the curse of poetry: the lover's story

Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam / 6 yrs ago /

the curse of poetry: the lover’s story
text © Raj Arumugam, August 2008; paintings by Ravi Varma
(I have no rights whatsoever to the pictures in this blog.)  


even as a child
I walked in the gardens and
floated like a cloud -
and when I went to school
I recognized it immediately: poetry…
the skies opened for me
and the stars sprinkled their gentleness on me
and the moon filled my mind with its light
and the flowers blossomed in my heart
thus since childhood I walked with poetry
and my heart was pure and my eyes bright;
and all I saw had a radiance
and everyone who saw me
loved what they could see:
the grace of poetry
in my limbs;
and the life of imagery
in my eyes  


then one day I met 
a man who filled my heart with delight;
he was an angel
he was all I knew
and I knew he was the sweetness of poetry
and the joy of rhythm
to me it seemed
he walked on rays of verse
and he sang songs of love -
but he knew what I did not know:
I knew the soul
he knew the body;
I knew an inner world 
he was adept at the physical;
I lived ideals
and he knew motion and material



O then, so the curse of poetry
spread round my being:
I loved in faith and in innocence
and he loved
to tear apart a world of faith:
he exploited my body;
and again poetry cursed my soul

so it is friend
the shine is gone from my eyes
and anguish grips my heart:
there is no poetry of brightness
but the verse of gloom and caution 

the curse of poetry: the lover’s story  text © Raj Arumugam, August 2008; paintings by Ravi Varma
(I have no rights whatsoever to the pictures in this blog.)  

womanslove / / 6 yrs ago

excellent write up  raj

harryandhelen / / 6 yrs ago

so many lovers have been betrayed.
betrayal happens every day.
i pray each lover finds a way
to the source of poetry.


DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

dear raj

the body and soul could have 

been so complimentary 

and supplementary

sad the exploitaion occured 

killing the spark..

but poetry could still live on...

dmrsekhar / / 6 yrs ago


Raj Arumugam / / 6 yrs ago
Raj Arumugam


the poem is about the creative mind and its inability soemtimes to live efficiently in this world.

i have thought about this for a long time: the fate of vincent van gogh and even dadi's inability to handle the wealth that came to him. and only today i watched a doucmentary about kurosawa and how even this great film-maker attempted to take his life and later could not find funds to finish his movies and had to seek foreign funds.
this poem explores that 'inaptness' of the creative mind to live in its enviorenment and will form a dark companion piece to the next poem i will post: the curse of poetry:the singer's story

but optimism and brightness will follow.

kind regards

Raj Arumugam / / 6 yrs ago
Raj Arumugam

dr madhvi
though but a persona
in the poem
surely the lady will find your words
comforting and strengthening...

dmrsekhar / / 6 yrs ago

but raj, unlike your earlier blogs, you ended this poem with despair. may be it is reality.
thanks. dmr sekhar.

Dr Madhvi / / 6 yrs ago
Dr Madhvi

your verse are so gentle and pure

 the burden of curse would feel unsure

and leave you to recite

 and return the shine in your eyes.


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