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The recent tragedy that struck Utttarakhand, Himachal and parts of other states is indeed distressing and the subsequent loss and damage colossal, to say the least. No amount of condolences can actually heal the sufferings of the victims. Nature did indeed strike a furious blow which got exacerbated by Human greed and exploitation of nature, with tragic consequences. Such has been the scale of disaster that the magnitude of loss to life and property is still unfolding.

One silver lining amidst this tragedy that has come to the fore is the committed and selfless service of the Indian army and the Para military force in alleviating the human suffering. Although humanitarian rescue and rehabilitation mission whenever tragedy strikes is no first time for the defense forces the handling of this extreme crisis undoubtedly is yet one more feather added to the cap of defense forces.Despite losing their own personnel in such operations defense personnel have always risked their lives to give the best to the nation. As citizens of this country if there is one establishment that we could be proud of it is undoubtedly the Indian Defence servicesThe personnel of this elite Indian establishment although drawn from the civil society are totally different in their approach. Anybody reading this would have experienced at some point of time some kind of a help from defense personnel. While selfless service is the hall mark of the military personnel in the civil society it is mostly selfish service, with political, bureaucratic and corporate establishments leading the way. There are no doubt exceptions but as a matter of fact they are few and far between.

The reasons for their conduct are not hard to seek here, yet certainly difficult and almost impossible to implement in the civil society.

The rigorous training program which conditions the defense personnel to even lay down their lives for the cause of the nation and to keep the nations interests uppermost is in sharp contrast to the political, beauracratic and corporate establishments .In these establishments selfishness, nepotism, parochialism, unhelpful attitude to fellow human beings, profit motive and not to mention corruption more often than not reigns supreme. It is literally a dog eat dog world out here. Strange comparisons, although both are drawn from the same civil society the only plausible explanation is the command structure in the military as also the training they receive vis a vis respect for the country men and country at large which makes all the difference.If during such humanitarian crisis had the military personnel thought like the political, beauracratic and corporate establishments what could have been the fate of this rescue and rehabilitation operation is anybody’s guess. Is it not time that other establishments learnt sacrifice and service from the Indian defense forces.It does make immense sense for Indian bureaucracy to be trained and conditioned once in a while by officers of Indian Military services with regard to sacrifice and service .If at all anything the outcome would not be anything worse than the existing system. When everything else has failed to motivate the Indian civil system this is an experiment worth trying !!!


unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Prasad Ganti sir,
Indeed a yeomen service!!!!! Thank you very much for your observations.

Prasad Ganti / / 1 year ago
Prasad Ganti

Unniji, my salute to the Indian armed forces who performed a yeoman job during this crisis. Flying choppers in unsafe conditions and at high altitudes, they risked their lives to rescue the common man.

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Sunkan mam,
Thank you very much for your comments ! Yes some kind of a military disciplining, if not military rule, is a must for this country to make any rich story!!

sunkan / / 1 year ago

dear unni
looking at their capabilities feel may be we should have some military rule for sometime to set right the rotten state that the politicians have brought india down to

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear VS Gopal sir,
Thank you very much for your learned comments
I am fully agreed.Hope the civil society learns from this selfless service of our defense forces. Our bureaucracy aided or abetted by the political class and the corporate world cannot just look beyond their nose...and that's the most unfortunate thing! Even with government servants if a file has to move somebody influential has to put a word...surely you would have experienced this. I wonder what would be the fate of commons who have none to recommend! If the army had gone by the same denomination..guess what the tragedy could have been?
Hope they see....and probably LISTEN!!!!
Kind regards

V-S-Gopal / / 1 year ago

Dear Dr.Unni,
Thanks for this.
Our armed forces are very well trained. The civilians have mucked up our country under the dynastic rule over decades but the armed forces have shown aloofness from politics, and independence and excellence.

In times of disasters they have done an outstanding job. We must use them in peace times in developmental works too (construction of bridges, roads canals) etc. So much manpower is being frittered away in a poor country like ours.
Cheers and regards!
vs gopal

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Rajee sir,
Your comments have added great value to my be blog.Many thanks indeed.You are the right person undoubtedly to give us some insight as regards the inside of the army.I have myself experienced great many friendly and selfless acts from members of this honorable profession.
My grand father wanted my Dad to join the Army..but fate took him somewhere else ! Who knows if he had been in the Army i too would have joined the forces.I dedicate this blog to all the soldiers of the Indian Military establishment. This is the bare minimum that i can do.My SALUTES to all the personnel of the Indian Military Establishment.
Kind regards

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Hillol Bhai,
I fully endorse your views. Rajee sirs comments aptly describes the remaining.Thank you very much.

unnikrishnandr / / 1 year ago

Dear Balachandran sir,
Thank you very much for your appreciative remarks.Yes indeed we as a nation have got our priorities wrong. Defense both internal and external to keep peace and for rescue operations,Agriculture, quality education should be given top most priorities. The least earned highest with the highest risk is the Agriculture profession/occupation,Similarly teachers who make professors and doctors are given a pittance.Hope sacrifices of this nature by the armed forces will rub on the civil society to shed their bloated selfishness and make the powers that be think of the right priorities.

rajee kushwaha / / 1 year ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Dr Unni,
It was heart warming to read this blog of your. And it gave unlimited pleasure when I read the comments by most of the readers. It clearly shows that common citizens of India still appreciate our armed forces despite the untiring efforts by OUR MEDIA to show them in poor light. Most often, media deliberately makes fun of armed forces, may be at the behest of their PAYING and CONTROLLING masters across the borders.
The strength of the armed forces are the common citizens of India. The armed forces shall continue to do their selfless service to thA nation, with honour, dignity and without motives, definitely in tune with the words of General Chetwode, first commandant of IMA ( Indian Military Academy) : THE HONOR , WELFARE AND SAFETY OF YOUR COUNTRY COMES FIRST ALWAYS AND EVERY TIME. THE HONOUR, WELFARE AND COMFORT OF THE MEN YOU COMMAND COMES NEXT. YOUR OWN EASE, COMFORT AND WELFARE COMES LAST, ALWAYS AND EVERYTIME.
The officer cadre of this army continues to follow this motto and as such the armed forces have remained apolitical. There have been attempts to adulterate the officer cadre in the recent past. May be some did get adulterated. But majority is still far away from these temptations. Please note , human remains disposed off in Ganges , do not make the Ganges unworthy of worship------ may be it needs cleaning----- so goes for the armed forces. They are as pious and pure as the holy Ganges.
Thanks again for this wonderful post and I thank all other commentators for such noble appreciation.

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