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 Ram Bahadur Bomzan (The Nepali 'Buddha Boy')


I am in ineffable awe of this incredible Nepalese boy. I am posting some videos too here.The time spent on the videos will be worthwhile. As we are witnessing increasing violence and chaos in the world, this kind of a boy gives us some hopes for the future. He brings us fresh air and makes us less pessimistic and cynical.

What is not wondrous about this boy of 20 years? He has been in deep meditation for nearly five years and is known to have had no food or water.He has been studied by international medical experts. He has been covered by the Discovery and National Geographic Channels. What strikes me most about him is his message for peace and ahimsa.

The media persons as well as the commoners have been calling this boy 'The Buddha Boy' of Nepal, and many of them already believe that he is a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha. The boy's real name is Ram Bahadur Bomzan ( राम बहादुर बामजान).The Buddhist fraternity would regard him as 'Tapasvi' only, at the moment, but some of its members do visualize him to be a Bodhisattva capable of attaining Buddhahood. The official Buddhist monastic name conferred on him is Palden Dorje. In this article, I shall refer to him as Ram Bahadur.

Ram Bahadur was said to be born on 9 April 1990 on the Chaitra Poornima day, and his mother's name is Maya Devi, coincidentally the same name as Buddha's mother. He is one amongst four brothers and four sisters.His birth place is Ratanapuri village in Bara District, about 150 km south-east of Kathmandu.His brother Ganga Jeet Bomzan, mother Maya Devi and father have been extensively interviewed which can be seen on YouTube videos. From all accounts, Ram Bahadur was a very quiet and different kind of boy and did not play much. He was fond of animals and seemed spiritualistic. He studied up to the fifth class only. He visited Lumbini, the birth-place of Gautam Buddha.After a while, in 2002-03, he went to a Buddhist monastery of Sakya tradition located near Dehra Dun (India) and spent a year and a half over there.The Sakya tradition is one of the four different traditions in Tibetan Buddhism. It seems that he showed some remarkable precocity amongst the young monks who had gathered there. His initiation over, he went back home.

We now arrive at 16 May 2005 when this 15 year old boy left home and went into a long and deep meditation without food and water, sitting under a tree in the nearby forest as you can see from the photo at the top. Before leaving home, he told his kin-folks that he was becoming a monk and he was going to meditate for six years (like Buddha did).The most incredible part of the meditation was that Ram Bahadur was seated absolutely still in the hollow of a giant tree and went without food and water.Observers sometimes saw a burning light on his head and he was seen sitting on fire even. He sat still in deep meditation for months on end just wrapped in a cotton cloth, despite the rains, hail storms and cold wintry weather. Even cobra bites had no effect on him.

Below is a video by Sam and Steve, shot on 5 Dec 2005 and thereafter, nearly seven months after the meditation started.



Below is a video which shows Ram Bahadur sitting on fire.There are very rare cases of human bodies going into spontaneous self combustion.The possibility of limited self-combustion was discussed in his case.




Now I shall lead you to a 5-part video documentary below which was produced by the Discovery Channel sometime in early 2006.You will see that the meditating Ram Bahadur was kept under photographic surveillance for four days (96 hours) and it was found that he never moved and there was no evidence of his eating or drinking anything. Several medical science authorities were also interviewed. Though there is no clear-cut conclusion on the mystery, it would seem that the boy seemed to derive his sustenance from the natural elements. The Channel concluded by making a statement that the boy had defied modern science. The parts of the video below will open one after the other if you click in the centre of the video at the end of each part. I would recommend that you see them.




You will have noticed from the last (fifth) part of the Discovery Channel video that Ram Prasad suddenly broke his meditation on 13 March 2006, nearly 10 months after he entered it, and disappeared from the place. You will have noticed how that famous tree and the surrounding areas became empty and deserted after the boy's disappearance.

