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The Adventures Of Chulbuli
These days, I watch 'The Adventures of Chulbuli' at least a dozen times.  My two-year old niece loves Chulbuli. I too love watching this video. The naughty and playful mascot of Chulbuli is like any lil girl around.  What is interesting is that Chulbuli is teaching a lesson to mom. Mom says: "Muh-haath dho lo Chulbuli" (wash your face n hands Chulbuli)".
And the lil talkative girl Chulbuli tells mom that the hair too are dirty and should also be washed (of course, using Clinic plus shampoo).  

The very name 'Chulbuli' sounds interesting and naughty. Try watching this video (03:12 minutes) and chances are you too would fall in love with Chulbuli.
Song Video: The Adventures Of Chulbuli
I came acorss this information about the Ad:
Chulbuli mascot was created by Mumbai based Vaibhav Studiios for Clinic Plus shampoo and a couple of animated TVCs where the mischievous squeaky voiced Chulbuli propagates hygiene through clean, healthy hair.
The Chulbuli campaign has one master 30 second film. Also there is a three minute film titled ‘Adventures of Chulbuli‘ which is currently being shown in schools in various parts of India to promote shiny and hygienic hair, and of course, the product: Clinic Plus!
A Chulbuli doll offer film was made as well, where stopmotion was used to animate the doll. These films have been additionally dubbed in six regional languages. Other than animation several illustrations of Chulbuli and her friends have also been created for the print campaign.

Script for Chulbuli was penned by Lowe Advertising and Directed by Vaibhav Kumaresh, music for the Chulbuli TVC was composed by Tapas Relia accompanied by the voices of Chulbuli by Aparnaa Bhaagwat and Sneha Suresh, sound design by Camille Polycarp, 4D and Gaurav Chopra, and produced by Vaibhav Studios.

[Information courtesy: Animationexpress.com ]

Sunita / / 7 yrs ago



chulbuli…cho chweet! even i love the ad. the girl is so endearing! thanks for the extra info.


my utterances / / 7 yrs ago
my utterances

hey aanchal
animation films and cartoons are so much fun. one would never get bored of watching these. as you said, they make one laugh, feel good. i like a whole lot of cartoons and animaitons. the list is too long for a comment. i should blog it, instead. take care. cheers!!

aanchal sharma / / 7 yrs ago
aanchal sharma



now now.... this is such a shweet video.... i had seen just one part , i.e. when chulbuli went playing for the first time... :) in the clinic plus ad.... n had fallen in love with her character at once...n what’s more is that the lil naughty girl lives up to her name.... hats off to the creators.... :)

the full version is awesome.... full of cute n sweet n lovely characters....

the animation is very good n the adventures are mast.... not to forget the beautiful expressions that chulbuli masks... :)


waise, i m an avid viewer of various cartoons n they never fail to make me laugh (like tom n jerry, duck tales, tales spin n.... oh ..ok u didn’t ask 4 them .... .... god..i m rambling.... :d) .... but i really really liked this bit.... thanks mu... for introducing me to the full length version of the ad, otherwise i wud have missed out on the wonderful , sweet adventures... :)



take care


my utterances / / 7 yrs ago
my utterances

enchanted world
i'm soooooo happy that the child enjoyed the video. there can be nothing better than bringin smile on a child's face.  thanks for letting me know this. the jungle book title track 'jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai' is my favourite too. try the nursery rhymes and kids songs also... they take one back to one's own childhood.  cheers and regards.
you are right. the quality of ad and animation films has improved a lot and the day is not far when we would beat the best guys. there is no derth of talent here; with the success of animation films like krishna, producation houses are ready to take the risk. with our kind of rich cultural heritage, they shouldn't be short of story ideas. good to know that you too liked the sweet, cute, naughty, talkative chulbuli. you might have been one such girl in childhood. were you preacing your mom and making her learn lessons, back then??   jk.
as for your endorsement.... you are a celebrity ma'am...at least on sulekhadom.  when you say clinic plus is a good product, we would believe you.  as for the less known bloggers like mu, since there is no love, mu is managing with dove.  thanks and regards.
hey nupur
i'm sure the little one would like chulbuli and would be inspired by her to wash her 'muh haath baal'. while posting the blog, i had keyaa too in mind.  in fact, i was thinking about riverine's krishna and sriram, blizzies juniors and others kids that moms and dads mention in their blogs.  this blog is dedicated to the lil ones. i should have mentioned it in the blog. lazy that i'm with words...  cheers!!

Nupur Writes / / 7 yrs ago
Nupur Writes

this choooooooooooooo chweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will watch with keyaa she will love this one. and hope this makes her wash her hair. her hair...that could become a subject for a blog.
thanks for this

narensomu / / 7 yrs ago

that's my favorite ad too.
i like the idea that we have started making cartoons in india-we can be as good or even better than the best!
even if it sounds like endorsement-[ me  a bherry famous personaility-]-i think clinicplus is a good product..
i like  chulbuli too.pity her mom though.

enchanted world / / 7 yrs ago
enchanted world

yest, we together watched chulbhuli....he loved it :)
that page also had mowgli's title song....i used to love that one too...really thanku :)

my utterances / / 7 yrs ago
my utterances

i'm glad you enjoyed the video. chulbuli is so sweet. thanks and regards.


my utterances / / 7 yrs ago
my utterances


enchanted world

me too.  my niece always smiles when i mention chulbuli. chinkybunky.... hmmm... sounds good. as long as one showers ones love on the kids and they get all the attention, they wouldn't mind any nickname. isn't it? thanks and regards.


kalyanee ma'am

areeee..........the ad has a song too.  check it. i'm sure you would like it. cheers!!



i agree...chulbuli is indeed chulbuli...  enjoy the video clip. cheers!!



it sure is a heart stealer, as you said. i hope you chilled out with chulbuli. cheers!!  

womanslove / / 7 yrs ago

wow lovely video song..i truly enjoyed it..thanks for sharing this cute chulbuli with us my utterances