Soulful Folk Singers- From Pakistan

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Soulful Folk Singers-From Pakistan



Mecca of extremist Islamic world, Pakistan has also given birth to some of the greatest folk & Sufi singers, they are from a different generation, but none the less one needs to acknowledge their presence in the world of music as soulful singers of a very high caliber. I am referring to Reshma &  Late Qari Saeed Chisti.


Reshma’s biography is very interesting; she was born in Barmer district of Rajasthan in a gipsy family and migrated to Pakistan in 1947 post independence as a few month old baby. She was discovered by Radio Pakistan Karachi when she was 17 years old, then on there has been no let back in her popularity. Her voice quality is so rich that no one can believe that she is illiterate,  had no training  & has no knowledge of   Taal & Lay. She has been in the news lately for her ill health.Her children are now continuing the tradition of singing, her son Sawan… and two of her daughters are singing her old songs, but honestly, none are any shade closer to her. Reshma has song two odd songs for Hindi films also. Surprisingly she is a vegetarian, though a Muslim.


The other great singer I am featuring late Qari Saeed Chisti…the name itself indicates the person a follower of Sufi traditions, essentially a Shia Muslim. This rustic singer  had a very unique voice quality and two of his Quawali’s  are placed here for you folks to enjoy. Listen to the songs completely, you will hear few lines from Meera bhajan in one of them. Qari Saeed Chisti was killed while performing on stage by terrorists from the extreme Sunni sect Sipaah-e- Sahaba( Laskar- e- Jhangvi).


I would like you all to spend the next 30 minutes listening to 2 songs each from Reshma & Late Qari  Saeed Chisti..I am sure you would be in bliss!




Reshma-Ahiyan To Rahey Dey 

Qari Saeed Chisti-Jaon Ge Ban Ke Jogan Sarkar Ke Gali Mey 





Qari Saeed Chisti- Dama Dam Mast Qalander 


 Note:  My humble thanks for those who shared these songs on You tube, Its courtesy them I am able to share!

maddss123 / / 3 yrs ago

Dear Raj Arumugam

Thanks a lot for liking the songs......Qari Sayeed is also great singer!


Raj Arumugam / / 3 yrs ago
Raj Arumugam

Great introduction, maddss123....listened to two of the songs...lovely and mesmerizing...

maddss123 / / 3 yrs ago

That was fabulous! Nusrat...has so good range!

Will hear out Tina today!


maddss123 / / 3 yrs ago

Dear KK

Glad to know that you are in music......i did read your blog on sufism earlier....

Warm Regards

Goldie65 / / 3 yrs ago

plz do try this one
a qawali by nusrat f a k and ...

P'haps you'd like to watch this one too by Iqbal Bano - a pre independence poetry penned by Faiz

Tina Sani - discovered her voice when she came to lko to sing Faiz's poetry

* madss - I am sorry I barged in but I hope you's enjoy them too :)

katokatha / / 3 yrs ago

really njoyed these four - thnaks for atking the trouble to post such a wonderful blog

sneaked out from my riyaz to listen to these,
don't know whether u hv read any of my blogs on music, Tgaore, Sufi-music- rather on the likeness of Sufism and Baul music- philosophywise etc

best wishes,k

maddss123 / / 3 yrs ago

Dear Jaijui

Humm! I agree one should not change the!


maddss123 / / 3 yrs ago

Dear KK

Thanks for droping in! hope you liked it

Warm Regards

jaijui / / 3 yrs ago

dear madds,
a very different blog from u
as a rule u are seething at some governmental blunder
but this wah wah ! are u sure ??
he he

katokatha / / 3 yrs ago

wow - Sufi and folk songs of Pakistan - i like very much - in fact when i went to West Rajasthan - the folk tunes there - had the same innate appeal - Qwali is also my fav

thnaks for takingthr trouble for posting this peep into their biographies - but music i'll go thru later - as now running - bestk

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