A week later, the boy was spotted a few miles away by some followers whom he told that he had deserted that meditation place because there was no peace due to visitors. He told them that he would return after six years and disappeared into the jungle. It is said that he was spotted again in the jungle on 25 Dec 2006 and slowly a fresh wave of visitors began to surround him and pray with him. Now again, Ram Bahadur had to seek a new and quiet place and hence he made a disappearing act on 8 March 2007. A police party however discovered him on 26 March 2007, in a matter of 18 days, seated in an underground bunker, with his face shaved and hair combed.

Thereafter, 2 Aug 2007 is a significant day when the Buddha Boy came out to give his first address to a large crowd of nearly 3000 people in the Hallori jungle of Bara district. He spoke about the evils in the world, about dharma and his own mission.



Below is a video of his first public speech on 2 Aug 2007 sub-titled in several languages and you can easily read the English version on top left. He appears calm, composed, healthy and radiant and has long shoulder-length hair. I am stunned by the words of wisdom spoken by the young boy of 17 years. I strongly recommend that you hear his message/talk which runs over the first 7 minutes. The rest of the video consists of interviews with various persons about Ram Bahadur's preaching on the importance of vegetarianism and avoidance of any killing for the purposes of eating. I feel that vegetarianism is a very strong message for the practice of love and ahimsa towards all sentient creatures. For those who care to examine every word of his brilliant first speech, I am giving the text of it at the end of this blog as an Appendix.



In November 2008, Ram Bahadur made a public re-appearance from amidst his meditation and gave a few talks to mammoth crowds of followers right in the middle of the forest. Over the period 10th to 18th November, he sat on a raised level and apart from giving talks, he blessed hundreds of devotees individually by wrapping the Tibetan scarf ('kata') around the neck and blessing each with a small hand-held 'dorge' instrument.

Ram Bahadur announced that he would come out of meditation and appear at the Hindu's Gadhi Mai Mela in November 2009 in order to prevent the slaughter of thousands of animals. The Administration managed to prevent that due to law and order reasons! I am saddened at such barbaric sacrificial practices of the Hindus.Is there no Hindu reformer who could prevent them? This is a tragedy.


Summing Up:

To say that I am greatly fascinated by Ram Bahadur's incredible peregrinations in life will amount to a serious understatement. We need such enlightened and unique souls in order to spiritualize societies and decimate the evils in them. Only time will tell whether this boy would turn out to be a Maitreya Buddha or not.



The text of Ram Bahadur's first public preaching on 2 Aug 2007 is given below.

"Prayers of Kunchu Suma - message of peace for all living creatures and for the spiritual prosperity of humankind. Salutations to all spiritual seekers, saints, religions and all organizations. After I was commanded by the spirit to save and uplift humankind and the creatures of the world, I have abided by the promise to save the ephemeral world from the ocean of emotions and to free the world from the worldly sins.

I have been contemplating single-mindedly (Dhyana) to free humankind and all living creatures. All sentient beings want to get freed from wordly sorrows and pains. But by birth, they are not equipped as humankind to seek after spirituality and get freed. They are also praying to God (the source/spirit). They are happy to be in this world. Humankind are creating traditions that will destroy the entire humanity and living creatures. In the name of religion, killings, violence, anger, jealousy and divisions are being promoted. There is only one source; the spirit has one form; the souls of all humans are the same, only the tradition and customs are different. Always embrace the path of mercy, compassion, non-violence, peace; this is the message I want to convey to our society and to all the citizens of the world. True spirituality, the true human spirit, will always search for truth. The search for truth is the only beneficial way of humans. Despite the existence of thousands of paths, chaos, greed, attachment, anger and jealousy have imprisoned our society and humankind. In this way the world is heading towards destruction. So, it is high time that the citizens of the world must think about it. Humans should never forget their ultimate spiritual duty and their society. Refrain from killings, violence, greed, jealousy, attachments and evil character. Shed the tears of mercy and compassion; show to the world the way of salvation. After we die it is extremely difficult to get back a human life. Everyone thinks that we don't reincarnate after death. No, we receive a human life due to our virtuous work. We earn the fruits due to the merits of our work. Now the world is governed by three forms. The first form is greed; the second form is anger; third form is attachment and jealousy that are ruling this world. May all the religious traditions change. All the religious people need to first find the Truth, and by cultivating mercy, compassion, non-violence, and peace in their hearts, they need to beautify the world with the way of salvation. I will continue to contemplate and meditate for the salvation of living beings by being focused in my path of wisdom until I find the ultimate form of enlightenment, the Samyak Sambodhi. Salute to the ultimate form of enlightenment and may peace be with everyone."






