Sonia Gandhi's Cong's blitzkrieg Christianization of India through RBI

blue legends
blue legends / 7 yrs ago /

President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), by no means a communal and saffronised barbarian like myself, wrote in the 18th century: 'The Christian God is cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.' If I can suitably adapt those beautiful words to the Indian context today, the Christian Symbols politically promoted by the UPA government through its 'guided missile' coinage programme, are viewed as no less cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust by more than one billion Hindus (850 millions in majority in India) in the world today. As an illiterate (With no Cambridge University qualification to boot and duly sanctified by the Supreme Court of India), 'superstitious', 'communal', 'non-secular', 'half-savage', 'uncivilised', 'pagan' and 'heathen' Hindu, I had in these columns written an article on 21 March, 2007 under the title 'AN ASSAULT ON THE SOUL OF THE NATION' completely exposing the nefarious and dubious designs of the Catholic-Sonia directed soulless surrogate UPA government of India to Evangelize India in a brazen, brash and brutal manner by inscribing a Christian Cross on 2 Rupee Coins minted in 2005-2006. To recall my own words from that article: '.. When, I got a new 2 Rupee Coin minted in 2006 as loose change towards the balance that was payable to me, I was shell-shocked to clearly see on one side of the coin the inscription of a Christian Cross which had replaced the map of India. I asked myself a highly communal question: Are we living in a Catholic country like Italy or Spain or Portugal where Roman Catholicism is the religion of the State and the people?'

Ever since the UPA government under the dynastic stranglehold of Sonia Gandhi came to power in New Delhi in May 2004, it has been following a calculated and damnable policy of debasement of peace-loving Hindus which I have often described times without number as 'Christianity-coveting, Islam-embracing and Hindu-hating' in stance, posture, ideology, philosophy, programme and action.

After enacting the lurid Christian drama of deliberately inscribing a Christian Cross on 2 Rupee Coins, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has now widely circulated new 1 Rupee Coins minted in 2005 which leaves no one in any doubt about the organised Grand Evangelization of India Programme of the UPA government of India. Any one can see that on one side of this new 1 Rupee coin, the symbol of Christian Cross has been clearly inscribed. I am presenting below the two sides of the 1 Rupee Coin minted in 2005.

I am convinced that Hinduism and Hindus are under siege today - they are besieged by the organised Christianity-Caressing, Islam-Embracing and Hindu-Hating might of the UPA government. The UPA government is out to belittle them, to insult them, to degrade them, to marginalise them and finally to decimate and destroy them. More than one billion Hindus in India and rest of the world are getting to understand that the surrogate UPA government of India under an impotent, inefficient, inelegant and inept Prime Minister is functioning as the authorised representative of the Pope in Rome, under the over all Generalissimo of a De Jure Roman Catholic Prime Minister from Italy, to convert the whole of India into a Roman Catholic country. The Reserve Bank of India is functioning as one of the lethal instruments of this culturally poisonous process of Evangelization of India.

I have gathered authentic information to the effect that under specific anti-Hindu directions from the UPA government in New Delhi, many officers in the Department of Currency Management in the RBI have been working as effective instruments for advancing the cause of Evangelization of India planned and plotted by Sonia of Sonia Congress Party. One of my friends who retired as an officer at a high level from the Department of Currency Management in the RBI has told me that the Monetary Museum set up by the RBI in Bombay has taken special care to run down Hindu heritage and tradition. Here are the startling facts about this Monetary Museum furnished to me by that officer:

A. The museum has more coins issued by Muslim invaders after 1000 AD than those issued by native Hindu rulers in different parts of India from the dawn of Indian history.

B. The descriptive texts for most of the numismatic items are based upon the anti-Hindu text book of Romilla Thapar - a Congress Party-sponsored Leftist historian from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She does not know a word of Sanskrit and yet she chooses to comment on the Vedas and the ancient Hindu Literature of India based upon the translations and interpretations of British and European scholars in the 19th century who were only paid agents of British Imperialism. Max Mueller (1823-1900) was one of those agents. Romilla Thapar is his spiritual heir today, acting as the spokesman for the anti-Hindu political agenda of the Congress Party!

