TELANGANA : The TRUTH and ACTUAL Reasons behind the hasty bifurcation of AP

Ravin / 1 year ago /

The Telangana agitation has been simmering prior to India’s independence.

But it was only in December 2009 that the TRS party honcho  - popularly known as KCR  - pushed it back onto the Centre’s platform. With the full thrust and support of the Telangana people –  including Osmania University,  various student organizations and NGO bodies - it occupied centre stage in the nation’s psyche with the spate of  suicides by students and common folk and constant societal - intrusive bandhs – where loss of lives and crores of rupees was taking a huge toll on the state business wise.

AP was  split right down the middle amongst  the 2 regions -   Telangana ( for bifurcation and a separate state) and Seemandhra ( for maintaining the status –quo), then the Congress govt at the centre first announced a process for  Telangana formation and backtracked. Later it commissioned a committee to do an ‘As-Is ‘ analysis of AP and its present population to look into the pros and cons and reasons  and then – as usual – swept it under the rug.

The Justice B N Srikrishna Committee report on Telanganawas submitted a two-volume 461-page report. In the first week of January 2011 listing 4 options.

Now all of a sudden - in the last 10 days, the centre (Congress) has a sudden change of heart and is looking at fulfilling the aspirations of the telangana people.  

Is that so? Absolutely NO.

Let us look at the real reasons:

Real Reason 1:

After Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR) died  in an helicopter accident  in September 2009 – his son Jagan aspired to become CM but was thwarted so by the high command. Later he broke off and formed his own party ( YSR Congress Party) – even throwing direct challenges  and warnings to Congress thru his media empire ( Sakshi paper and Sakshi TV). Meanwhile – proxilly using the CBI ( WD), cases were filed and investigations done leading to his being imprisoned since 2012.

YSR had served Congress party all his life and had die-hard supporters and loyalists .  They felt betrayed that his son was being cheated of his ‘rightful inheritance ‘ to the Gadda like all other scions in every party.  

So, all these loyalists MLAs resigned and got re-elected on the YSR Congress Party ticket. Yes, there was a “YSR sympathy wave” in Seemandhra where they won 17 MLA seats.

Real Reason 2:

The TRS which precipitated the bifurcation in December 2009 and rode the telangana wave- pulled the same political stunt of resigning en-masse and getting re-elected with huge majorities, winning 17 MLA seats.


Real Reason 3:

Ever since YSR died in September 2009 in a helicopter crash – there was no local leader  who could fill his shoes of authority and mass following.  I strongly presume that if YSR was alive – he would have never allowed the Telangana issue to get highlighted. K . Rosaiah was given charge but treated like dirt by his own partymen. The present CM – Kiran Reddy -was unknown and bought in mainly to appease the powerful Reddy community who have always been traditional Congress supporters and wanted one of their own to be the CM. But Kiran couldn’t quell the internal rebellion of Congress factions divided into Pro- Andhra and Pro- Telangana during the Agitation.


Actual Real Reason:

2014 Elections is the make or break for the Congress at the Centre. They have been losing elections in key states all over India in the past 2 years.  BJP is making huge headway thru the trump card of Narendra Modi – who is generating tremendous pre-election buzz and getting a lot of social media support amongst the educated masses.

In 2008, AP gave the congress 33 - Lok Sabha seats out of 42 which was a key factor in forming the Central Govt.

In 2014, they can only dream of winning  10 seats with pitched battle lines drawn in the bifurcated states among TRS in T-State and YSR/TDP/Congress in AP.

 Battle Plan and Long Term Strategy:

  • TRS has to merge with Congress – spoils –Telanagana state and plum postings for KCR and Ex- TSR Key persons.
  • YSR has to merge with Congress – spoils – Cases against Jagan dismissed and plum postings for him and Ex- YSR Key persons.

Congress has already done the same with PRP ( Filmstar Chiranjeevi’s party) in February 2011.

Immediate Challenges and Goals:

The trump card being the announcement of Telangana state on July 31st . It is a huge uphill task for the Congress.

So now thru machinations and deals, they need to placate:

  • The powerful Andhra Lobby
  • TSR Party
  • YSR Party

 The coming next months will be full of turmoil and turbulence. Let’s see how Congress goes about achieving all these goals locally and statewide - for the greater goal of forming a Govt nationally in 2014.

andhramithra / / 8 months ago

generally Telugu people are much disillusioned regarding the destruction that is facing the great Telugu Land which was initiated by Chidambaram and decreed by the Italian Sonia as her birthday gift to the very few radical rebels of the Telugus. Most Telugu people are totally against it including the entire Seemandhra population. Therefore now the people have been expressing their firm decision to separate our glorious Telugu land from the Indian Union and form our own separate country. They are saying that it is inevitable and that it is the beginning of the end of a country called India or Bharat, which,they feel Italy is planning. The only way to save this country, they feel is by sending back the Italian sonia to her own country, Italy.

Mithra / / 8 months ago

If YSR would hve been there no doubt the telangana issue would raise BUT he might hve build palaces with gold by this time he uses a simple logic of attracting the masses (Vote Bank) with a few favours but on the other side he plays a vital role for Corruption, Gunda Raj

Suresh / / 1 year ago

An active politician from Vuyyuru is in touch with Harikrishna. On TVs, he comes and praises babu day in and day out. He is now lost with Babus stand on Telangana. It is quite natural that he would start looking at Harikrishna. Probably NTR will take over the new party or the TDP itself.

TDP may be split into TDP-C(chandra babu) representing Telangana and TDP-N (NTR) representing seemandhra.

They both will merge once Lokesh daugher marries NTRs son!!!

Suresh / / 1 year ago

Ultimately it is TDP who is going to loose the elections. In fact, a vast majority of its cadre is looking to jump into YSRCP in seemandhra. Those who are loyal will march behind Harikrishna during his upcoming yatra.

Chandra babu will loose both his eyes and all this is because of his cunning politics. A waste character really!!!!

Suresh / / 1 year ago

Here is what wont happen:

1: Jagan will never merge his party with congress. He is not afraid of cases against him. Law will take its own course of action.

2: Both TDP and Congress will disappear from state politics. TDP has played it dirty in seemaandhra and people are angry over there. If TDP can not come this time, they will only wind up the party. Also the TDP is struggling for next generation leadership. Probably one day Jr.NTR will float NTR party and it will become the main opposition for YSRCP. Ultimately there will be only YSRCP and NTR party!!! It is like the situation in TN!!!

dmrsekhar / / 1 year ago

Dear Ravin,

The splitting of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Andhra is a disadvantage to Congress in short term as TSR will sweep Telangana and YSR will sweep Andhra elections at state level contests. However TRS and YSR parties will support at the center! That is what is "taking advantage out of disadvantage" a political trick well known to congress!

DMR Sekhar

dmrsekhar / / 1 year ago

Dear Mysoora Sb,

What is "She Mr sekhar"?. Well People are not blind. Sir you are talking as if I am going to decide the future. Cool Sir Cool.

DMR Sekhar

Mysoora / / 1 year ago

She Mr sekhar, dont think people are blind, first state formation bill has to pass in parliament . If it passed, people from seemandhra will not vote for such a parties who helps to congress 'before and after the elections for forming the government in ap and central. It is simply waste of budget to form a new state and new capital for seemandhra. It is already countries economy is going down. no foreign investments will come to develop all this stuff. So we all r going to pay lots of tax directly and indirectly .
Just a week fuel price hike and one more hike yesterday.
So think careful and vote for good nation

That's it all I want to express to ur comments.


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