Ramesh_007 / 5 yrs ago /

Most shocking but not the surprising events are unfolding in Court Cases relating to 2002 Gujarat Riots.


(News link: http://www.dailypioneer.com/169490/Gujarat-riot-myths-busted.html)


The ‘signature’ event of those horrendous riots was an ‘case’ of a Rape and Killing of a Pregnant woman (Kauser Bano) by piercing the stomach by sword, is found out to be totally False and totally ‘planted’. This falsification of event has been unearthed by Special Investigation Team (SIT).


This case was reported and prepared by none other than Teesta Setalvad – the champion(??) of human rights. She was the most shriller voice for "Justice Denied", "Killer Modi", "Fascists Hindus" and much more...


How did SIT reach this conclusion??? Here is how (Quoting from the news report):


“Pointing out a specific instance, the SIT report stated how the evidence of 22 witnesses was “suspect” owing to the identical submissions made in their affidavits submitted to the court. On enquiry, the SIT found that all the 22 affidavits were drafted, typed and printed from the same computer, giving sufficient grounds to believe they were “tutored”. 

When the SIT questioned those who signed the affidavits, it was shocked to learn that these complainants were not even aware of the incidents.”


Narendra Modi was called hundreds of names because of this ‘event’ alone. Media was so much shameless in its name-calling and character assassination of Narendra Modi that they forgot that they are just ‘journalists’ and not “Judge and Jury” blended into one. But, they are supposed to satisfy their masters in 10 Janpath. 

The biggest character assassination project was executed by Media and Secular brigade in Independent India. Modi was directly linked with Hitler. Now.. to whom should I link the media and Secular Brigade?


But, more interestingly not only this event has been ‘fabricated’ there other events (Remember Naroda Patia ‘massacre’?) too which are ‘creation’ of the Teesta Setalvad’s imagination. Here are these (again quoting from the news):


Even the instance of dumping of bodies into a well at Naroda Patiya and a charge of the police allegedly shielding accused persons in murder of a British national was found to be untrue, Rohtagi said.

Firing a salvo at the NGO, Rohtagi said, “It is clear from the report that the horrendous allegations made by the NGO were false. Cyclostyled affidavits were supplied by a social activist and the allegations made in them were untrue,” he added, with an obvious reference to Setalvad.


Now, following questions arise out of this:


1)    Will media collectively apologize to Narendra Modi? Do they have ethics and morals and more importantly Courage to face him and see him in eye and say “We are sorry”?

2)    How come such characterless people like Teesta Setalvad become Human Right Activist?

3)    How come anyone can fabricate a story such as “piercing Stomach to kill the Foetus”?  Isn’t such a person can be called insane and anti-human?

4)    Why this News is not being played 24x7 by all the news media channels? These folks played character assassination of Narendra Modi dialogues 24x7 and for full 6 years?

5)    What is speaks about the so called “Victims” who had only one intention to “grab” maximum headlines and obviously money?

6)    Can a new court case be registered against Teesta Setalvad? Why she was doing this? On whose “instructions”? Is it someone in India or outside? Shouldn’t she be tried for Anti-National Activities?

7)    Who will provide justice to those who were murdered by terrorists in Godhara Train?

8)    Will Media and the Seculars bring back the ‘normalcy’ in Gujarat after the terrible divide they have created?

9)    Will Seculars and media people be able to restore the ‘reputation’ of Indians around the world, when these people themselves don’t have any?

10)                       Will anyone take “Victims” of any communal Riots seriously in future? Will “minority insecurity” will ever be a serious subject going forward??


I know all ‘seculars’ will put forward excuses or even bigotry on these questions. But, today my belief in Human Right activist has taken a complete and final dive. These activists are dirtier than Journos and Politicians – Secular Brand!

V-S-Gopal / / 5 yrs ago

Hi Ramesh,
You have asked the right questions.

There should be some way of taking action against Teesta Setalvad under penal and civil provisions so that such heinous and false activism gets discouraged!

vs gopal

Unnisa2009 / / 5 yrs ago

This gent has covered this topic of dishonest Teesta's lies in many of his blogs for very many months at http://ambavasishth.sulekha.com/. Be sure to give him your moral support!!

Another great blog is this one
at http://hari-p-chandra.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/04/peacefuly-violent-india-had-511-terrorism-related/comments.htm

and this one

and this one

Keep up the momentum to vote out the despotic and criminal regime now in power in Delhi. Soon, the dynamics of greed and hate driven criminality needs to be aborted and the criminal elements need to be smoked out from the rat holes. The only Indian leader who is at once charismatic and dynamic super star is making a significant positive difference in Gujarat and they deserve your love and support!! You want his efforts replicated rest of India!!..!! Mr Advani needs to win along with other BJP leaders. So, be sure to vote in BJP so that safety and security is given the top priority they ought to be !!!