C. Many of the RBI Officers in the Department of Currency Management seem to be in filial love with Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948) who created Pakistan. In the RBI Monetary Museum the Partition of India is shown with two walls, with the name of two nations, with Pakistan being shown on a higher wall and India on a lower wall. I view it as an organised act of national disrespect. Perhaps the Islam-embracing UPA government wanted it that way. No other logical explanation is possible.

D. The Monetary Museum does not make any reference to the coinage of Vedic India i.e. Nishka.

E. The detailed process of making the Punch Marked Coins as recorded by Chanakya in his Arthashastra has been deliberately blacked out in the Monetary Museum.

F. Generally coins issued by the invaders of India have been displayed as shining artifacts of our great heritage and not those issued by the native Hindu rulers from all parts of India.

G. The Monetary Museum does not start with the evolution of Indian Coinage but with 'What is Money?', as if this is a sterile and dismal economic matter and not one relating to our glorious cultural heritage.

My friend and editor of BHARATIYA PRAGNA from Hyderabad, Dr T Hanuman Chowdary had sought a clarification from the RBI in regard to the Christian Cross on 2 Rupee Coins which I had highlighted in these columns on 21 March, 2007. I am reproducing below the reply given to Dr Chowdary by U S Paliwal, Chief General Manager on 18 April 2007: 'Please refer to your e-mail letter dated 6 April, 2007 forwarding a copy of the article written by Shri.V.Sundaram regarding the design of the new 2 Rupee Coin. In this connection, we reproduce below extracts of the Government of India Gazette Notification dated 23 June, 2005 explaining the design of Rupees 2 Coins. 'The reverse of the coin contains the visuals showing stylized representation of 'Unity in diversity' a defining characteristic of our country. The symbol shall be seen as four heads sharing a common body. It shall be thought of as people from all parts of the country coming together under one banner and identifying with one nation. The visual code helps the user connect with an individual denomination, which makes the process of identification quicker.'

In my view the clarification issued by the RBI smacks of anti-Hindu Pseudo-Secularism and political Scoundralism at its most bestial level for which the anti-national Private Limited Company called the Congress Party has been made world famous by Sonia Gandhi today.

The UPA government under the stranglehold of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi is showing a contemptuous disregard for time-honoured Hindu human freedom, Hindu dignity and Hindu spiritual and political self-determination. Through vicious pseudo-secular ploys, plots, programmes and policies it is working round the clock to control, contain and confine government directed spirituality to Islamic and Christian grooves, indirectly forcing all the Hindus of India into impotent grovellers in their own native home land.

Carefully weighing the political machinations and maneuveres of Sonia Gandhi to use the fleeting might of the UPA government for imposing the overriding process of enforced Evangelization of India, I cannot help saying that she derives her inspiration from Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus (280-337 AD). He is commonly known as Constantine I, (among Roman Catholics) and Constantine the Great, or Saint Constantine (among Eastern Orthodox Christians). Constantine is best known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor. Constantine is also remembered for convoking the Council of Nicaea in 325, which has been hailed as one of the most important landmark events in the development of the Christian religion. In 324, Constantine announced his decision to transform Byzantium into Nova Roma and on 11 May, 330, he officially proclaimed the city as the new capital of the Roman Empire. The city was renamed Constantinople, The City of Constantine, after Constantine's death in 337. Constantinople was the first Christian city in the world, as no pagan temples or sites were permitted to exist or remain in that city. It remained the capital of the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years, until Ottoman Turks captured the city in 1453 and eventually renamed it Istanbul.

