Reality of Ram-Sethu in Sri Lanka

premendra agrawal
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Will modern secular Ravanas attack Ravana Ella Cave, another proof of Ram Sethu? Sri Lankan paleontologist, Dr Paul Deraniyagala, discovered ten skeletons of 17 Milions ago when Ram Sethu was made.


Is duty of UPA with Left, Irtalian origin and born to destroy Ram Sethu? How is it possible when Hindus see god in each and every particle? Symbol of Unity, Every conch in the temples, Train Sethu from Egmore stn, Entire area of Rameshwaram, Hey Ram of Rajghat, Movie of Dada Saheb Falke Seth-Bandhan, celebration of Dussehra and Deepawali, Aasetu Himachal logo of GSI, Sites of tourism and  Satellite photos of Adams bridge remind us Ram Sethu is a reality of 17 Million years ago.

Ram Sethu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared



Dec 30 is a symbolic flattering of saffron flags in the heart of India Delhi for protection of Ram Sethu. Will this be a ‘pran vayu’ oxyzon as a boon of Pawan putra Hanuman? Saffron wave should flow Aasetu Himachal.

Karnataka welcomes Aasetu Himachal Saffron Wave



Give me food (vote), O mother vs Saint Tulsidas  

[In India, it is customary to give alms and food to the begging sanyasin.] 


"Bhiksham (vote) dehi mai (SC/ST/OBC)", said Ravana (Fake Seculars) to Sita (SC/ST/OBC). They raised their salaries and passed ‘Office of profit bill’ to be Democratic Dictator as Hitler & Mussolini 

W e got independence due to those who gave blood for freedom: “Give me blood and I will give you freedom” - Subhash Chandra Bose.


After independence we hear fake secular slogan: “Take blood of people but give us votes”

‘Take blood but give votes’



Ravana hided Sita



Ravana, the (Demon) Rakshasa king who reigned in Sri Lanka had his capital in Ravana Kotte, which can be identifed as part of the Southern Bases on the south eastern coast. Here, Ravana hided Sita. She remained here unbending and upright. Now waves cover this area, but a part of the fortress could be seen form time to time.


Later, Ravana took Sita from Ravana Kotte for greater security to the smallest plateau of Nuwara Eliya and to a locality known as Asoka Aramaya a pleasure garden, which had beautiful scenery and dense of forest surrounding it. Asoka trees flowered there. Sita Eliya on the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya is associated with Sita.



Hanuman also came here looking for Sita. When Rama's army was approaching, Ravana again moved Sita to a dense forested area. In Uva, at the base of a mountain crag 4500 feet above sea level is the Ravana Ella cave.



"The only Sita temple in the world"


Nuwara Eliya, the picturesque Sri Lankan hill station known for its fine quality tea, has seen a growing traffic of visitors to what tourist brochures term "the only Sita temple in the world". The constructed complex, which is patterned on the modern south Indian temple, is set in idyllic countryside beside a clear stream. Adjacent to it is another new temple dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey-god, who according to mythology was instrumental in rescuing Sita from Lanka.

The Seetha Amman Temple Trust decided few years ago to build a Sita temple at a spot believed to be the exact place where Sita was held captive by the demon-king Ravana in the Lanka of the epic, Ramayana. The temple trustees believe that this is no myth and that Sita’s imprisonment at this spot is a historical fact.
The president of the Seetha Amman Trust and Central Province Minister for Tourism, V. Radha Krishnan, however offered the following as evidence that Sita once stayed in these parts: the concentration of Ashoka trees - various versions of the Ramayana sta te that Sita’s home in Lanka was inside a thick Ashoka forest (Ashoka Vana) - and the discovery about a century ago of three idols, one of which was that of Sita. It is believed that the idols have been worshipped at this spot for centuries. There is als o a belief that Ravana's palace existed somewhere in the vicinity. Clearly, this "evidence" can hardly stand up to any test of historical validation.

The temple complex is situated approximately 5 km from the Nuwara Eliya town on the road to Kandy. The two new temples exist on a quarter-acre strip of land. One temple is dedicated t Sita, and the other to Hanuman. The Sita temple looks like any modern-day temple with a multi-coloured dome filled with mythological figures. Three new statues - of Rama, Sita and Laxman - have been installed in the new struc ture. On the side closer to the river bank is a small shrine with the three darkened idols which were found a century ago.



Dr Paul Deraniyagala


Properly known as Rattaran Guhava, it was in this cave that the Sri Lankan paleontologist, Dr Paul Deraniyagala, discovered ten skeletons of the cannibalistic Balangoda Man, Homo sapiens balangodensis. A visit to the cave requires a rope or rope ladder for entry as the floor is below the mouth. The cave has not ben explored beyond the lake that fills it only a short way from the entrance.


Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, an anthropologist of Council University


As written by Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, an anthropologist of Council University, Ithaca, New York: For over a century anthropologists have looked to South Asia for a pale ontological record which would link already recovered hominid fossils from Eurasia and Africa to those found in East Asia. But until recently this expectation remained unfulfilled. Archaeological evidence rather than skeletal remains has documented the existence of Pleistocene man in the immense landmass represented by the present political states of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangla Desh, Tibet, Nepal and the Himalayan principalities, and island Sri Lanka.


A.R.Kennedy further said, “We are recognizing the presence of an increasingly growing skeletal record for hominids in South Asia which has a considerable, if discontinuous, antiquity of some 15 million years. Skeletal remains of Pleistocene man have been recovered from this part of the world, and certain skeletal series from later prehistoric times number several hundred specimens. Geographical, temporal, and cultural contexts has taken a frontier position which respect of current research in human paleontology, skeletal biology, paleodemography and palaeoecology, and problems of determining degrees of biological distance and ethnic affinities,”



By Premendra Agrawal


Subramanyam Rao / / 6 yrs ago
Subramanyam Rao

its a great story. which makes indians alive. it fights againist the people who want demolish hundism in india. ofcourse the ruling goverment.

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