The housewife and the call girl

Dev Kumar Vasudevan
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We often hear people speaking in favour of legalising prostitution in India. "What harm is a call girl or prostitute doing when she sells sexual revices to a client?" they ask. "As a matter of fact by providing an outlet for release of pent up sexual frustrations they are doing a social service," is their contention. But we have opposition to this. Opposition which ranges from the violently intolerant to people who speak with a lot of logic and conviction. The opposition to legalising prostitution ranges from "It is against our culture" to "Would you like to live next door to a call girl?" (This is what a classmate who belongs to the anti-legalisation school once asked me).

Thanks to the internet and mobile phone it has become easier for people to get in touch with each other. Some lawyers have gone to the extent of blaming cell phones and the internet for an increase in divorce rates. I remember one of the first times I had entered a chat room. One of the members in the chat room sent me a private message offering me services of a sexual nature in Mumbai and Pune. I lied and told her/him that I was in Pune. I was offered different categories of 'nice girls' ranging from college students to housewives. I thought it was a joke and I played along. Till he/she got suspicious and disconnected. But the incident remained in my mind for long for the simple reason that it showed to me in no uncertain terms the great empowerment that technology can bring about. And the world's oldest profession had embraced the world's newest technology with alacrity.

Amit Varma's blog  tells me about a case where a Kolkatta housewife put up her details and contact number on a website. There was no ambiguity about the kind of services she was offering. The police made a decoy customer contact her and fix a deal. She was arrested when the decoy met her. And so was a retired bureaucrat, the person who gave her space to run her business. She has been booked under the IT act. She may have broken the letter of the law, but is she a criminal? I think not. I wonder how many rape accused, eve teasers and in-laws who harassed their d-i-ls for dowry the police arrested in Kolkatta on that day. But then she had broken parampara, (did she really?) and the others had broken maryada.
The  Times of India report  on this incident.

Dev Kumar Vasudevan / / 4 yrs ago
Dev Kumar Vasudevan

It is interesting to receive a comment on this post. But I must say that you have missed the point I was making in the post. I am NOT seeking friendships. I merely expressed my opinion on an issue I feel strongly about.

AMong all the posts I have written this post has received the maximum number of viewers I often receive notes which ask me to provide them with information about call girls. I laugh, delete and ignore such messages. I would suggest you join some 'friendship clubs' if you are seeking 'like minded mature person for friendship.' Best of luck.

Engineer1 / / 5 yrs ago

Dear Sir,
Its good because before male or female we are a human but some people has been become broker of society but nobody knows behind them what they are!
Really it will stop hidden crime also

Dev Kumar Vasudevan / / 6 yrs ago
Dev Kumar Vasudevan

hi gkp... thanks for the visit and the comment on this old post.. 
you are right... this blog post of mine seems to have the maximum number of views and the least number of comments per view...  the moral hypocrisy of indians seems to be decreasing but there is a long way to go... suppression never works, isn't it?

gkpsree / / 6 yrs ago

dear devji,

8168 views and a highly
disproportionate two comments.
that itself accounts for the hesitation
of peolple to address the issue boldly.

well devji, i think we should give people to decide
or choose right from wrong without letting anarchy to
creep into social order.
any attempt by any one beyond that would be hypocratic.
remember the beautiful treatment of the subject by
shashi kapoor in "utsav" ?
well let the moral police take over from here on...

Antonio / / 8 yrs ago

dev kumar are posting blogs by the hour!!! good man !

its high time the govt legalized it so that they earn their taxes, the junta went there without fear, the hookers make a good living and the policewaalas stop getting their haftas.