferred with Rana Punja Award 2013 - Maharana Mewar Foundation 32nd Annual Awards 2013 [5]. Ms Prakrati Kharadi is a descendant of Veer Naari Kali Bai Khat a Bhil Lady who fought with the British.

  http://creative.sulekha.com/harappan-women_349467_blog (from internet) kindly note the style of wearing bangles of the
Bhil women in the picture and compare with the Bronze figurine of Harappa



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Very informative and interesting.Hats off to their bravery- may their 'tribe' increase!!!

dmrsekhar / / 12 months ago

Dear Thoughtful Reflections Jee,

May your wishes bless them.

DMR Sekhar

Balachandran / / 12 months ago

Thank you Sekhar ji. This is an informative piece on the Bhils and their valour.

dmrsekhar / / 12 months ago

Dear Balachandran Sb,

Thanks for the comment. Sir, kindly notice the style of wearing bangles of the Bhil women in the picture and compare with the Bronze figurine of Harappa. http://creative.sulekha.com/harappan-women_349467_blog . Bhils must be one of the groups that initiated Indus Valley Civilization.

DMR Sekhar

DSampath / / 12 months ago

i am enjoying the stries on
the tribals..
and m now bhils..

dmrsekhar / / 12 months ago

Sampat Sb,

Bhils are very ancient people.

DMR Sekhar

Prasad Ganti / / 12 months ago
Prasad Ganti

Sekhaji, good piece of info.

dmrsekhar / / 12 months ago

Dear Prasad Sb,

Thanks for the visit and comment. Do you remember Alluri Seetharama Raju and the Manyam Tribes of Andhra?

DMR Sekhar

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