Raghava Reddy
Raghava Reddy / 2 yrs ago /


    Dr Shanthala Anil posted the following incident in the

   Face   Book today.

“Heading back to B'lore.It is grey around-laden skies, drizzle & laden heart. I suddenly remember Aruna Shanbaug; a nurse from Karnataka who was raped & strangulated by a ward boy at KEM Hospital, Mumbai.She has been in coma since then. And that is from 1973 November! 29 years! Not much has changed since then...very very sad”.

.I am shocked on reading this abhorring incident

. Rape victim being in coma for 39 years!

 What  a crime of horrendous nature. An incident which requires

to be told to society how a human brute can destroy the

meaning of human being.

What happened to the accused is not known?



Raghava Reddy / / 1 year ago
Raghava Reddy

Myar Ashu Beti
You are absolutely correct.
We can only curse how injustice occures due to ineffective investigations, defective presentation of case in the courts and abnormal delay in the disposal of cases.
Let us hope things will improve.

ashualec / / 1 year ago

Thattha , Wish you a Healthy and a Happy 2013. Aruna's case is the worst. It is said that the accused just got a punishment for a term of 7 years and is now working in some hospital in Delhi. This makes the situation worst.

Raghava Reddy / / 1 year ago
Raghava Reddy

Dear V S Gopalji
True,her case is landmark.Really, a living vegetable.
Thanks for giving us the infornation about the particulars being availabkle in wilki.

V-S-Gopal / / 1 year ago

dear Raghavaji,
The case of Aruna Shanbaug is a landmark case. Her condition is woeful, a living vegetable for nearly 40 years. The ward boy was sentenced for robbery and assault! Supreme Court rejected a petition for ending her life. Details are available in wiki.
vs gopal

Raghava Reddy / / 2 yrs ago
Raghava Reddy

My dear Geetji
True, her living in coma is a misery.She should ave died of Supreme court should have ceepted for mercy killing. thanks for visit and thought provoking commeent.

GEET / / 2 yrs ago

If you would like to know more about Aruna's really terrible case:



Raghava Reddy / / 2 yrs ago
Raghava Reddy

My dear Shivji
Her plea for euthanasia was turned down by the Supreme Court .
I think in such cases of killing someone painlessly,especially suffering from an incurable illness should be allowed..
Please think over and offer your valuable opinion.

Raghava Reddy / / 2 yrs ago
Raghava Reddy

Dear kvakutty
True, a quetion to be pondered over.
Perhaps law relating to rape offence requires to be changed drastically.
Thanks for visit and insightful company.

kvakutty / / 2 yrs ago

Is there anything llke justice here?

Raghava Reddy / / 2 yrs ago
Raghava Reddy

Dear Bankim Tolaji
True this is an abhorring incident.
I fully agree with your comments.

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