More than 850 millions of Hindus in majority would like to declare to the UPA government today: 'Pray do not play with us; pray do not trifle with us; pray do not toy with us; pray do not belittle us with pseudo-secular impunity; pray remember that our time-honoured self respect is made of such hard stuff that it can stand your continued onslaught on us and would never get diminished by your contempt or hatred or indifference. We shall not weaken or tire. We shall not flag or fail. Neither the sudden attacks of our enemies nor the long drawn out exertions of vigilance will wear us down. Unflinching, unswerving, indomitable, inflexible and irrepressible we shall remain, now and for ever and ever!'
V SUNDARAM(The writer is a retired IAS officer)

SD Sevak / / 7 yrs ago
SD Sevak

to assert that what is depicted in the two rupee coin is not a christian cross is not being truthful. anyone with passing knowledge about christianity would recognize it as the "jerusalem cross" or the "crusader's cross". it is kind of fitting that the "crusader's cross" finds its way into the coin after sonia gandhi takes control!

blue legends / / 7 yrs ago
blue legends


 you are so senseless to even argue with you silly biblical connotation of where the ashoka stumba came from lol this happened way before the evil christian religion even (dis) graced this earth and ended civilizations and cultures and spread the word of evil and intolerance through it, if there is any religion that has ended more civilizations than christian religion may be another religion to match it would be islam. two of these religion put together has ended several rich civilization and now active trying to end the hindu culture in indian, be warned more dara sings are there to watch your intentions than you even are aware of be ware bastards is our message to them.


blue legends / / 7 yrs ago
blue legends


  i cant imagine a person being so sense less as to put a picture of danger and compare that with what i am talking here, sonia gandhi is a agent of rome to christianize the innocent hindus through well funded and well researched plans. that is a well know fact and i have proved that beyond doubt if you want to bark you can go to the streets and bark.

but you really proved one point which i was trying to prove hard that is the picture that you sent is the real image of cross it is a danger to humanity and civilizations all over the world.


vinisaac / / 7 yrs ago

hi blue,
let me point out to you a real christian symbol in the coins, in both old and new coins.
you see those lions in the coins in both old and new that you call askoka's lions or askoka's sthumb.  i will tell you from where they are coming.
bible says in 1 kings 10:19-20 king solomon introduced lions for the first time.
1 ki 10:19  the throne had six steps, and the top of the throne was round at the back; there were armrests on either side of the place of the seat, and two lions stood beside the armrests.
1 ki 10:20  twelve lions stood there, one on each side of the six steps; nothing like this had been made for any other kingdom.
he put lions even in the temple that he built in jerusalem. that was in around 1000 bc.
1 ki 7:29  on the panels that were between the frames were lions, oxen, and cherubim. and on the frames was a pedestal on top. below the lions and oxen were wreaths of plaited work.
these lions, oxen and cherubim were not worshiped but they were there for decoration.
well lion has greater significance than these. jesus is said to be lion of judah.
gen 49:9  judah is a lion's whelp; from the prey, my son, you have gone up. he bows down, he lies down as a lion; and as a lion, who shall rouse him?
hosea 5:14  for i will be like a lion to ephraim, and like a young lion to the house of judah. i, even i, will tear them and go away; i will take them away, and no one shall rescue.
rev 5:5  but one of the elders said to me, "do not weep. behold, the lion of the tribe of judah, the root of david, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals."
rev 5:6  and i looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of god sent out into all the earth.
rev 5:7  then he came and took the scroll out of the right hand of him who sat on the throne.
so when you put lion on the coin you are actually symbolically depicting jesus on the coin.

sajita7 / / 7 yrs ago

hi blue legends,
did you read sheela's comments on her blog i.e. 
see, the cross sign is everywhere.  if you look at the railroad crossings or danger sign, you will find everywhere cross sign.  so why danger signs and railroad crossing signs are allowed in india?  do you see exact same cross in this danger sign as you have showed me in the two rupee coin?
danger sign.
isn't it double standard to say that you can allow cross sign in one and not in other?