Ramesh_007 / / 5 yrs ago

Allright.. You are entitled to your views... I have no objection!!

Ramesh_007 / / 5 yrs ago

OK... Thanks

Seetha Raghavan / / 5 yrs ago
Seetha Raghavan

Solution is possible to dishonest media and Teesta type slut women of mogul harem only if we link J&K with the criminal islamic burden dumped on us. The azmi-hashmi-khan type need to be part of kashmiriyat under this proposal:
"First things first, remove Jammu and Ladakh from Kashmir and place them in the Indian Union: Retain Kashmir's status as a state under Art 370 and withdraw rights for citizens of Kashmir to settle or own houses in any part of India(including Jammu and Ladakh). This one sided pandering has not delivered anything tangible and has to be stopped forthwith. Pandering should stop also within the rest of India...Rgds Girdhar"

Is kashmiriyat same as Hindutva?

Notice how the minority savages always use barbaric methods to subjugate gentle natives or gentler cultures in the majority:=
The minority nazis of Germany (against gentle Jews like the gentle Hindus) and majority xians of EUROPE,
the minority KKK{Ku Klux Klan} of USA (against Afro-Americans),
the minority secularists of IRAQ {that Saddam Hussain was against the majority SHIAS},
the minority BNP in the UK (against non-White immigrants who are like the dark-skinned Hindus),
the minority population of India and their ISLAMIC OUTFITS (against Hindus & Sikhs) actively justify and promote many categories of violence -- allegedly in "defense" of their superior colonial culture as the ex-rulers ignoring they had actually brutally persecuted the majority - be it in S AFRICA or INDIA or MAJORITY ANTI-NAZIS OF EUROPE.

The minority 'secularists' of Saddam's Iraq stand out as having been crushed by USA. We need such power to crush the communal savage secularists of Hindustan who have xenophobic communal hate towards us !!!

There is so much hatred against us, that is why they do genocide endlessly, declaring India a communal state and promoting tyrants like maino-mms-kalam - virtually one-party system. Yes, we want a democratic (rule by the majority) secular state, we should get it seeing what these islamofascists have done to us and our women. I know we can do anything to save our destiny from continued control by our enemies.

Seetha Raghavan / / 5 yrs ago
Seetha Raghavan

Many dont realize that the anti-Indians such as Teesta who maliciously hate His Excellency Honorable Modi-ji and who label us as 'communal' are a liability on the Nation which is the result of our blunder of 1947 for letting them stay as our guests! Instead of being grateful, they not only preach us to hate our own leaders but also continue to indulge in savage serial mass murders over so many centuries. Now they are unwelcome in our midst being uninvited economic and criminal burden.

When they label us communal with hatred and evil design, they need to know communalism began with colonialism- targeted exploitation of one group, the exploited class of mogul days and british days. That continues on. We are targeted for murder for Danish cartoon riots, our heroic and patriotic leaders targeted for speaking out; etc. Let me complete in lyrics what I began to express how I feel ...

Is it the islamic brief
public always be in grief?
plus our leaders heroic
and very patriotic?!

Why is it so hard to decide
which islamic genocide
is worse than the last?
is this worse than prior blast??

Why so many islamic crimes
are so hard to explain?
crimes economic, social
political and cultural??

Why small minority 'secular' pimps
always act like sub human chimps?
Causing riots, rapes
robbery in every case??

Why the green chaddi dudes
always dance in the nude?
depite all congi corruption
and islamic deception??

Why is savage islamic feudalism
better than one on secular HIduism?

Why r javed-ghaffor-khans
n azmi-hashmi-kalams
so very special
when so communal??

Y r so generous n gentle Hindus
savagely targeted than wild Jews?
with many in defense of islamic savagery
using wild n imaginative imagery??

Y r the secular public not in revulsion
with so many islamic genocidal convulsions?
why is feudal saudi king and racist public
better than a poor Hindu king in his republic?

Y r islamic savage exploitation
so very common than rare public reaction?
multiple revenge vigilantism
is fine with savage indian communism?

Do you see any of vhp-rss-bjp varuns
in riots for saddam n danish cartoons?
such hatred is naked
despite the fake racket!

Why inhuman islamic dictates
need to decide our fate?
secularism n islamic theocracy
besides imposed savage mobocracy?

Why secularism thrives
when public cant survive?
with islamic stranglehold
no native foothold?

