The present youth & Modern culture has its impact on the society.

purefriendship / 5 yrs ago /

The impact of Modern & present youth in the society as well as what the parents duty to bring them up to succeed in their life.

It seems that the moral policing had its own bickering in the society. Although the theme of regulating the present modern youth to adhere to basics of our traditional values & cultures, it is up to the youngsters to decide what’s best for them & to the society. Simply aping the western cultures and acting like the cowboy’s & models are not going to pay them back good in life.

What’s worrying the parents is the present “attitude” of the young modern women, for “consuming alcohol, dressing indecently, and mixing with youths of other faiths.

Although the present generation is fast in picking up things & in this new millennium that women have openly started pushing for the lifestyle of a “modern woman” is an open challenge to our traditional values & customs. Still the privacy we respect & prefer the youth to behave with decency in public.

The recent incidents of Ram Sena, MNS and other so called moral policing outfits is to be condemned as it delivered its ugly face of abusing youth.

In metro India, it’s OK for a woman to live alone, work like a man, choose her relationships, not marry or decide not to have children. Every day, new ground is being broken and women are getting further and further away from the generations that came before them. For every five men, there is one woman who works in an income-generating activity in urban India today. But the more women’s careers bloom, new job opportunities unfold and they become more important in the marketplace, not just as workers, but also as consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors, the more men in the public sphere take bigoted positions. And the “modern woman” stands at the centre of their passion for purity.

In the name of modern there should not be indecency & vulgarity. The awareness of adhering to values should come in every youth’s mind by themselves and not by forcing them.

What is needed today is that at any stage the modesty & dignity of women should not be disturbed in the name of moral policing. The present youth also should behave with decorum & decency in public society.

There should not be dominance of Male bastions to rule the women & equal respects and freedom for both the genders only can bring the society a harmony, safe & secured citizens for the vibrant India.

As a parent it is our duty to keep a close watch on our wards and help them to succeed in their life. The youth should be brought up with more responsibilities and behave properly.

What’s worrying us that in the name of modern the concept of freedom, in the liberal sense, are still not very deeply embedded in Indian society?

The principle of individual liberty has to be defended vigorously; no majoritarianism can take away individuals’ rights to lead the life they wish to, compatible with respecting others’ rights.

The so-called “pub culture” debate raises profound questions about how our sense of self and society is constituted. It portends that our profoundest challenges in the near future are as likely to be social as political. If our social mores are producing characters that feel no compunction in beating up women in the name of tradition, if the mere holding of hands seems so threatening, if our sense of self esteem is so fragile that it will express itself in all kinds of violence against “outsiders”, what kind of politics are we likely to produce?

Let us behave like a matured people with wisdom as we have lot of tasks left than to brood over the past.


namjoshi / / 5 yrs ago

Thanks for your balanced article.We are Indians and all this does not suit to the purse of parents. The young generation is being spoiled in the name of modern culture and we Indians would achieve nothing. we are spoiling career of the young generations. We will lose our freedom also and will slaves of Muslims. In the name of Hind terrorism and Hindu Talabani's we are justifying all this and claims that we are few and open society. For this the women folk is responsible which claims so call rein free liberty.

mythilikadhambam / / 5 yrs ago

Dear Mr.Subbu,
The right topic to be discussed at this juncture .I read and reread your post.
I feel that the solution for this problem lies in the hands of women only. The issue of women aping modern ways of life that does not go with our values,the irrational approach of the Ram sena and the like that take the course of abusing women in the name of protecting our culture can be solved by only the mothers at hme.Mothers have to instil basic values and a deep respect for ur customs and traditions in their children even from their young age.Ram senas and the like of them can only create confusion.Only women can achieve this feat.

Nowadays mothers don't find time to sit and chat with their children,where is the mother who sits by her kids' side feeds them and tells them stories?

In some families great care is taken to discipline the girls but boys are left to themselves.If a girl is chastised for wearing revealing clothes,guide your sons and see that he does not come out wearing only his bermudas.If a woman is capable of misleading the youth or tempting them in the wrong path so does a man.

The society is made of families,in a family a sensible woman should rule and the sensible woman should make efforts to give a healhy society by bringing up mentally and physically healthy children.



chanchal47 / / 5 yrs ago

Dear Subbu
You have expressed it properly
we are at the cross road ..
To keep our traditions or hug all western values?


Raghava Reddy / / 5 yrs ago
Raghava Reddy

Dear Subbu.You have given an objective assesment of changing social scenario in India. I fully endorse your views that decent behaviour and charecter bulliding should be built by the indvidualkeeping in view of the fmily values,traditions and culture.They cannot be imposed.
Parents also have to be conscious that they are dealig with growing yougsters who are exposed to the changing world.A sensitive issue to be tackled with lot of care and mental alacrity. Beyond a point the undue pressure of the parents brings negative effect and unbearable upleasent situations leaving an indeilble scar on the family reputation. This adjusment is equally a part of culture and "adapting
to the changing trend in the modern aociety. In a fluid, sensitive and delicate matter neithor police nor any political ideology come in to picture.
I congratulate you in posting a blog with prctical suggestions.

Gopala / / 5 yrs ago

well said subbuji. Freedom does not mean one can roam on streets without dress. The freedom of an individual should not bother others in the society. The action of the moral police is to be condemned and invariably everyone of us had done that more than what is required. However, this does not certify that what the girls did on the pub is right. Drinking and losing consciousness will not harm a man but it can harm a girl badly. In a country where even an old lady is not spared to be raped, what will happen to these urban models if fell unconscious on streets? If they wanted to drink, why dont they drink in their homes? if they cant do it in their homes, then there is something seriously wrong. If it happens within 4 walls of your house, no sena can intrude. Its high time we all realized the boundaries of freedom.

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