Annie Biela / / 4 yrs ago
Annie  Biela

Thank you very much for the article!
I would like to invite anyone interested in Dharma Sangha, Ram Bahadur Bomjan to consult the official webpage devoted to Him and a very up-to-date webpage If you are the follower of Dharam Sangha you can also join the Ram Bomjan google group May All Beings Be Happy!

kvakutty / / 4 yrs ago


I am lucky that I got a glimpse of this Buddha, a great soul, an incarnation of God,
through your blog and videos. It was captivating

Today the world is experiencing the extremes of good and bad, kindness and cruelty and other dualities. God has his own way of restoring the balance. In spite of so many Mahatmas coming into this world from time to time performing miracles, of all kinds, faith is rare. For even faith comes only through God's grace and one's good work in the past.

May the world return to the path of Dhamma through this Buddha boy. May God take care of him in his human form

One of the best spiritually rewarding blogs.


sridharaa / / 4 yrs ago

Dear VSG Sir,

What an enlightening post... I'd not heard of this boy before...but am amazed after seeing the videos here.. Did see all of them.. And I do agree that the speech that he gave in the last video was something that I've only heard dyed-in-the-wool spiritual leaders talk...
The account of the other muni that they showed in the earlier video was also interesting.
Thanks for bring this here.

V-S-Gopal / / 4 yrs ago

Hi Sara,
Many thanks for visiting and the appreciative comments! There is nothing great or original in my blog, I think. I have simply spoken about the boy's abnormal and supernatural capacities and about his message for peace and ahimsa including vegetarianism which are dear to you. He is a remarkable boy indeed. Since you tend to be very religious and spiritual, not through rituals but by your mind-set, there is nothing here for you to be afraid of!
vs gopal

V-S-Gopal / / 4 yrs ago

Hi Sivaram,
I was stunned by this boy's feats and sagacity!
Hope he continues with his mission!
Cheers and regards!
vs gopal

Its Sara / / 4 yrs ago
Its Sara

Deepppppppppp tinkin bloggggggg nd hopefulliiiiiii u ave gotten all sulekha readers 2 put on dere tinkin capssssss thde tyme kay liyeeeeeeeee.....sorri gopalgggggg I cnnt obligeeeeeeeeee.....utna dimag nahi 2 tinkkkkkk nd all....spiritual learderssss say dar lagta haiiiiiiii...chowwwwwwwwwww cya..


sivaram56 / / 4 yrs ago

Dear Gopal
I am speecheless.I have no doubt this Ram Bahadur is a noble soul (who is close to Lord )chosen by God to uplight the society with moral values. He should be the reincarnation of Lord Buddha in my opinion.Otherwise how can he live without food under a tree for so long?I see the calm and glow in his face which will come only after so many years of wisdom. .Thank you so much Sir for sharing all the videos.I will revisit the videos and this blog again and listen to his public preaching in detail. A great blog.You made my day Sir
Best Regards

V-S-Gopal / / 4 yrs ago

Hi Swarajyaji,
I am glad you have seen the videos and you were drawn into the same fascination as I was.
Thanks for your fine comments.
Cheers and regards!
vs gopal

swarajya / / 4 yrs ago

Hi V.S. Gopal,
Thanks for introducing the new Budhha incarnate at Nepal.At a very young age of twenty , doing Tapas under a tree, without food or water is amazing.
I have seen all the You Tubes and satisfied myself by seeing a divine personality.He has stressed on vegetarian diet and shunned killing .
Let us hope that he attains enlightenment after his six years Tapas and brings peace to a troubled world.

V-S-Gopal / / 4 yrs ago

Dear Dr.Palahalli,
We can only hope that the boy does not lose steam.
Many thanks and cheers!
vs gopal

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