Why the brit colonials left
but the islamic ones are kept?
were they more civilized
or less secularized?

Why communal colonials
r so darn perennials?
Y v watch as they kill
with no political will?

Why the vote bank politics
saps the nation's public?
why the public dont know
it is so dangerously so?

What else it can be?
when we see
so many atrocities
over so many centuries!!

That we have been denied the joie de vivre - joy of living by islamic criminals is undeniable fact. Teesta in the mogul haram is merely a cowardly pawn in the barbaric game of the islamic communalists. She is not alone as she is joined by many other indecent and dishonest criminals.

Even the Westerners are guilty of denying us normal lives knowing post-Godhra was treated with hateful malice by western media as well.

Incidentally, Ram Shay likde these lines-
Why the brit colonials left
but the islamic ones are kept?
were they more civilized
or less secularized?

Ram Sahay / / 5 yrs ago
Ram Sahay

Ramesh-ji, Most of the time I like what Seetha Raghavan writes with much analytical skills. I read and re-read her comments to get the fullest satisfaction. Besides, I respect upper caste folks. I also agree with Begum Unnisa for her honest frankness.

Both Shri Modi and Holy Father Pope, are saying the same thing:-
"On Saturday 16th September, Pope Benedict XVI declared in a speech at Regensburg University, by means of a quote from the fourteenth century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaeologus: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his comment to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Shri Modi is like Varun Gandhi who was voicing concern over the ugly levels of abduction and rapes of Hindu girls in his constituency. Isnt that legitimate? I dont hate either the Pope or Shri Gandhi!! Hatred begets hatred.

As a Harijan, I can understand the pain and suffering of all Hindus. We are the most oppressed and persecuted class in India today. Those people who are with the wicked politicians, are either misfits or unfit to live with us. If they get civilized, we may see them living in peaceful coexistence.

Unnisa2009 / / 5 yrs ago

I posted my comments from another blog - that of Maddss. When you talk "about goons and criminals "... I dont agree, because I have not seen any.

The Hindus are merely defending themselves from Godhra type killers when Mr Modi-ji was most perniciously maligned while the real culpability lies with Kalam. Everyone has a right to defend him-/her-self. Nations do it. U.N does it as well.

How can anyone equate 1788 lives with one ruined unused building? Isn't that a savage equation?

Unnisa2009 / / 5 yrs ago

Unnisa2009 posted 1 min ago

Dear Sir,
You said, " I have stated clearly all culprits who initiated the riots by burning the train and than what followed must be brought to justice!"

I have these comments:-
1) You are allowed to retaliate in self-defense; so, whatever happened in post-Godhra from Indian citizens cannot be prosecuted because they were merely protecting themselves form further violence of the type seen in burning alive of women and kids in the Sabarmati Coach. They were also facing savage marauders during the riots when many women of the public got their face disfigured permanently by acid from the Godhra killers.
Even U.N allows deadly retaliation.

2) Post-Godhra happened after many series of barbaric attacks in that town, called Godhra.
The citizens had no other option.

3) The public fury or outrage had to be given vent. If not, it might have spread to other towns in disgust.

4) The culpability of Kalam is more than that of Teesta and other journalists. He had the army in his hands. He willfully delayed the army to give a bad name for the heroic leader of Gujarat.

5) Teesta had a spat with Tavleen who finally yielded in writing a book with Shabna Azmi, the movie nautch female who has been made a billionaire by the secular public that is also enriching other actors like zillions of Khans who have infiltrated into cricket.

6) VHP paid compensation to the criminals but nothing was paid to the victims who suffered at Godhra as well as post-Godhra such as this one:
"With this the death toll in Vadodara went up to three in communal clashes in the last 24 hours. Twenty-three-year-old Paresh Purushwani was going on a scooter with a friend at around 11.30 am when he was attacked by a mob of around 200 with sharp instruments. He was brought to the SSG hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The fate of his friend was not known till Friday afternoon. "

So, if you are to do anything, you need to begin a movement to boycott cricket and the Khan movies and related business like ICICI bank that employ SRK as a beedi type ad man.

If you think the Muslims are misfits to live in India, I very well understand it. India deserves better people as citizens, as only civilized people can advance its economic growth. We are yet to learn to live as peaceful neighbors to the secular public. I am not sure when most of us who are still in the stone age will get civilized. I am sorry we are dragging the country down to the dark ages, politically, economically with so many social, political and economic crimes with no justice to the Civil Society who are mostly poor or very poor.


Ramesh_007 / / 5 yrs ago

Thanks for visiting Mr Ram.. somehow your comments and Seetha Raghavan's comments have uncanny similarity! :-)

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