PSNI / / 7 yrs ago

very important issue - to all indians (residents and non-residents) regardless of their faith

keep india secular!

protest against the unconstitutional (unsecular) use of christian crusader's cross on india's national currency for propagation of christianity in india
( )

      the following message concerns all indians (residents and non residents (regardless of their faith). please read and share with everyone you know!
as a secular indian, it concerns me to see the use of a particular religious symbol on india's recently issued 2 rupee coins in order to promote the religion.this has never been done before since it is unconstitutional (not secular) to do so. the reserve bank of india recently issued a 2 rupee coin with a christian crusader's cross on it (google it). the government of india claims that the symbol is a new way to represent "unity in diversity", and that it is not a "cross". however, the fact remains that the symbol on the 2 rupee coin is a christian crusader's cross! equally surprising is the fact that, on these newly issued 2 rupee coins, the map of india is missing and 'satyamev jayate' is either omitted or smudged!
i believe that this constitutes agross violation of india’s ’secular’ principles. it violates the constitution of india which proclaims that india is a ’secular’ state. here’s the link in case you are interested in reading and signing the protest petition against the ‘cross’ on the rupee 2 coin.
please read! note to indians of allfaiths: 
is india really secular? why are we suddenly seeing sectarian religious symbols on india's national currency (eg “cross” on re 2 coins)? where are the symbols that represent all the people of india -- why is the map of india missing and satyameva jayate omitted/smudged on these newly issued coins? the use of religious symbols on india's national currency for promotion of religion is unconstitutional (not secular)! let your voice be heard!
read and sign the petition online (”cross” on 2 re coin petition). keep india secular!

it's really important that we take action against this issue asap. keep india secular!
jai hind!

blue legends / / 7 yrs ago
blue legends



 hinduism and its derived religions are the only religions which was peaceful and which will be peaceful and does not have to resort to forceful conversion of people to survive, so if you are seeking truth only hinduism can help you, and if you are seeking fitness only ayurveda and yoga can help you, no pathetic man on top of a cross who illicit affairs the church so desperately tries to cover can be called a god. so stop following all that and come in to the fold of hinduism.

you must be a big fool if you try to even think you can convince any one the need for a rail way cross to be put on the back of a coin or try to fake it as a plus hahaha, you are fooling no one no is sonia gandhi whose italian christian agenda is unfolding step by step by giving a green flag for the missionaries to go ahead by putting cross on a indian coin, and may be read more you fool about "jicyas" if you do not know before saying super nonsense.



blue legends / / 7 yrs ago
blue legends


what evidence are you talking about??? some thing your total nonsense brain one day thought to be right lol. any way how can a moron like me know about the roman term "jicyas" where it clearly says there are many forms of cross. just don’t blabber in anonymous name just to because you got offended and most definitely none is missing your comments on my blog if you don’t comment.


Sheela Isaac / / 7 yrs ago
Sheela Isaac

the two sides of a new two-rupee coin that will be shortly circulated by the reserve bank of india
to me symbol on coin looks like 'rail road crossing sign' .  any way it is definitely not the cross sign.  one web site said that rbi claims that it shows 'unity in diversity'.  if it is so then it must be 'plus' sign.  whatever, it is not a christian cross but people have just made up the false stories to pick the fight against christians and to bash sonia gandhi with no aparent reason.
blue, you said you are following the very old religion.  you know religion does not change anybody's life that's why your talk and life shows all the filth.  no religion including christianity can change the life of a person but jesus can.  jesus can take away all the filth from your life and can make you clean and holy. believe me jesus did it in millions of people's lives including me.  if you invite jesus into your heart and life all the hatred will melt away.

Egalitarian / / 7 yrs ago




i don’t support sajits and vinods religious beliefs….but hey have given irrefutable evidence to your accusations….give credit where it is due…and .accept your ignorance rather than exposing your illiterate and uneducated foolishness…which i can assume you will…you are not going to get any further response from me since there is no point in stooping so low as to  have a discussion with a fundamentalist moron who has nothing better than bash other religions

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