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Bollywood is India's alter-ego.

you want to enjoy.................... go for a movie.
you want to kill time....................... go for a movie.
It is perhaps only in india that a movie theatre is also considered an apt place for a date...

movies Movies  MOVIES...

From the time a kid is born it is rather an obligation on him to pick the famous hindi dialogues and portray himself as the topmost mimicry artist before the guests at home.
you would also notice everyone loves chanting the famous dialogues from the famous bollywood flicks.

This blog goes out for all those lovers of hindi movies. I have tried to compile the "best of "and the "most often" quoted hindi dialogues. However i do not claim to be an expert in this domain, my choice below is rather arbitrary ,and human as we all are, it would also be tainted with the shades of personal bias.

This is however, for all of you to decide. 

Add the dialogues that are rather very famous and i have missed out.
Correct me on the exact words if i have jumbled up the order of words 
 Excuseme if i have commited the blasphemy of being a dialogue writer by myself.

If there is not a thing you wish to do as above, kindly leave in the comment box, the dialogue that you like the best, based on this I would like to rank the dialogues on the most favourite ones.


 "Arrey oh sambha kitney admi they re" from the movie SHOLAY.

 "Arrey oh baabu mushoy hum to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hain jiski dor us upar wale ke haathon main hai kab, kaun kahan uthega ye koi nahin janta " the evergreen Rajesh Khanna from the movie ANAND.

 "I love you kkkkkkk................kiran" the most famous stammering ever... SRK as the psycho charachter in the movie DARR

 "Rishtey amin to hum tumhare baap lagte hain magar naam hai shenshah" - Amitji in and as SHAHANSHA.

 "Mere paas mere paas maa hai" Shashi kapoor has the last say in the blockbuster DEEWAR.

 "Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hain" - OH my my....... can i ever count the number of movies in which this dialogue has been used, the much cliched and banal dialogue ever.

 " Arri oh Pushpa, Arrey i hate tears re" - well that is Rajesh khanna again, i dont really recollect the movie. can anyone help?

 " Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna"- the adrenaline booster dialogue from Hema malini in the movie SHOLAY.

 " Najdiki fayda dekhne se pehle door ka nuksaan sochna chahiye" - the ever lasting gurumantra from Amitabh bachhan in the movie SARKAR and SARKARRAJ.

 " NA sunta nahin hai mujhe" - Abhishek bachhan in his typical style from the movie GURU.

 " Main apni favourite hoon"- chulbuli delightful  and full of life punjaban kudi kareena to her ex boyriend Shahid in the blockbuster JAB WE MET.

 " Haath chodo mera, ab itni bhi khoobsurat nahin hoon main" Kareena's entry in the train from the movie "JAB WE MET"

 " Hachkiyaan, hachkiyyan main hu nandu sabkla bandhu"- Shakti kapoor in RAJA BABU along with Govinda.

 " Zindagi ka mazaa to khatte main hi hai" - Shakti kapoor again, cant recollect the movie name, any help...

 " Bhai, tension nahin lene ka bhai" Circuit in the Munnabhai saga.

 " Don ko pakad pana mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai" first Amit ji and then SRK in the remake of the classic DON.

 " I can talk englis, i can walk englis because english is a very phunny language" Amitabh again from the movie ...

 " Cricket commentary on vijay hazare and vijay merchant  "  yet again Amitabh from the movie...

 " Mogambo khush hua" Mr. india, who can forget this? this dialogue is as essential to every child in india as ABCD. Amrish puri at his very best.

 " Tarkih par tarikh" Sunny deol in DAMINI.

 " Taluk hai my lord, taluk hai"- now every movie with a court scene has this dialogue, all things seeem to go wrong. the judge would say umpteen times "objection overruled" and then comes the dialogue " taluk hai........hai"

 " Tumhe charo taraf se gher liya gaya hai apne aap ko kanoon ke hawale kar do." Need i explain???

 " Main jhoota to kutte ka janaa main sachaa to teri maa ka khasam" Saif Ali Khan playing the role of langda in the block buster Omkara.

 " Jo ladki apne baap ko thag sakti hai, vo kisi aur ki sagi kya hogi" Kareena's father to Omkara in the same movie, probably the dialogue that explains the entire movie.

 " Babuji ne kaha ghar chod do , sab ne kaha paro ko chod do......... ye duniya hi chod do" SRK at his best in the Sanjay leela bhansali's classic DEVDAS.

 " Ye to sa se shayari ho gayi chunni babu" from DEVDAS again, Shahrukh khan to jackie shroff.

 " Gamein hasrate nakam se jal jate hain................... naam se jal jate hain" seducing Bipasha in the first ever genuine horror movie RAAZ.


well the list can go on, but more or less this would be the best i can compile, the list is now open to your inputs.

so enjoy
and add your favourites too...

Dr Arun Mehra / / 3 months ago
Dr Arun Mehra

Good collection !

Vashisht / / 10 months ago


Vashisht / / 10 months ago

Main"Krishan"hoon isliye chamatkar karta hoon. main chamatkar karta hu isliye "shri krishan" nahi hoon
said by akshay kumar in omg flick.

Jagir / / 11 months ago

"Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte" - from the movie: "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"

jayanth / / 12 months ago

aaj ke baad bachha bhaiya aur party kabhi bachha paida nahi kar paenge.
duniya mein 3 cheez kabhi under estimate nahi karna i , me , n myself....
ek baar jo maine commitment kardi usske baad tho mai khud ki bhi nahi sunta.

jayanth / / 12 months ago

where is salman khans dialogues which r loved by the audience... where the hooting and whistling never stops...
ham tumee itne ched karenge ki tu confuse ho jao ge.....
mujh par ek ehsan karna ki mujh par koi ehsan nahi karna

SHAZ / / 1 year ago

"Main Tumhare bacche ki MAA Banne Wali Hoon".............famous hindi dialogue.. i hope no need to expain as that many people wud remember dis

Akshar / / 1 year ago

i have one dialogue modified
RIshte mein toh ham tumhare kuch bhi nahi lagte ..Phir bhi tumhare baap hai!

Raviray / / 1 year ago

kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch harna bhi padta hai.. aur haar kar jeetnay wale ko BAAZIGAR kehte hai...

Vikram Khandelwal / / 1 year ago
Vikram Khandelwal

mera pyar kisi pariksha ka mohtaj nahi hai poonam........................Sahid kappor from vivah

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